The re-emergence of the self-heating can

Tuesday, 11 September, 2018

The re-emergence of the self-heating can

Hot drinks anywhere, anytime is the motto of Spanish company 42 Degrees.

42 Degrees acquired the patent and technology for self-heating cans and production facilities in Valladolid, Spain, capable of producing up to 10 million self-heating cans of beverages and liquid foods annually, in 2017. The recyclable cans take just three minutes to produce hot beverages.

Initially wanting to provide solutions and relief during emergencies in places without access to heating facilities the intention is now to provide hot drinks, anywhere, anytime.

42 Degrees Company worked with Monomer Tech (MT), plastic packaging manufacturer, part of M&A Packaging Group, to produce an inner activation device to heat the liquid in the cans. The system consists of a thermo-sealed capsule full of water, which comes into contact with a reagent and heats up the beverage once the capsule is activated. Monomer Tech also produces the lip protector for the whole product range.

From a starting temperature of around 42°C it takes just three minutes to get a hot drink.

The self-heating cans now include assorted beverages including coffee, chocolate, chai latte, with soup and liquid foods on demand. Commercial sales will commence during September with a suggested retail price of approximately $5 depending on the distribution chain.

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