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Locker Group Pty Ltd

Locker Group is the market leading manufacturer and supplier of expanded and perforated metal, wire mesh and conveyor belts to both industrial and architectural applications. Established in 1956 Locker Group has consistently grown, through product expansion, acquisition and merger and now has several manufacturing facilities and branch offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Phone: 03 8791 1000
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2 Cojo Place , Dandenong South VIC 3175 (Directions)


Ashworth lotension and ExactaStack spiral belting

Ashworth supplies either metal or plastic belts for both low-tension and self-stacking spirals. The comprehensive line includes lotension spiral belts and ExactaStack, a drop-in replacement belt for self-stacking spirals.

Ashworth Eye-Link belts

Ashworth Eye-Link belts offer cleanliness, durability and utility. The belts are lightweight, positively driven, straight-running conveyor belts that feature an inherently strong design that naturally tracks straight. Eye-links make up the flat, even surface for smooth product conveyance, and the overall construction provides a rigid structure that resists side-to-side deflection while enabling the belt to handle thousands of pounds of tension.

Ashworth ExactaStack self-stacking belts

Ashworth has ‘change out’ ExactaStack self-stacking belts that utilise the Rack & Roll crate system to quickly complete the installation.

Ashworth Bros ExactaStack self-stacking spiral belt

Ashworth Bros’ ExactaStack self-stacking spiral belt is an exact drop-in replacement for standard and wide belt stackers.

Lubricants for spiral freezers, coolers and proofers

Ashworth Spiralube range is a complete line of specially formulated lubricants, claimed to reduce maintenance and increase the operating life of spiral freezers, coolers and proofers. The line includes food-grade penetrating oil, food-grade belt oil, food-grade bearing grease and gear oil. Each product is labelled to clearly identify the defined application and, when used at the recommended intervals, spiral performance can be optimised and the operating life increased.

Pans, trays and large products conveyor

Ashworth Bros has released the Omni-Pro FlexLite conveyor belt that is a rugged, strong and lightweight belt for conveying pans, trays and large products. The belt is manufactured with the Omni-Pro link and utilises a very open 38 x 76 mm (fixed loop) flat wire overlay. The result is an efficient, lightweight belt with increased carrying capacity and a spiral/turn-curve tension rating of 180 kg for 100,000 cycles.

Spiral conveyor belt

Ashworth Bros has introduced a 1½″ pitch Omni-Pro link to extend the line of spiral/turn-curve conveyor belts. The Omni-Pro 150 retains the same design features that allow the belt to minimise cage bar wear, maintenance costs and downtime in demanding high-tension spiral applications.

Spiral belt tension gauge

Ashworth has created a solution to help processors pinpoint undetected high-tension problems in spirals to extend belt life and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Preventing spiral breakdowns

Ashworth has created a solution for processors to easily pinpoint undetected high-tension problems to prevent spiral breakdowns.



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