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Injector servo drives

10 December, 2007

All Fomaco injectors are now equipped with SP Unidrives and Exter operator panels.

Compact linear potentiometer

10 December, 2007

The Novotechnik model Tex linear potentiometer with IP67 protection class has a spherical bearing mounting style with a range of strokes up to 300 mm.

Sort by chlorophyll level

10 October, 2007

FluoRaptor is a fluorescence-sensing laser sorter designed to maximise the detection and removal of defects, extraneous vegetable matter (EVM) and foreign material (FM) based on differing levels of chlorophyll as well as colour, size and shape. The sorter achieves good product quality and speeds product changeover for processors of fresh cut products and a variety of fresh and frozen vegetables and potato products.

Ultrasonic snack bar guillotine

10 October, 2007

Production Techniques (PTL) designs and manufactures a large range of chocolate processing and bar manufacturing equipment. As an extension of this range, the company has designed a highly effective ultrasonic guillotine for use in nutritional, muesli, cereal and protein bar manufacturing, bakery, licorice and cakes. The guillotines can also be used with almost any food product that can be cut ie, fish, cheese, dried fruit, etc, regardless of how sticky it is.

Grading fish

13 September, 2007

The ProLine grader series feature a versatile suite of standardised modular options and add-on components, designed to fulfil all general grading and batching needs

Produce washer

12 September, 2007

In these trying days of drought, growers and machine manufacturers are forced to re-think their design and priorities when it comes to new machinery development. Now a greater priority has to be given to water-saving means and methods - from cleaner harvesting through to efficient filtering and water recycling in the washing process in order to minimise overall water consumption without jeopardising the need for proper sanitising of the product.

Screener at Cargill Beef

06 September, 2007

Cargill Beef Australia began screening meat meal at its Tamworth plant using the largest circular vibratory screen separator manufactured in Australia

Waste compacting for meat packer

03 September, 2007

The first Morinders Brickman B900K briquette press in Australia was purchased by Victorian meat packing company SRS last year. The company needed an efficient method of disposing of cardboard boxes in the wet room where staff unpack meat

Magnetic filters keep chocolate iron free

27 August, 2007

Large European chocolate producers are using double-walled magnetic filters from Goudsmit Magnetic Systems to remove very fine iron particles (from 25 mhu) from liquid chocolate

Aseptic motor series

10 August, 2007

SEW-Eurodrive has unveiled its DAS Aseptic AC induction motor series which features either IP66 or optional IP69K self-draining enclosure design. The DAS Aseptic motor series has been designed to accommodate the most stringent hygienic manufacturing requirements.

Hygienic flowmeter

13 July, 2007

The Promass S Coriolis flowmeter is a robust, single-tube, stainless steel device. The design ensures a minimal sheering of the fluid and reduced pressure loss, with the benefit that this multivariable device simultaneously measures mass, volume, density, temperature and concentration in all food industry processes such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, beer, wine, mineral water, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, oil, fat, margarine, chocolate, confectionary, cleaning agents and solvents with a minimum of product degradation.

Detect bone in chicken fillets

13 July, 2007

The Marel SensorX system analyses each chicken fillet for bone content. The easy-to-operate system displays detected bones on a display terminal for easy removal.

High-speed dosing station

18 May, 2007

Esteve has released its fully automatic high-speed metering plant, HSD, for minor and micro ingredients. The HSD is intended for the industrial bakeries that produce a wide variety of recipes from a host of raw materials, in an environment from which contamination is banished.

Polymer piping for GrainCorp

27 April, 2007

One of Australia's largest bulk materials handling companies, GrainCorp, has adopted an Australian-manufactured polymer pipe system to help overcome potential corrosion issues affecting pneumatic services

Sausage system

11 April, 2007

Risco has introduced the skinless sausage project RS191.

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