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SMC Pneumatics Series C55, double-acting, single-rod cylinders

26 July, 2010 by

Series C55, double-acting, single-rod, air-operated cylinders offer high performance and ISO 21287 compliance.

Festo FinGripper

06 July, 2010 by

The FinGripper has been designed to handle fruit, bulbs or pressure-sensitive food reliably.

Plastic crates reach 100 million

06 July, 2010

Fibre King Crate Erectors have been used to erect nearly 100 million returnable plastic crates since their launch in 2006.

SSI Schaefer Miniload Crane

10 May, 2010 by

The SSI Schaefer Miniload Crane (SMC) has been designed to optimise storage and retrieval systems in sites with restrictive space concerns. The SMC is suitable for optimising storage volumes and enhancing stock accuracy in sites with limited floor space.

Keeping Casella Wines moving

07 March, 2010

Casella Wines, one of Australia’s leading wine exporters, has commissioned the first large-capacity Toyota forklift with a 20-40 container handler.

Titan tow tug

26 February, 2010 by

The Titan Tow Tug is designed for pushing and pulling heavily laden trolleys in warehouse picking operations.

Hyundai forklifts

26 February, 2010 by

Hyundai can make all types of modifications to both its LPG-powered and battery-powered forklifts. Whether the forklift is used in a yard between truck and depot, within a warehouse or processing facility, or in a cold room, the company will make any required modifications that are possible.

Flexicon Tip-Tite box-container tipper

07 January, 2010 by

Flexicon’s latest box-container tipper forms a dust-tight seal between the container and the equipment, tips the container and discharges bulk material through a chute at controlled rates.

Tipping and emptying shipping containers

21 October, 2009 by

Elme has developed a method of using a reach stacker to tip shipping containers to empty them.This method is claimed to be suitable for any bulk materials which flow, including grain and coffee beans.

Pod trailer

14 September, 2009

The CRT Pod Trailer is said to have revolutionised supply chain management.

Drum tipper

01 September, 2009 by

Flexicon’s Tip-Tite drum tipper seals drums against a discharge cone, tips the drum, mates the cone against a gasketted connection and discharges bulk material dust-free through a slide gate valve.

Vertical lift bin tippers

01 September, 2009 by

The Wrightway Products vertical lift bin tipper allows users to simply open the door, locate the full container on the cradle, close the door and press a button to empty contents at whatever height is needed.

South Australian brewery installs gypsum blending system

28 August, 2009 by

Fresco Systems Australasia recently installed a gypsum blending system for a South Australian brewery in Adelaide. Specifically designed to replace an ageing manual process, the new system needed to reduce manual handling and achieve the highest levels of weight accuracies, dust control and mixer homogeneity. Fresco designed, manufactured and commissioned the system to ensure it met requirements. Adding to the complexity of retrofitting a system into an existing building was the old system, which was still operating and being feed from 20 kg bags, leaving limited space available.

Electric-powered reach trucks

06 July, 2009 by

The BT Reflex Series electric-powered reach trucks offer improvements on the previous model with increased capacities, higher performance, reduced energy requirements and improved safety for the operator.

Light crane system

06 July, 2009 by

The Konecranes XA Aluminium Light Crane System has been tailored to demanding applications which require high precision, less rolling resistance, low noise and corrosion-free extended durability and cleanliness.

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