More than you expect. Packaging. Sensors. Solutions.

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Thursday, 08 February, 2024

More than you expect. Packaging. Sensors. Solutions.

Automated systems for production and packaging processes need to be more flexible, more efficient, and more intelligent. We help you with our innovative sensor solutions — from the first to the last step in the packaging process.

The processing and packaging of food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics places high demands on hygiene, robustness, speed, and safety at work. Products and product packaging change continuously in automated packaging processes. For decades we have been working closely with manufacturers of packaging machines and with consumer goods producers from different sectors. Our industry experts have an exact knowledge of the special challenges and needs. Regardless of whether you require individual standard or special sensors, complete sensor solutions or have questions about Industry 4.0, predictive maintenance, or safety at work, our goal is to ensure that your packaging systems are available and the processes and products are safe and trackable.

You can expect more from us in the future

The development and integration of special sensors for challenging tasks in the packaging industry is our strong point. We offer the world’s most powerful throughbeam photoelectric sensor, a dynamic reference diffuse sensor specially designed for detecting products and packaging on conveyor belts and a forked sensor for label detection, to name a few. Providing our customers with solutions for all packaging applications — from standard to special.

Detection of the front edge of a product in a metalized film cover

Requirement: In a horizontal packaging system, candy bars are packaged in film. The packaging film has a colourful print and is opaque. To separate the bars, however, the front edge of the bar inside the film sleeve needs to be reliably detected to ensure that sealing occurs at the correct position.

Solution: The LS25CI.XX transilluminates even metalized and darkly coloured films effortlessly, even if multiple layers need to be transilluminated. Despite this, the front edge of the packaged product is reliably detected.

Detection of products on conveyor belts of secondary packaging machines

Requirement: For trouble-free control of the buffer section, packaging made of various materials and with a wide variety of surfaces must be reliably detected from the front edge. Changing products or packaging films should not require any additional setup and adjustment work on the sensor.

Solution: The DRT 25C (dynamic reference diffuse sensor) uses the conveyor belt surface as the point of reference. The detection is independent of the surface characteristics of the materials used, such as the color, gloss, and transparency. This means no setup work on the sensor is required when changing products.

Detection of transparent or semi-transparent labels on label-carrier combinations

Requirement: For position-accurate dispensing of labels onto the products/packaging, it is critical to reliably detect the labels (or the gaps between two labels) on the carrier tape. Using ultrasonic technology, the fork sensor can easily detect transparent or semi-transparent labels with challenging shapes (e.g., round or oval) to prevent machine downtime or inaccurate dispensing due to unreliable detection. The fork sensor must be easy to set up for all types of labels.

Solution: The GSU12, GSU14E, and IGSU14E ultrasonic fork sensors can reliably detect all types of labels — whether the labels are semi-transparent or not. This means that machines can be fitted with only one fork sensor, regardless of the application. The GSX14E fork sensor, which combines an ultrasonic and an optical system in a single housing, can even reliably detect labels made from inhomogeneous cavitated BOPP material.

For more information on our range of sensors for the packaging industry, check out our website: or phone 1300 538 933.

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