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Teralba Industries

Established in 1976, Teralba design, manufacture and import fluid process equipment for the food, dairy, beverage and wine industries. Sanitary, self-draining Dimpleflo heat exchangers can heat and cool viscous, slurried and fouling media, eg. jam, toffee and mince. Teralba also produce UHT systems, pasteurisers and Mueller Plate Heat Exchangers.

Phone: 02 4626 5000
Fax: 02 4625 4591
15-19 Kialba Road , Campbelltown NSW 2560 (Directions)


Teralba Industries 2020 Mixquip Series 200 IBC mixer

2020 Mixquip Series 200 IBC mixer now has an optional powder/liquid additions port.

Teralba Industries Thermpro Egg Pasteurising system

Designed and manufactured by Teralba Industries, the Thermpro Egg Pasteurising system has continuous heating, cooling and regeneration.

Dimpleflo CIP heating

Teralba Industries designs and manufactures a wide range of CIP heaters using Dimpleflo tubing, which increases heat transfer coefficients.

Teralba Dimpleflo Tubular Heat Exchangers

Teralba Industries has upgraded its range of Dimpleflo Tubular Heat Exchangers for enhanced turbulence within the product tubes.

Teralba Industries Thermpro heat-transfer system range

The Thermpro range of heat-transfer systems combines the features of the Dimpleflo and Teralba heat exchangers with a range of control equipment into a skid-mounted system.

Teralba Industries' plate heat exchangers

Teralba Industries has released a range of plate heat exchangers designed for pasteurising and general cooling and heating of beverages, food, dairy, brewery and viscous products.

Pressure tank mixers

Mixquip side entry agitators now incorporate a mechanical seal to suit all high-pressure applications. Products in pressure vessels, de-aerators and vacuum tanks can be blended or mixed using these agitators.

Modular heat exchanger

Teralba has released the high-flow Dimpleflo Modublock heat exchanger for processing large volumes, up to 200 t of product/h and is capable of handling pressures of up to 40 bar.

Modular heat exchanger

Teralba Industries has released a high-flow Dimpleflo Modubloc heat exchanger for processing large volumes, up to 200 t of product per hour and is capable of handling pressures of up to 580 psi/40 bar.

Flameproof safety mixers

Mixqip clamp-on agitators are being fitted with improved safety and flameproof motors as part of its range of mixing equipment.

Lightweight mixer

The Mixquip PT Rummager is a lightweight mixer that can easily be moved from tank to tank and is suited to most IBC type pallet tanks with 2" BSP bung mounts.

Pallet tank mixer

Teralba Industries has released a high-performance air-driven mixer for pallet tanks/IBCs.

240 volt single phase mixquip rummager

Mixquip, the division of Teralba Industries that designs, manufactures and imports liquid mixing equipment, has expanded their range of portable Side Entry Agitators with the release of the new 240 Volt Single phase 'RUMMAGER'.

Air driven drum mixers

Teralba Industries has released a range of Mixquip drum mixers using lightweight air-driven motors.

IBC mixer

The versatility of forkliftable and stackable containers for transferring liquids, such as the Chep Unicon, TNT Pallecon and Shultz IBCs, will ensure their increasing use for liquid transfer.



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