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Wherever access or danger areas need to be reliably and cost-effectively protected, SICK safety systems are in demand. State-of-the-art sensor technology, modular design, compact dimensions and a broad range of applications form the basis for safe and efficient manufacturing processes. SICK's comprehensive expertise in the planning, implementation and operation of safety systems has made them number one in this sector.

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SICK microScan3 Pro safety laser scanner

The microScan3 Pro safety laser scanner is suited for safety and navigation in mobile applications as well as the intelligent protection of complex stationary applications.

SICK HIPERFACE DSL digital interface

SICK's HIPERFACE DSL is a digital protocol for feedback systems in servo drive technology.

SICK CLV6 series laser barcode scanners

SICK's CLV6 series laser barcode scanners are suitable for use in food production processes where hygiene is crucial.

SICK DOSIC ultrasonic sensor

The DOSIC ultrasonic sensor operates according to the concept of time-of-flight difference and provides an alternative to Coriolis mass flowmeters.

SICK W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors

SICK has streamlined its W16 and W26 photoelectric sensors with technologies such as TwinEye, LineSpot and ClearSens.

SICK TriSpector1000 3D vision sensor

The TriSpector1000 from SICK is a 3D vision sensor designed for industrial use as a standalone solution, with intelligent inspection tools.

SICK encoders and inclination sensors

SICK encoders monitor and secure motion sequences and ensure precise and efficient processes.

SICK PGT-12-Pro programming tool

The SICK PGT-12-Pro programming tool is a portable programming tool for sensors with a CANopen interface and is designed for configuring and connecting programmable AHS/AHM36 absolute encoders and inclination sensors in the TMS/TMM61 and TMS/TMM88 product lines with a CANopen interface or an analog output.

SICK PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric proximity sensors

SICK's PowerProx MultiTask photoelectric sensors combine the advantages of time-of-flight technology in a small housing with increased detection speed.

Sick SOPASair mobile sensor configuration app

SICK's SOPASair application is able to configure more than 80 of SICK's sensor product families, as well as prepare them for industrial use in factory, logistics and process automation.

SICK RFU65x RFID device

The RFU65x RFID from SICK is a measuring RFID device with integrated passage and direction detection.

KTM INOX contrast sensor

The KTM Inox contrast sensor from SICK features high greyscale resolution and is integrated into a rugged stainless steel housing. The optimised OES4 ASIC technology, combined with a response time of 35 μs, ensures good detection of contrast marks, even on glossy materials.

SICK LUTM luminescence sensor

The SICK LUTM luminescence sensor features a miniature housing combined with an IO-Link function.

SICK GLARE sensor for glossy surfaces

SICK's GLARE sensor recognises and differentiates objects on the basis of their gloss in order to control production processes.

SICK TriSpector1000 3D vision sensor

SICK has developed its first 3D vision sensor — the TriSpector1000 — which can carry out inspection tasks without programming.

SICK AFS/AFM60 EtherNet/IP absolute encoder with integrated web server

SICK has integrated a web server into the AFS/AFM60 EtherNet/IP absolute encoder.

SICK Lector63x image-based code reader

The SICK Lector63x image-based code reader is a 2 MP reader developed in a compact and flexible design.

SICK IH03 and IM04 inductive miniature sensors

The IH03 and IM04 inductive miniature sensors from SICK have been developed for applications with minimal installation space.

SICK CSM colour sensor

The CSM colour sensor from SICK detects and monitors objects on the basis of their colour.

SICK GM901 gas analyser and TRANSIC111LP laser oxygen transmitter

The GM901 gas analyser and TRANSIC111LP laser oxygen transmitter, both from SICK, monitor carbon monoxide during the coffee roasting process and measure oxygen on the packaging machine itself.

SICK and ABB robot picking solution with 3D vision

ABB and SICK have developed a robot picking solution using 3D vision technology, in order to deal with objects of variable size and thickness arriving on belts in random positions.

SICK ConVer quality control system

The ConVer quality control system from SICK checks whether boxes or containers have been filled correctly and include all the required contents.

SICK IMB inductive proximity sensor

SICK's inductive IMB proximity sensor is reliable in harsh working conditions.

SICK Lector 642 image-based code reader

SICK's Lector 642 image-based code reader product family can handle changing object heights and reading distances, wide visual ranges, randomly aligned 1D and 2D codes and fast transport speeds.

Sick CLV615 Dual Port barcode scanner

Sick has released the CLV615 Dual Port barcode scanner, featuring an integrated switch that makes it easy to install the sensor in a Profinet IO network.

SICK W100-2 miniature photoelectric sensors with large sensing ranges

SICK W100-2 miniature photoelectric sensors are compatible with all standard detection principles, making them suitable for detection applications.

Sick Flexi Line interface

Sick Flexi Line is an interface for the safe networking of up to 32 Flexi Soft stations, making it possible to map modular machine structures in a consistent and efficient way - at a distance of up to 1000 m between two stations.

Sick GR18 cylindrical photoelectric sensors

Sick GR18 cylindrical photoelectric sensors are suitable for detecting presence and positioning in a wide range of applications. The sensors are suitable for both space-saving and flexible mounting solutions as no special bracket is needed.

Sick Lector 620 OCR code reader

The Lector 620 OCR code reader is designed for reading and comparing plain text and simultaneous identification of conventional 1D and 2D codes in packaging applications.

Sick RapCo rapid changeover system for packaging machines

RapCo is a complete plug-and-play rapid changeover system for automated format adjustment in packaging machines, consisting of positioning drives, sensors, a control unit, software, a display and wiring.

Sick DeltaPac Sensor for object detection in gapless conveyor throughput

DeltaPac is a photoelectric sensor which enables the detection of individual objects, even where they are lined up end to end, forming a gapless, continuous stream.

Sick TranspaTect optoelectronic sensor

TranspaTect is an optoelectronic sensor for detecting, counting or positioning transparent objects and optically critical surfaces. The machine has no reflector, which simplifies machine design, cuts commissioning costs, and prevents problems involving replacement due to contamination.

Sick Flexi Loop safety sensor integration

The Flexi Loop safety controller enables the cascading of safe switches and sensors, with which safety doors and servicing panels on machines are protected.

Sick Inox sensors

Sick's Inox hygienic sensor solutions are said to contribute to constant increases in efficiency in all areas of the food and beverage industry. The hygienic design and the careful selection of materials used are based on various norms, standards and regulations to ensure safety, should direct contact with food or raw materials occur.

Sick RFU620 UHF RFID read/write device

The Sick RFU620 UHF RFID read/write unit offers a solution for the identification of containers, boxes or the correct aisle. It supports universal use even in extreme applications such as on stackers and in deep-freeze stores, or simply as a Kanban station.

Sick Lector 65x camera-based code reader

The Lector 65x matrix camera is part of SICK's family of image-based code readers. The product comes with 2 or 4 megapixel camera resolution and wide angle for a large working field.

Sick hygienic-design mounting system

In ensuring product safety, the pharmaceutical and food processing industries have tough requirements for the machines and components they use. In order to meet these demands, Sick has developed a hygienic-design mounting system.

Sick G10 photoelectric sensor

The Sick G10 photoelectric sensor requires minimal effort for setting and offers a high level of detection reliability and flexible 360° alignment.

Sick DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor

For higher efficiency and quality in the packaging industry, the DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor utilises Delta-S-Technology, which combines four PinPoint emitters and two receivers with SIRIC and distance measurement technology.

Sick DeltaPac photoelectric sensor

Traditionally, it has been necessary to separate packages in order to count or detect them with the aid of photoelectric sensors (for example). The DeltaPac photoelectric sensor from Sick enables objects to be reliably detected in a gapless product flow.

Sick LFP INOX level sensor for foaming media

The sensor can detect the difference between liquid media and foams or adhesions due to its time domain reflectometry (TDR) measuring principle (ie, a guided microwave).

SICK DFS60I rotary positioning encoder

The DFS60I incremental rotary positioning encoder from SICK is suitable for applications in food processing, beverage filling and the pharmaceutical and packaging industries.

SICK Lector620 series 1D and 2D code readers

Sick’s Lector620 series of 1D and 2D code readers provide reliable reading performance, rapid integration in a variety of packaging machine IT environments and extensive analysis and diagnostic possibilities.

Sick Inspector P150 vision sensor

The Sick Inspector P150 allows users to easily build their own interfaces, as well as operate the sensor from any computer or operator panel that contains a standard web browser.

Sick Bulkscan for measuring volume and mass flows

Sick’s Bulkscan can measure volume and mass flows without contact, increasing system availability and avoiding mechanical wear. It also prevents wear by transmitting data on uneven belt loads and belt drift.

Sick TBS temperature switch

The Sick TBS temperature switch is designed for the monitoring the temperature of operating fluids such as hydraulic oil, lubricants or cooling water.

Sick Inspector P150 vision sensor

With Sick’s Inspector P150, users can easily build their own interfaces, as well as operate the vision sensor from any computer or operator panel that contains a standard web browser.

Sick TiM300 laser scanner

The TiM300 laser scanner has a range of 2 m and has a robust metal housing, a scanning angle of 270°, integrated teach-in function and four switching outputs.

SICK MOC3SA Speed Monitor

The SICK MOC3SA Speed Monitor meets the safety levels of PL e according to EN ISO 13849, SIL3 in compliance with IEC 61508 and SIL3CL, according to EN62061.

Sick ML20 markless sensor

The ML20 markless sensor from Sick offers greater flexibility and shorter equipping times for varying labels and formats, more freedom of design in the structuring of packaging systems and prevention of unnecessary material use and rejects.

Sick IVC-3D stainless steel smart camera

Sick’s IVC-3D stainless steel smart camera has been specially designed for harsh environments combining imaging, lighting and analysis in a single, robust, stainless steel housing.

Sick ColorRanger E high-speed 3D camera

3D imaging is ideal where height, shape or volume is of importance for the production process. However, to make a complete quality or grading decision, it is often necessary to also consider the colour of the parts produced. This is, for instance, common in grading of fruits and vegetables, shape and baking degree verification of baked goods, and fill level and colour verification in beverages. By considering both 3D and colour aspects, more reliable decisions can be made which improve the product quality and reduce waste.

Sick Lector 620 series image-processing code readers

The image-processing code reader Lector 620 series is suitable for all code types and marking methods. It features compact design, industry-compatible integration into different IT environments, intuitive operation and good reading performance for product traceability and protection against product counterfeiting. Variant types in the series include: Eco as the basic variant, Standard as the device for rapid implementation of universal applications, and High Speed for high-speed solutions, among other things, in packaging or document handling as well as DPM for markings applied directly.

Sick CLV6xx barcode scanner platform

The CLV6xx barcode scanner platform from Sick offers customised solutions all the way to the high-end segment. Besides maximum reading results, other features include the intuitive parameterisation and user interface, as well as the manifold possibilities for network and fieldbus integration.


SICK Australia & New Zealand's new Managing Director

SICK Australia & New Zealand has appointed David Crossley as its new Managing Director.

White Papers

How smart manufacturing can optimise productivity in the F&B industry

We know how busy you are, and the pressures you face to deliver more with less each year.

To save you time, we have put together a selection of our best recent articles. Articles that we know will help your business make better manufacturing decisions.

The new machine vision systems optimising food production — an eBook

Good vision systems can automate your inspection processes and improve product quality, plant efficiency, safety and reliability. To futureproof your investment, ensuring flexibility and ease of change within the system is crucial.

Technology optimising the production line: an eBook

Only now is technology good enough that production lines can start to think for themselves. This development is based on modern sensor and communication technologies. This eBook will give you insight into some of the advances that are already a reality.



Case Studies

It's what's on the inside that counts

To ensure that every pack really does have on the inside what it states on the outside, 2D vision sensors from SICK visually inspect every product that leaves the belt at frozen food manufacturer Crop's.

Sensor intelligence replaces mechanical singulation

In the production plant of a well-known fruit juice manufacturer, the fruit juices are pressed, decanted into a huge range of Tetra Pak cartons and then packaged again in trays without any interruptions — thanks to the DeltaPac MultiTask photoelectric sensor from SICK.

Clean and safe: the real packaging challenge

The L29 single-beam photoelectric safety switch, developed by SICK for the packaging manufacturer MULTIVAC, stops dangerous movements safely if someone reaches into the forming station in a thermoforming packaging machine.

SICK's W8 Inox sensor declared 'slaughter-proof'

Pork processor Danish Crown teamed up with the Danish Meat Research Institute to put W8 Inox photoelectric sensors from SICK through a series of practical tests spanning several years — and has now classed the sensors as 'slaughter-proof'.

RFID streamlines automated tomato harvesting

RFID technology from SICK allows tomato processor Kagome to ensure product traceability, leading to increasing efficiency in the production process.

Quality control for baked goods

Manufacturers of baked goods are looking to make detailed improvements to the pre-packing quality control process to enable the rejection of items which lack the proper shape or colour, before they are packed.


Maintain precise dimensions with 3D vision sensors from SICK

The 3D vision sensor designed for industrial use — the TriSpector1000 from SICK.

Smart manufacturing in the food and beverage industry

Most of the smart factory discussion has centred around discrete manufacturing, but modern smart sensing technologies can also be applied to improve many aspects of the food and beverage industry, particularly for food safety and track and trace, improved packaging and new product opportunities.

Monitoring feed magazines for carton blanks

In recent years, intelligent sensor and control solutions have made it possible to achieve both productivity and safety.

Serialisation and protection against tampering of pharmaceutical products

In the fight against the forgery of preparations, imitations and tampering of packaging, the European Union has defined a catalogue of measures intended to prevent fakes entering the legal supply chain of medicines.

Industry 4.0 would not be possible without intelligent sensors

The limitless exchange of manufacturing, product and logistics data supports better decisions and complete transparency across the value chain. Greater resource efficiency depends largely on the equipment that supplies this data: intelligent sensors.

Quality, not quantity: when data becomes information

Industry 4.0 opens up new possibilities for both quality assurance and process optimisation, but higher-level systems are being flooded with data. Sensor intelligence can evaluate the data and undertake preprocessing so that only relevant information is forwarded.

Sensors in hygienic conditions

Fulfilling the strict hygiene standards that apply in food and beverage manufacturing means exposure to strong thermal and mechanical loads, as well as aggressive chemical cleaning agents, which presents a real challenge to sensors.

Food safety — from farm to fork

Identification solutions enable companies to trace back the trajectory of their products from the producer, through the processing stages, to retailers — meeting consumer and regulatory demand for transparency on the provenance and authenticity of foodstuffs.

Identification solutions for reliable data acquisition

As well as being used in the food industry to trace foodstuffs reliably, RFID technology, laser-based barcode scanners and image-based code readers can also be used to optimise production and packaging processes.

Smart sensors for packaging flexibility

Tailor-made products manufactured in line with a specific customer's requirements call for a flexible packaging solution. To meet these market demands, intelligent sensors are becoming one of the main components in many systems.

Automated loading and unloading of trucks — a flexible loading system saves time at PepsiCo

There are no manned forklift trucks driving about loading truck trailers with boxes of chips at PepsiCo's Broek op Langedijk site in the Netherlands. Instead, the recently installed Joloda loading system saves 30 minutes/load as it pushes 42 pallets of chips into an extra-long truck in one fully automated operation.

Dispelling the myths about machine vision systems

Machine vision is a branch of engineering that uses cameras in the context of process control. Images are collected and analysed and the data extracted used for controlling an automated process or action. When we refer to machine visions systems we are typically referring to smart cameras or vision sensors - devices that possess image capture capability, are able to extract information from captured images and make decisions that are used in wider automation systems.



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