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ifm O2I500 Multicode Reader

The ifm O2I500 multicode reader is simple to use and detects 1D and 2D codes.

ifm IQ flat pack inductive sensors

The compact IQ IO-Link inductive sensors in a rectangular housing are suitable for the limited space found in conveyor technology and factory automation.

ifm efector K=1 inductive sensors

Inductive sensors with a correction factor K=1 that provide a uniform sensing range for the reliable detection of all metals have been developed by ifm efector.

ifm efector PU type pressure transmitters for mobile applications

PU type pressure transmitters from ifm efector have a response time of 2 ms. The units feature a welded stainless steel housing, a measurement accuracy of <±0.8% and a repeatability of <±0.05%.

ifm efector LR2750 level sensor for hygienic applications

The LR2750 level sensor from ifm efector, developed for demanding applications in the food industry, features a hygienic design and resists aggressive cleaning processes.

ifm efector PN pressure sensor

The PN series of pressure sensors from ifm has been updated.

ifm efector VSE range for condition monitoring

The VSE product range from ifm efector provides a combination of machine protection and process monitoring.

ifm efector AS-i M8 compact modules for limited space

The AS-i M8 modules from ifm efector are suitable for applications where space is limited. The units have been equipped with ecolink connection technology.

ifm efector ecolink EVC series connectors with EMC protection

The asymmetrically acting saw-tooth contoured vibration protection holds the coupling nut tight in position. In addition to screening, this ensures a low contact resistance between the nut of the connector and the housing of the connected device.

ifm efector TD series temperature transmitter

ifm efector has released the TD series temperature transmitter with display and IO-Link for food applications. Available in probe lengths from 30 to 150 mm, the unit has a bright, 4-digit display and a fast response time of T05/09 = 1/3 s.

ifm efector RM9000 multiturn encoder

The robust and compact RM9000 multiturn encoder from ifm efector is designed for use in mobile applications. The encorder converts 4096 revolutions into one absolute position value.

ifm efector O6 wetline series photoelectric sensors

The ifm efector O6 wetline series photoelectric sensors are diffuse reflection sensors that provide noise-immune background suppression. Even highly reflective backgrounds, such as stainless steel, do not affect the background suppression.

ifm efector PQ series compact analog pressure sensor

imf efector’s PQ series pressure sensor with analog and switching output has been designed for efficient compressed air control or filter monitoring. The sensor measures both relative and differential pressure.

ifm efector DD2503, DD2603, DD2505 and DD2605 speed monitors

ifm efector has added features and functions to the ifm product line of speed monitors. In addition to the high-input frequency of up to 60,000 pulses/min and configurable functions, these also include an extended operating temperature range up to -40°C.

ifm efector OI Cube photoelectric sensor

The photoelectric OI Cube sensor from ifm efector is distinguished by long ranges up to 800 mm for diffuse types and up to 15 m for retro-reflective types.

ifm efector R360 32-bit safety controller

For safety-related applications in mobile machines, ifm efector offers the R360, a powerful 32-bit safety controller. The device is suitable for complex and demanding control functions.

ifm efector VNB001 vibration sensor monitor

The compact VNB001 sensor monitors online the overall vibration condition of machines and plants according to ISO 10816 and has an onboard time-stamped history function as well as data logging and trending.

ifm efector mid compact flow meter

The efector mid compact flow meter from ifm efector monitors volumetric flow quantities, total quantities and temperatures. Additionally, the measuring and evaluation units of this sensor are combined in a compact housing.

ifm efector TW series infrared temperature sensors

ifm efector’s TW series infrared temperature sensors measure temperatures up to 1350°C and are equipped with integrated displays and operating units.

ifm efector RFID system for production and conveying

ifm efector has developed an RFID system for production and conveying. The robust evaluation unit is equipped with an integrated Profibus DP interface and a web server.

ifm efector PS series hydrostatic submersible pressure transmitters

PS series hydrostatic submersible pressure transmitters from ifm efector have ATEX, IECEx and GL approvals and are suitable for hazardous areas.

ifm efector TAD series temperature transmitters

ifm efector’s TAD series of temperature transmitters, with integrated drift monitoring, diagnostic funcion and backup function, monitors temperatures with 0.2 K accuracy.

ifm efector O1D series optical distance sensor

The ifm efector O1D series optical distance sensor detects all distances, even in direct sunlight, irrespective of whether the target is fully exposed to the light or only the sensor, or both.

ifm efector SBT series mechatronic flow sensors

ifm efector’s SBT series mechatronic flow sensors can be used for flow ranges from 0.3 to 25 L/min at pressure ranges of up to 15 bar.

ifm efector vision sensor O2V for quality control

ifm efector’s vision sensor O2V for packaging, production and quality control checks objects for presence, size, position or completeness.

ifm efector AS-i safety monitor with USB interface

The AS-i safety monitor from ifm efector monitors the transmitted code sequences in the AS-i network. In the case of message deviations or timeouts, it ensures the safe state of the system.

ifm efector pressure sensor with IO-Link

ifm efector’s robust pressure sensor now communicates all data flexibly via switching outputs or IO-Link 1.1.

ifm efector PQ compact pressure sensor series with NPN circuit

Suitable for pneumatic applications in robotics and handling, ifm efector’s PQ compact pressure sensor series is now equipped with NPN circuit. Using a sealed measuring cell, these sensors detect the pressure in the vacuum and overpressure range.

OG-Cube photoelectric sensor

The ifm efector OG-Cube photoelectric sensor has a robust metal housing with a 2-wire output stage. The minimum leakage current of 1.7 mA means the photoelectric sensor can be used in normal AC power mains at 20 to 250 V AC.

ifm efector full-metal inductive sensors

ifm efector’s full-metal inductive sensors are suitable for use in the harsh environment of the food and beverage industry.

ifm efector TP transmitter module

The ifm efector TP transmitter module with plug-and-play M12 connectors can be used to help overcome common installation and environmental problems associated with conventional terminal chamber head transmitters - error sources for screw terminals, wiring mistakes and fluid ingress are eliminated. An integrated LED gives local indication that the transmitter is powered and transmitting.

ifm efector P127 series stainless steel pressure sensors

The PI27 series pressure sensors have a high-grade 100% stainless steel housing that resists liquid ingress and is suitable for hygienic applications.

ifm Hygienic Pt100 sensors

The Hygienic Pt100 sensors with 4-wire connection have been added to ifm’s temperature probe range. Features include: available as probe sensor or with integrated Tri-Clamp process connection; probe diameter 6 mm; robust stainless steel housing with IP68 and IP69K protection ratings; high-pressure resistance for different application areas; and precise temperature measurement using a Pt100 sensor element, class A.

ifm efector T, R and C series full-metal inductive sensors

ifm has developed three series of full-metal sensors to meet different challenging requirements. The sensors can withstand a high temperature range up to 100°C, have a protection rating of IP69K and feature non-stick coating or a correction factor of K=0.

ifm efector LMT Series level sensor

The LMT Series level sensor can be used as a suitable alternative to tuning-fork level sensors that are prone to false signalling.

ifm efector electronic contact manometer PG

The electronic contact manometer PG combines high-quality pressure transmitter qualities with 0.2% accuracy, a 4-20 mA analog output signal and a switching output with the readability of an analogue manometer display.

Pump diagnostic

A line of pump diagnostic pressure sensors that detect potential pump damage caused by cavitation, trapped air or gas, blockages and deposits has been introduced by ifm efector.

Magnetic-inductive inline volumetric flow sensor

A magnetic-inductive inline flow sensor, efector mid, from ifm, has a flow rate, totalising and temperature indication that can be adapted to different conditions due to its flexible programming. It has a high protection rating and robust housing.



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