What's new in the vegan aisle: from dairy-free chocolate to meatless prawns

Friday, 17 December, 2021

What's new in the vegan aisle: from dairy-free chocolate to meatless prawns

From dairy-free chocolate to meatless prawns, here are a slew of new vegan products to check out.

Plant-based chocolate bar

The Cadbury Plant Bar is a vegan-friendly, plant-based alternative to Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Instead of using milk and other dairy ingredients, the chocolate has a similar creamy taste and texture through the use of almond paste. It also means that the chocolate features a pleasantly nutty flavour.

The bar’s packaging is also 100% plant-based and comes from renewable sources.

The chocolates come in two flavours: smooth chocolate and smooth chocolate with salted caramel pieces. They are available now in the United Kingdom but unfortunately an Australian release date has not been announced yet.


Vegan pork

OmniMeat now has a range of plant-based pork alternatives that are made from plant-based ingredients. The range features mince, luncheon and strip formats for the products, which are suitable as a meat replacement in a variety of dishes.


Egg and shrimp alternatives

Garden Gourmet vEGGie is a soy-based egg replacement that is friendly for vegans. It can be used in place of eggs when baking cakes or cookies and when cooking dishes such as pancakes and frittatas — it can even be scrambled.

Nestlé images supplied under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Also launched by Nestlé is Garden Gourmet Vrimp, which is a vegan alternative to prawns. Made of seaweed, peas and konjac root, it is designed to have the same texture and taste as prawns, making it suitable as a vegan alternative for use in salads, stir fries, and on pizza or pasta.

Nestlé images supplied under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The prawn and egg replacements are currently available in a small number of stores in Germany and Switzerland on a trial basis.



Vegan-friendly meat

Fenn Foods has launched its vEEF range of meat alternatives, available now in supermarkets around the country. The range includes ready-to-eat meals and sides such as rice or pasta, burger patties, mince, bacon bits and pulled meat. The products use peas, soybeans and mushrooms for their proteins and do not use any genetically modified ingredients, monosodium glutamate or preservatives.


High-tech meat technology

MEET is a plant-based range of products that has been specifically formulated to resemble and taste like real meat. The range includes meatball and beef strips. The products resemble real meat because the process to make them involves mixing plant proteins into a dough that is cooked under pressure, resulting in the fibrous texture of meat. The technology behind this vegan-friendly food came about from a partnership with the CSIRO and now features in a range of foods. The high-protein range is available now throughout Australia with Coles.


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