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KHS Pacific Pty Ltd

Phone: 03 9335 1211
Fax: 03 9335 1331
1-3 Freight Road , Tullamarine VIC 3043 (Directions)


KHS Innokeg AF-C Transversal

This automated kegging line can process up to 500 kegs per hour.

Innopack Kisters CNP (Carton Nature Packer)

KHS Group's Innopack Kisters CNP (Carton Nature Packer) processes can toppers made of cardboard at a rate of up to 108,000 cans/h.

Innopack Kisters Wrap-aroundShrinkPaperPacker Advanced

The WSPP A is capable of processing three different types of secondary packaging — trays, cardboard pads and cylindrical containers.

KHS Innokeg Transomat and Innokeg CombiKeg keg fillers

The Innokeg Transomat and Innokeg CombiKeg are part of the KHS keg filler product line.

KHS Innoket Neo Flex modular labelling machine

The KHS Innoket Neo Flex modular labelling machine has quick-change modules that allow the device to master all standard labelling techniques.

KHS Innopack Kisters tray packers

Innopack Kisters tray packers enable cans of food and beverage to be wrapped in paper. 

Innopro BoxFlash compact flash pasteuriser

Now compatible with the glass, can and PET container segments, its compact design means users benefit from lower logistics costs and faster installation.

KHS Group returnable PET bottle

The KHS Group has developed a lightweight, returnable PET container with a 35% recyclate content.

KHS Innofill DRS ECO variant glass filler

Efficient and environmentally friendly, the KHS Innofill glass DRS ECO variant bottle filler can bottle beer, mixed beer beverages, cider and soft drinks.

KHS wide-neck PET containers for hot filling

KHS has developed wide-neck PET containers suitable for hot filling. The containers are lightweight and provide an alternative to glass.

KHS Innopro Craft CIP Skid cleaning system

KHS's fully automatic Innopro Craft CIP Skid cleaning system provides a new system for the supply of rinsing and cleaning media to the company's can, bottle or keg fillers.

KHS FreshSafe PET technology

KHS's FreshSafe PET technology offers a wafer-thin protective layer of chemically pure glass on the inside wall of the PET container.

KHS Innopas SX tunnel pasteuriser

The KHS Innopas SX modular tunnel pasteuriser for cans, glass and PET bottles provides microbiological safety and flexibility.

KHS Innopouch Bartelt K series pouching machine

The poucher is available in two versions: an FS (fill and seal) machine for pouch filling and an FFS (form, fill and seal) variant for pouch production and filling.

KHS Group Innoket Roland 40 compact labeller

The KHS Group's Innoket Roland 40 is a compact labeller with a capacity of 2500 to 25,000 containers/h.

KHS Group Innofill CAN Compact

The KHS Group's Innofill CAN Compact is designed for low to medium outputs of 10,000 to 48,000 cans/h.

KHS InnoPET Blomax fast changeovers on stretch blow moulders

KHS has reduced changeover times on its InnoPET Blomax stretch blow moulders by more than half for all standard neck designs.

KHS Advanced automatic film reel changeovers

The Advanced series by KHS enables automatic changeovers from one reel to the next on its packaging machinery.

KHS Innokeg AF1C1 semiautomatic keg processing

The KHS Innokeg AF1C1, for the semiautomatic processing of kegs, is suitable for smaller barrels used in the hospitality trade and industry.

KHS Innofill Glass DRS filler

The KHS Innofill Glass DRS filler is a flexible inline machine for up to 75,000 bottles/h, providing hygienic filling with low CO2 and product consumption.

KHS preform deduster

KHS's preform deduster can be located upstream of an inspection system to remove unwanted particles.

KHS InnoPET Blomax Series IV stretch blow moulder

KHS has developed modules for special packaging formats for its InnoPET Blomax Series IV stretch blow moulder.

KHS InnoPET Plasmax 20QS coating machine for small PET bottles

KHS Plasmax GmbH has released the InnoPET Plasmax 20QS coating machine for small PET bottles.

KHS systems for beer and CSD

KHS has available specialised systems for the beer and carbonated soft drink sectors.

Bottling soft drinks in PET

The KHS Innofill DRV is a filling system especially developed for the filling of soft drinks in PET bottles. Several versions of the Innofill DRV are available that are entirely oriented towards the product range to be filled by each beverage operation. From the 0.1 L PET bottle up to the 5 L size, this filler is capable of processing all bottle sizes and shapes. The maximum filling capacity of the Innofill DRV is 80,000 bottles/h.


KHS will be demonstrating at drinktec

drinktec is returning after a five-year break, with worldwide exhibitors showcasing their beverage and liquid-food equipment.

KHS and Ferrum Packaging expand partnership

Pending approval from antitrust authorities, filling and packaging systems supplier KHS Group will be acquiring a stake in Ferrum AG.

KHS Group upgrades its German headquarters

Filling and packaging equipment supplier KHS has invested 20 million euros to modernise its production headquarters in Dortmund, Germany.

KHS researches impact of digitisation on beverage industry

Systems supplier KHS is networking with research institutes to understand how digital technologies can relieve operator workloads for the beverage industry.

KHS wins innovation award for lightweight PET milk bottle

KHS has been awarded a World Beverage Innovation Award for its lightweight 1 L PET milk bottle.



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