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IQF Frost Octofrost IQF freezer

The OctoFrost IQF (individually quick frozen) freezer has a mono-block design and easy interior access for cleaning.

Continuous infrared cooking oven

Infrabaker is a modular infrared continuous cooking oven developed by Infrabaker International. The machine is designed to cook or put colour on a wide variety of food products, such as bacon, chicken fillets, patties, salmon, dough, cake, vegetables and many more. The process does not require any other medium such as eg, cooking oil, hot air, steam or thermal oil.

Individually quick frozen technology

The IQF Frost AB OctO-Frost freezer is suitable for freezing vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat and pasta at 300 to 3000 kg per hour. OctO-Frost can maintain the separ-ation of very sticky products such as banana or high sugar content mango and safely freeze delicate products like raspberry with minimal damage. Featuring an oscillating perforated bed the freezer has three freezing zones - receiving, surface freezing and finish freezing - so product colour, shape and texture can be maintained.



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