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MAGNATTACK™ Global specialize in the manufacture of RE80™ magnetic separation equipment for foreign metal fragment control. RE80™ +11,000 gauss magnetic separators have been specially designed to extract and retain foreign contaminants such as tramp iron, work hardened stainless steel and stone, and fine dust-like metal pieces. In an era where food safety is paramount, the MAGNATTACK™ equipment range helps food processors minimize their risks of contamination, product recall, loss of brand reputation, equipment damage, and consumer health and safety threats. RE80™ Magnetic Separators are Internationally HACCP Certified and selected models are USDA Dairy Accepted. MAGNATTACK™ services the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, winery, milling, and pet food industries.

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16 Prince of Wales Ave , Unanderra NSW 2526 (Directions)


RE80 Mag-Ram Self-Cleaning Magnetic Separator

The RE80 Mag-Ram Magnetic Separator is a self-cleaning grate magnet engineered for dry food ingredients and powders.

MAGNATTACK RE80 Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet

The RE80 Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet is an aerodynamic solution designed to extract foreign metal fragments from high-velocity pneumatic transfers.

Magnattack RE80 HT Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separator

The Magnattack RE80 HT Liquid Pressure Pipeline Separator (PPS) is engineered to efficiently extract magnetic fragments (including work-hardened stainless-steel and magnetic stone) from food lines.  

Magnattack RE80 HT Meat Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator

The Meat Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator is a hydro-dynamic magnetic separation system designed to efficiently extract metal contamination from viscous liquid and slurry lines.

MAGNATTACK RAPIDCLEAN sanitary magnetic grate system

Overcoming hygiene and cleaning issues associated with conventional grate magnet systems, RAPIDCLEAN contributes to food product security and foreign metal fragment control.

MAGNATTACK systems for detection of work-hardened stainless steel fragments

MAGNATTACK Global specialises in design and manufacture of ultrahigh-intensity RE80 >11,000 gauss magnet systems of both manual and self-cleaning designs, engineered to ensure fine ferrous metal and fine magnetic fragments are extracted and retained in critical applications both prior to processing and at final packing off of products.

MAGNATTACK Magnet Filter Combo

The MAGNATTACK Magnet Filter Combo has been designed for use in sensitive liquid applications.


Causes of demagnetisation in magnetic separators

The strength of a magnet, usually measured in gauss or pull, is one factor that determines the effectiveness of a magnetic separator.

Achieving safe and efficient magnetic separation in pet food slurries

Magnattack Global has developed the RE80 HT Meat Emulsion & Slurry Pipeline Separator.

Overcoming issues with traditional grate magnet systems

The RE80 RAPIDCLEAN grate magnet was created to overcome issues with traditional grate magnet designs and provide increased foreign metal fragment control.

17-year-old drum magnet a testament to quality

A MAGNATTACK Self-Cleaning Rotating Drum Magnet served one of its valued clients with effective foreign metal contamination control for over 17 years — without the need for major repairs!

Benefits of Tear-Drop Probe Magnets

RE80 Tear-Drop Probe Magnets have increased separation efficiency and product-to-magnet contact.

New DURA-SLIK technology released to reduce abrasive wear on magnetic separators

MAGNATTACK Global has developed, trialled and released an advanced method to reduce rapid wear and damage to magnetic separation equipment.

Case Studies

Magnetic extraction system saves thousands in winery equipment repair

One of the largest risks to profitability in winemaking is damage to expensive processing equipment.

Overcoming challenges experienced with sleeved grate magnets

An increased concern for food safety and sanitary systems means that sleeved grate magnets are somewhat a concern and can possibly have a negative effect on foreign metal fragment control.


Improving product security and profitability with metal fragment control

The introduction of the new FSMA Act and the tightening of industry standards is forcing food manufacturers to be more proactive in reducing their food safety and product security risks.

Extracting foreign metal fragments from liquid lines

Hygienic and efficient metal fragment control in liquid processes without the limitations of liquid trap magnet systems.

How magnetic separators and metal detectors work together

Both high-grade rare earth magnets and efficient metal detectors are essential to satisfying today's product security requirements in the food industry and greatly complement each other to ensure metal risks are significantly reduced.



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