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TNA Australia Pty Ltd

For over 26 years, TNA has set the benchmark in the industry for Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) packaging systems, creating highly efficient machines, using fewer parts with a simple design to increase maximum output and flexibility. Today, TNA provides a complete line of products from its well known Robag® VFFS packaging systems and Roflo® transfer and distribution systems to seasoning equipment, multi-head scales, checkweighers, date coders, metal detectors, case packers, palletizers and complete processing equipment lines.

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PO Box 6007 , Silverwater NSW 2128 (Directions)


tna robag 3e VFFS system

This bagging system has connectivity features to boost efficiency and is able to deliver up to 250 bags per minute.

tna intelli-date 5 TTO date coder

The tna intelli-date 5 is a high-speed thermal transfer overprint (TTO) date coder with airless design and integrated print code verification technology for continuous high-quality printing on flexible bags.

tna intelli-sys iPS 3 integrated data management tool

The tna intelli-sys iPS 3 is a fully integrated, high-performance data collection and reporting tool to provide manufacturers with insights into all their production processes.

tna robag 5 VFFS system

With speeds of up to 300 bags/min on a single tube design, the tna robag 5 is the final element in the tna performance 5.0.

tna roflo VMCS 3 vibratory chip sizer

The tna roflo VMCS 3 chip sizer uses vibratory motion to separate large from small chips to maximise packaging efficiencies and speeds. The sizer is suitable for a wide range of fried snack products, such as potato chips, as well as fruit and other root vegetable chips.

tna NID M3000 starch mogul

tna has upgraded its NID M3000 starch mogul to improve operational efficiencies and ensure the equipment adheres to the highest hygiene and safety standards.

tna Florigo ultra-peel SSC 3 steam peeling

tna has expanded its range of Florigo ultra-peel SSC 3 steam peeling solutions for potatoes, baby carrots and other vegetables to offer processors tailored steam peeling depending on their individual production requirements.

tna roflo 3 turnkey blending system

The roflo 3 turnkey vibratory motion blending system by tna combines speed, continuous vertical motion and mass flow technology to deliver blend accuracy, precise recipe control and reduced ingredient costs.

tna energy-efficient fan for Ferguson ener-freeze 3

tna has introduced an energy-efficient fan design for its Ferguson ener-freeze 3 aimed at reducing energy consumption by more than 30%.

tna ropac 5 ultrahigh-speed case packer for flexible bags

The tna ropac 5 is an ultrahigh-speed case packer for flexible bags that is capable of speeds of up to 300 bags/min.

tna performance 5.0 vertical packaging system

tna's performance 5.0 is a high-performance vertical packaging system, high-speed multihead scale and a case packer for flexible bags.

tna arctic 3 VFFS system with full washdown function

tna has launched a vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) system with full washdown functionality.

tna robag VFFS packaging system with integrated labeller and inserter

tna has launched a VFFS packaging system with a fully integrated labeller and inserter.

Florigo conti-pro PC 3 fryer

Florigo (from tna) has launched the conti-pro PC 3 fryer, a continuous potato chip fryer that features opti-flow technology which optimises the oil flow through the kettle.

FOODesign immerso-cook 16 direct-fired fryer range

FOODesign has launched the immerso-cook 16 direct-fired fryer range, which optimises production, lowers operating costs and improves environmental performance.

FOODesign cryo-jet 5 ambient and chilled air cooling system

FOODesign has launched the cryo-jet 5 ambient and chilled air cooling system, which cools food products up to 10 times faster than systems based on forced convection or natural convection cooling.

tna rofloHM 3 horizontal motion conveyor

The tna rofloHM 3 conveyor is a horizontal motion distribution system whose low force operation minimises product loss, offering speed and direction control to optimise performance.

tna robag FX 3ci high-speed bagger

The tna robag FX 3ci high-speed bagger delivers throughputs of up to 250 bpm. The high-speed vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging machine offers production flexibility in a compact, easy-to-clean system that is suitable for a wide variety of products.

tna intelli-weigh 0328 omega twin scale

The tna intelli-weigh 0328 omega multihead twin scale can be used in conjunction with either the tna robag or twin-configuration robag to weigh and bag a variety of food applications.

tna hyper-detect 5 metal detector

The tna hyper-detect 5 metal detector is a non-symmetrical balanced coil metal detector with a conical aperture into the detector.

FOODesign batch-pro 12 series cookers and fryers for vegetable chips

FOODesign has launched its automated, hot oil batch-pro 12 series of cookers and fryers. The system is suitable for cooking root and other vegetable products, such as potato, carrot, taro, beetroot and parsnip chips.

tna rofloVM 3 high throw vibratory conveyor

tna has launched the rofloVM 3 high throw vibratory conveyor. The high throw design achieves the gentle transfer of sticky confectionery and difficult products, such as loose leaf fresh produce, through increased vertical motion to improve product throughput and line efficiency.

tna intelli-flavCLS 3 closed-loop slurry seasoning system

tna's intelli-flavCLS 3 is a closed-loop slurry (CLS) seasoning system that enhances the homogeneity of the slurry mix. It is suitable for salty snacks, baked snacks and extruded products that require slurry flavouring in a tumble drum.

tna intelli-flavOMS 5 on-machine seasoning system

tna has launched the intelli-flavOMS 5 for on-machine seasoning (OMS) applications. The system offers consistent coverage and flavour for both wet and dry seasoning.

tna robagFXIS 3ci series VFFS machine for polyethylene packaging

tna is releasing the tna robagFXIS 3ci series vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) machine for polyethylene (PE) packaging.

tna robag 3ci vertical form fill seal bagger

Packaging solutions supplier tna will introduce its new high-performance VFFS (vertical form fill seal) bagger at Foodtech Packtech 2012.

tna intelli-flav 3c seasoning and flavouring system

The tna intelli-flav 3c is a one piece system suitable for both wet and dry seasoning and flavouring that provides even coverage at throughput rates of up to 500 kg/h for a variety of applications.

tna robag 3ci bagger

tna has introduced the latest version of its high-performance vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagging - the tna robag 3ci bagger now provides up to a 30% improvement in performance in both output and reduction in rejects.

tna robag 3ci vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger

The tna robag 3ci vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bagger is an upgrade on the existing model. The new bagger has improved speed and precision, with other features to maximise plant productivity and waste reduction.

tna intelli-scan 2 date code assurance and intelli-read 3 integrated barcode scanning system

The tna intelli-scan 2 comprehensive date code assurance system and the intelli-read 3 integrated barcode scanning system can be used to accurately verify products on the tna robag vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagger, while retaining a high level of flexibility and simplicity for food manufacturers.

Arcall seasoning and cutting systems

Arcall, a supplier of seasoning and cutting systems, has been acquired by tna so tna can now offer multiple seasoning and spraying products along with an extensive range of specialised cheese-cutting solutions.

Bagger, scales, flavouring and motion conveyor

The robag 3c vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) bagger with packaging speeds of up to 150 bags per minute accommodates a wide range of bag sizes and formats and enables rapid former changes with ‘auto connect’ and ‘unload assist’ features. Product seal detection and back seal bar design accurately detect film type and measure seal integrity.

Frozen mussel processing system using tna’s rofloHMW 3 conveyors

Packaging and processing specialist tna has installed an integrated system at North Island Mussel Processors Limited (NIMPL) in Tauranga, New Zealand, which can withstand the challenging frozen mussel processing environment. This latest customised distribution solution combines an open, gateless stainless steel design with caustic washdown capabilities to minimise food safety risks.

tna roflo HM 3 transfer and distribution system

The roflo HM 3 transfer and distribution system is an electromagnetically driven horizontal motion conveyor.

VFFS packaging system

The robag 3 ttx 320 vertical form fill and seal packaging system is a rotary double jaw (RDJ) that is claimed will double production rates.

Automatic inserter technology

tna has unveiled an automatic inserter, designed to place singular 3D objects into the company’s robag 3 vertical form, fill and seal packaging equipment, eliminating missed inserts and manual labour.

VVF packaging system

The robag3 ttx, also known as the the 'twin configuration', combines two VFFS machines in a compact footprint, lowers utility costs and waste while providing high-performance packaging.

Gentle packaging solutions

The robag 3 from tna is a complete accumulation, distribution and packaging system especially designed for the fresh produce market.

Multi-head weigher

Custom made to the TNA Intelli-sys specification, the TNA-514-SNX multi-head weigher integrates with the ROBAG VFFS System, providing performance, accuracy and reliability.

Distributions systems

TNA has introduced ROFLO, a distribution system which claims to push product breakage and flavour loss to all-time lows.

Vertical form, fill and seal packaging systems

tna has introduced the robag3 high-performance vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system. The robag VVFS system has a high fill rate, good film efficiency and low wastage.


The TNA FloFin Former combined with the high-speed, high-efficiency Robag 3 creates packaging flexibility. The former generally is located within a cabinet of the packing machines, transforming flat bag film material into a tubular configuration leading to how the end product is to be presented to end consumers.

Product discharge system

The 'Gate-Less' Roflo distribution system is a product discharge system. 'Gate-Less' Roflo eliminates product breakage, maintenance, breakdown and cleaning, all while still using servo driven, simple mechanics.

Product distribution system

The 'Gate-Less' ROLFO Distribution System has a unique product discharge system. 'Gate-Less' Roflo eliminates product breakage, maintenance, breakdown and cleaning, all while still using servo driven, simple mechanics.


tna appoints new general manager for North African venture

The new manager will assume responsibility for on-the-ground customer services and technical support for Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia.

tna Connects: virtual learning hub for food manufacturing

The tna Connects platform launches from 9–12 November with a series of four virtual roundtables on conveying, packaging, processing and seasoning topics.

tna appoints Group Aftermarket & Services Manager

tna solutions has appointed Raj Singh as its Group Aftermarket & Services Manager, in a bid to improve its global technical support and aftermarket care.

tna founders appointed to Australian society of honour

Nadia and Alf Taylor, founders of tna solutions, appointed AM of the Order of Australia for the philanthropic efforts of the Nadia and Alf Taylor Foundation.

tna appoints new CEO

tna has named Jonathan Rankin as Chief Executive Officer, promoting him from his role as Chief Sales Officer.

Triple capacity at tna's new site

Global demand for its food packaging and processing solutions has led tna solutions to commission a new manufacturing facility that triples its capacities.

New state-of-the-art facility for tna

Reinforcing its position as a leading manufacturer of food processing equipment for the potato and vegetable processing industries, tna has officially opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Netherlands.

tna expands confectionery portfolio with acquisition of NID

Food processing and packaging equipment supplier tna has announced the acquisition of Australian confectionery equipment supplier NID.

tna to celebrate 35th anniversary at AUSPACK

Food processing and packaging solutions provider tna will be celebrating its 35-year anniversary at AUSPACK 2017, showcasing some of its leading equipment designs.

tna expands Asia–Pacific team

Food processing and packaging supplier tna has expanded its team in Asia with the appointments of a new customer service and logistics coordinator, project manager and technical support engineer.

tna looks to value-add with acquisition of Unique Solutions

tna has announced the acquisition of inserting and labelling specialist Unique Solutions.

tna named EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Eastern Australia

Food packaging and processing solutions provider tna has won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for eastern Australia.

tna acquires Dutch frying line company

tna has acquired food processing company Florigo International. Florigo's technology includes patented continuous vacuum frying lines, French fry lines, multizone fryers and technology to reduce acrylamide formation.

tna launches Arabic website for Middle East clients

Packaging and processing solutions company tna has launched a new website in Arabic for its clients in the Middle East region. Customised for the needs of the region, the new website is located at

tna opens Bangkok office

tna has opened a new office in Bangkok, expanding its operations in Asia as part of its global expansion strategy.

tna expands food processing offering with FOODesign acquisition

Food packaging company tna has acquired Oregon-based FOODesign, expanding its portfolio to offer manufacturers a range of processing solutions. FOODesign will retain its brand and be integrated into the tna group.

tna names general manager for Middle East

Mukul Shukla has been appointed as general manager for the Middle East for packaging solutions specialist tna. Shukla will oversee tna's Middle Eastern operations, including sales, customer service and support from Libya to Sri Lanka.

tna appoints Regional Sales Manager for Middle East

tna has appointed Mohamed Hussein to the role of Regional Sales Manager, tna Middle East.

tna acquires The Cadalec Group

tna has acquired The Cadalec Group, strengthening its electrical engineering capabilities.

Happy birthday tna

This year, the Australian packaging company tna is celebrating its 30th birthday. Starting from scratch in 1982, the company has now installed more than 6000 production lines in 120 countries and has an annual turnover in excess of $45 million.



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