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Tecnomac Blast Chiller – Freezer and Rational rethermaliser

Friday, 28 August, 2015 | Supplied by: Comcater

Using blast chilling as part of the cook/chill process optimises the management of a kitchen's resources and streamlines operations. Chefs can cook large volumes of meals in advance or when convenient reducing kitchen downtime. No matter what time meals are cooked, when they are blast chilled they can then be stored in a coolroom ready for service at a later time.

Cook/chill also optimises labour resources in the kitchen. The Tecnomac Blast Chiller – Freezer will allow users to present quality food. The chiller-freezer lowers the temperature of food down to +3°C in less than 90 min, which reduces the risk of bacteria proliferation. Blast chilling immediately stops the cooking process of the food so that it retains its quality, texture, colour and nutrients. It preserves the cooked food so that it can be stored in a coolroom.

Available in a range of sizes from a five-tray to walk-in models, there's a Tecnomac blast chiller that will suit any sized operation.

Before service, the chilled food needs to be brought back to temperature, usually above 65°C, using a process known as rethermalisation. Rational units have a finishing program that is designed specifically for rethermalising the food back to a serving temperature using a mixture of steam and dry heat.

By combining blast chilling from Tecnomac with finishing with Rational, 10 or 1000 diners can enjoy hot dishes exactly as the chef had prepared them earlier.

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