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Vibration Systems & Solutions

For over 30 years, VSS has supplied flow aid solutions to keep product moving from hoppers, bins and chutes. Whether pneumatic rotary, pneumatic linear or electric rotary, the right vibrators, mounted correctly, will give just the right force to move your product smoothly and effectively. Damage to bins is eliminated and a continuous flow of product is assured. We also supply settling tables and electro-pneumatic feeding systems.

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Vibrations Systems & Solutions electric, pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators

Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators available in stainless steel for he food industry.

Vibration Systems & Solutions range of vibrators

Vibration Systems & Solutions provides a range of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic vibrators plus the expertise and calculation tools to accurately select the correct one for the job.

Resonance conveyors for sardine processing

VSS has worked with two of its clients to create conveyors that move up to 17 t/h of sardines, quietly and with minimal air use.

VSS VacMount vacuum-mounted vibrator

Vibration Systems & Solutions has a method of holding a vibrator securely to the hopper wall by vacuum. This means that it can be used on any solid-walled container just as a normal vibrator.

VSS VacMount vacuum-mounted vibrator

The VacMount eliminates welding by using vacuum to securely attach pneumatic vibrators to the hopper wall. It is useful when suppliers send product to the end user in their own container, on which no welding is allowed.

VSS range of pneumatic vibrators

VSS has available a range of ATEX-certified pneumatic vibrators.

Vibration Systems & Solutions EziPack 4 vibrating feeder

Vibration Systems & Solutions has released a smaller version EziPack vibrating feeder - the EziPack 4 - which features a 4 L hopper and reduced tray size.

Vibrating conveyors from Vibration Systems & Solutions

Vibrating conveyors from Vibration Systems & Solutions have no moving parts, other than the simple drive by pneumatic vibrator. This linear vibrator is the only moving part in the system and is designed with an air cushion at each end of the stroke, eliminating no metal-to-metal impact and with virtually no noise. This design overcomes the limitations of crank drive systems which have a sudden stop and start at each end of the stroke, causing stress on the mechanism and the bearings of the motor.

Vibration Systems & Solutions vibrating conveyors

Other than the simple drive pneumatic vibrator, vibrating conveyors from Vibration Systems & Solutions have no moving parts. They use a stainless steel tray made from a single folded piece of steel which, depending on length, has no welds or joins to harbour pathogens. This also gives a simpler washdown with no corners or crevices to worry about, with the added advantage that excess water can be vibrated away down the tray.


The latest feeder from Vibration Systems & Solutions claims to give the best possible accuracy when filling small containers.

Vacuum holds vibrator in place

Emptying hoppers can be a chore when the product doesn't want to come out. The usual method is hammering, or better, use a vibrator, properly sized and with the correct action.

Table talk

Using two electric vibrating motors has long been the usual method of getting a true vertical action in a vibrating table. This is a good system when the application doesn't change, but often the table may be used for many purposes. This then means that either a compromise is needed between the various applications or a variable speed motor is required.

Smooth move

While the more common drive for vibratory conveyors is by electric vibrating motors, their physical characteristics make them inherently unsuitable for very large strokes and long conveyor lengths, since they need to drive through the centre of gravity of the tray. To obtain a true linear action two motors are needed with consequent increase in weight and complexity.



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