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SIG Heat&Go microwaveable carton for hot drinks

27 July, 2018

SIG's Heat&Go aseptic carton pack is aluminium free and can be heated in the microwave in a vending machine, store, cafe, home or office.

Revitalising a premium organic milk

25 July, 2018

An organic milk with a higher protein content, better taste and refreshed look is appealing to Chinese millennials.​

Screw this cork business

24 July, 2018 by Janette Woodhouse

According to the Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR), 88% of the world's top wines are sealed with corks.

Crabs and trees help replace plastic packaging

24 July, 2018

Researchers have developed a sustainable packaging wrap by spraying alternating layers of chitin nanofibres found in shellfish and cellulose nanocrystals found in wood pulp.

MECAPACK SKINFRESH vacuum skin packaging

24 July, 2018

SKINFRESH packs made on MECAPACK thermoformers and tray sealers envelop the product like an outer skin.

Low-cost, sustainable option for food packaging

17 July, 2018

A large-scale manufacturing process using cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) as advanced barrier coatings for food packaging is available for licensing.

Omni PerformX and VentX ranges of reinforced stretch wraps

04 July, 2018

Omni claims its reinforced VentX and PerformX films will reduce stretch wrap usage by over 50%. Not only does halving film usage significantly reduce wrapping costs, it reduces environmental impact.

Expand CoOL to foodservice says SIA

02 July, 2018

"What about foodservice?" — Seafood Industry Australia wants foodservice establishments to notify diners where their seafood came from.

CoOL labelling mandatory from 1 July

26 June, 2018

Be warned — Country of Origin food labelling becomes mandatory in Australia from 1 July and the ACCC will be checking to ensure businesses are complying.

The future is flexible

22 June, 2018

Consumers want convenience, easy openiing, resealability, easy to store, light weight, good for the environment — all of which flexible packaging delivers.

Sipping champagne in space

13 June, 2018 by Nichola Murphy

Maison Mumm's new champagne bottle and glass will allow astronauts and other space travellers to sip champagne in zero gravity.

Scent permeation through induction-sealed closure liner

12 June, 2018

A patent has been granted to Tekni-Plex for its Sniff Seal technology, which is the first liner to enable scent permeation through an induction seal closure liner.

Junk food should have graphic warnings: study

29 May, 2018

Graphic warnings on unhealthy foods, like the ones used on cigarette packaging, may encourage consumers to make healthier choices.

Best Before, food waste reduction and bottom lines

25 May, 2018 by Janette Woodhouse

Tesco's has announced that it is removing 'Best Before' dates on nearly 70 selected fruit and vegetable lines to "help cut down on food waste".

Jet Technologies cask for beverages and liquid products

09 May, 2018

Jet Technologies' cask is suitable for all types of drinks and offers a high preservation quality.

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