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Multivac Australia Pty Ltd

Multivac's product portfolio covers nearly all the needs of the customer and includes - in addition to thermoforming packaging machines - traysealers, chamber machines, labelling and quality inspection systems and even turnkey production lines. Multivac's partners also include: Bizerba, Handtmann, Provisur and TVI.

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MULTIVAC W 500 flowpacker

The MULTIVAC W 500 universal flowpacking solution is suitable for packing a wide range of food products.

G 700 traysealer

The G 700 traysealer can produce tray packs with or without modified atmosphere.

MULTIVAC I 410 automatic inspection solution

The I 410 model from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection is an automatic inspection solution that is designed to ensure reliable marking and quality inspection from above and below.

MULTIVAC slicer line

MULTIVAC has released a slicer line for the automated slicing and packing of products such as cheese, ham and other sliced products.

Bizerba ThermoSecure L packaging inspection machine

Bizerba's ThermoSecure L offers full packaging inspection by vision and checks 100% of products.

MULTIVAC B 325 chamber belt machine

The B 325 combines all the advantages of MULTIVAC's chamber belt machine technology in a space-saving machine design.

Bizerba GLM-Ievo labelling system

Bizerba's GLM-Ievo intelligent labelling line is designed for the automatic weighing and labelling of prepackaged products.

Multivac R 235 thermoforming packaging machine

The Multivac R 235 thermoforming packaging machine has been designed for producing flat packs of sliced products.

Multivac T 300 automatic tray sealer

The Multivac T 300 is an automatic tray sealer that packs products of any type automatically, hygienically and economically.

Multivac G 700 traysealer

The G 700 traysealer from Multivac packs ready meals, snacks, vegetables and fresh-cut products efficiently and economically.

Multivac packaging equipment for extended shelf life

Multivac has available a range of packaging solutions for extending the shelf life of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads, convenience meals and fresh-cut products.

Multivac packaging technology for fish and seafood

Multivac's packaging technology extends the shelf life of fish and seafood and provides attractive presentation at the point of sale.

Formax PowerMax500 Slicing System

Formax's PowerMax3500 is a mid-sized slicer featuring upper and lower infeed drives.

Handtmann vacuum filler series VF 800

Handtmann has introduced the VF 800 vacuum filler series, which is suitable for medium-scale and industrial producers.

Multivac C 200 chamber machine

Multivac's C 200 chamber machine is a space-saving tabletop unit for fast packing of small to medium-sized quantities of salads, nuts and dried fruit in film pouches.

Multivac T 300 Traysealer

The Multivac T 300 Traysealer is a fully automatic solution for packing fruit and all types of raw or processed vegetables in trays.

Multivac R105 MF thermoformer

The Multivac R105 MF thermoformer produces skin packaged designs using the Multifresh application.

Bizerba GLM-I Evo labelling system

The Bizerba GLM-I Evo Series is a high-performance labelling system for the food industry.

Multivac checkweighers

Multivac checkweighers can be integrated with Multivac packaging machines and labelling systems: loading a new recipe in the HMI 2.0 control terminal automatically controls the settings for the checkweigher and, if present, the metal detector.

Multivac packaging procedure for producing portion packs

Multivac has designed a packaging procedure for producing portion packs, using die technology and automation to deliver a significant saving in packaging material consumption.

Multivac R 085 entry-level thermoforming packaging machine

Multivac's R 085 entry-level thermoforming packaging machine can be used for running both flexible films and rigid films and is suitable for packing non-food products as well as food.

Multivac R 085 thermoforming packaging machine

Multivac has expanded its range with the R 085 entry-level model thermoforming packaging machine. The machine can be used for running both flexible and rigid films and is therefore suitable for packing both food and non-food products.

Multipac e-concept thermoforming packaging machines

Multipac has developed several solutions for reducing the consumption of film material, energy and water in the packaging procedure and has integrated these into several of its thermoforming packaging machines.

Multivac C 800 vacuum chamber machine

Multivac has introduced its C 800 vacuum chamber machine, which is equipped with a 1.4 m wide chamber. This makes it suitable for long food products such as cylindrical sausages and whole fish.

Multivac MR821 checkweigher range

Multivac MR821 checkweighers are available in three weight ranges, from 10 to 6000 g.

Multivac Vision System MVS seal seam scanner

The Multivac Vision System MVS seal seam scanner from Multivac Marking & Inspection is an inspection system which checks the quality of seal seams during the packaging procedure. An immediate inspection of the seal seams optimises the packaging procedure and faulty packs can be detected before they are dispatched.

Multivac automatic tray sealer

Multivac has optimised the performance of its automatic tray-sealer models. It is equipping its automatic tray- sealer models, the T 700, T 800 and T 850, with dies which have greater lengths and widths. This results in increasing the performance of these tray sealers in relation to the number of packs per cycle.

Multivac FreshSafe microperforation system

FreshSafe is a packaging concept in which microperforations are produced inline by laser technology on normal plastic films in packaging machines. Multivac offers its users the choice of creating the small perforations using needle rollers or by laser technology.

Packaging vision system

The Multivac Vision System (MVS) can be used for both controlling packaging robots and quality control.

Thermoform machines

Multivac is introducing a range of thermoform machines with an extensive package of innovations. For example, a completely new basic design which simplifies and accelerates the cleaning process - not only for the visible component groups, but also for the internal machinery. Numerous constructive developments and new functions enable a further increase of machine performance, ergonomics and economy. The first model of the range, the high-performance R 535, is available.


Hands-on Packaging Master Class for seafood industry

Australian seafood manufacturers recently attended a hands-on Seafood Packaging Master Class hosted by the Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre, the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) and Multivac Australia.

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