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Micromax Specialists in Automation

Micromax Specialists in Automation have been providing Australian industry with automation solutions, expertise and technology for over 40 years. From the most sophisticated inspection and control systems to the most basic industrial sensors, we offer advice and expertise on a wide variety of applications – we are your partner in all things automation.

Phone: 1300 36 26 26
Fax: 1300 017 100
Unit 2/106 Beaconsfield Street , Silverwater NSW 2128 (Directions)


Banner Engineering iVu Vision Machine-Mountable Remote Display for noise-immune monitoring

The Banner Engineering Machine-Mountable Remote Display enables users to view the iVu sensor image remotely and serves as a constant monitoring and user programming interface, without interference from electrical noise.

Banner Engineering QM26 and QMH26 photoelectric sensors

Banner Engineering QM26 and QMH26 photoelectric sensors are designed for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. They are suitable for manufacturing and packaging zones.

Banner Engineering SureCross Q45 wireless standard photoelectric sensor

Micromax Sensors & Automation has announced the Banner Engineering SureCross Q45, a self-contained, wireless standard photoelectric sensor designed for control and monitoring applications.

Banner Engineering R-GAGE series radar-based sensors for collision avoidance

The R-GAGE series of radar-based sensors capable of detecting large objects in challenging outdoor situations has been introduced by Banner Engineering. R-GAGE sensors support collision avoidance and vehicle management applications in container ports, traffic and parking systems, manufacturing, mining, materials handling and railways.

Banner Engineering 2012 product catalogue

Micromax Sensors & Automation has released the Banner Engineering 2012 Product Catalogue, offered in both a colour print and an online version.

Banner Engineering EZ-light TL50 beacon tower light

Micromax Sensors and Automation has available an addition to Banner Engineering’s line of lighting and indicators, the EZ-Light TL50 beacon tower light - a hybrid of the company’s TL50 tower and K50 beacon lights.

Banner Engineering World-Beam QS30AFF400/QS30AF600 mid-range sensors

Banner Engineering has added two mid-range adjustable-field sensors to the World-Beam QS30 range. The QS30AFF400 foreground suppression sensor and the QS30AF600 background suppression sensor use advanced linear imager technology to provide a good sensing solution for a range of industrial applications, including part-in-place detection, feeder-bowl control and package detection on conveyors.

Banner Engineering World-Beam QS18 sensors

The Banner Engineering World-Beam QS18 adjustable-field foreground suppression sensors have been designed to detect objects regardless of colour, reflectivity, surface irregularities or background conditions.

Banner Engineering iVu bar code reader

Banner Engineering’s iVu bar code reader (BCR) is claimed to be the first industrial touch-screen bar code reader. It reads 11 industry-standard bar codes to facilitate advanced traceability - a critical strategy for ensuring high product quality in packaging, material handling, pharmaceutical and many industrial applications.

IP68-rated vision sensors

The Banner Engineering PresencePlus P4 IP68-rated, sealed Omni vision sensors feature a compact, yet durable nickel-plated aluminium housing. The P4 sealed vision sensor withstands demanding washdown conditions - as well as dust and debris common in harsh-duty environments - with the use of an integrated ring light or lens cover.

Clear object sensors

Banner Engineering’s World-Beam QS30 Clear Object Sensors provide reliable clear object detection to solve challenging applications. The Clear Object Sensor utilises an advanced optical design to allow the sensor to see translucent materials, ensuring dependable detection of clear targets including PET bottles and glass containers.

Compact controller

Micromax Sensors & Automation has announced Unitronics’ Vision570, an all-in-one compact controller.

PLC with keypad

Micromax Sensors & Automation has introduced Unitronics’ Jazz, a PLC that includes onboard I/Os plus a full-function operator panel with numeric keypad.

Analog and digital temperature

Banner Engineering has introduced a new way to collect analog, digital and temperature information in hazardous areas. The system is a combination of wireless communication, battery technology and intrinsically safe electronics.

Hinge switches

Banner Engineering SI-HG63 series hinge safety interlock switches are suitable for safeguarding of hazards. The hinge switches can be used in place of standard hinges on swinging guards, gates or doors.

Vision sensor

The PresencePlus P4 GEO 1.3 vision sensor from Banner Engineering makes detailed automated inspections possible, at about half the cost of comparable vision sensors. The device uses a 1.3 megapixel imager to capture minute details of multiple features at ranges from a few millimetres to several metres, depending on the lens used.



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