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Heat and Control

Heat and Control provides processing product handling and packaging solutions for all manner of food products including snacks, french fries, convenience foods, beef, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables, small goods and baked goods. Our service includes engineering, manufacturing, servicing and testing to provide customers with complete food manufacturing solutions.

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407 Creek Road , Mt Gravatt QLD 4122 (Directions)


Urschel DiversaCut series of high-capacity dicers

New cutting technologies are meeting the food industry's demand for higher capacity and larger throughput.

Key Technology VERYX Digital Sorting

The VERYX family of digital sorters by Key Technology is suitable for a range of products including fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Urschel TranSlicer 2520 Cutter

Building on the success of its predecessor, the TranSlicer 2520 Cutter processes all the value-added, fresh-cut salads and vegetables in fresh produce departments.

CEIA THS/MS21 Metal Detectors

The CEIA THS/MS21 is a multi-spectrum metal detector.

Heat and Control AirFry System

Heat and Control has developed the AirFry System (AFS) for food manufacturers to take advantage of the growing air fried foods market.

Veryx digital sorter for pet food

The sorting system uses cameras and lasers to detect and remove foreign material from pet food during its production.

Urschel Affinity Dicing range

Urschel's Affinity Dicing range offers processors dicing precision for slices, dices, crumbles, granulations and strips.

Key Technology Marathon vibratory conveyors with monobeam construction

Key Technology introduces its Marathon vibratory conveyors with monobeam construction.

Ishida Weigh Price Labeller (WPL-AI)

The Ishida Weigh Price Labeller (WPL-AI) is a specialist machine for labelling packed products which are priced by weight.

Urschel Affinity Integra-D cheese dicer

Urschel has released the Affinity Integra-D cheese dicer.

Ishida IX-EN-4062 X-ray System

The Ishida IX-EN-4062 X-ray System is designed to provide precise and reliable inspection with a low investment cost.

Heat and Control FastBack Revolution Seasoning System

The FastBack Revolution Seasoning System from Heat and Control provides consistent seasoning for many products, such as potato chips, snack foods and crackers.

Urschel size reduction, slicing and cutting solutions

The Urschel size reduction, slicing and cutting solutions are designed to assist bakery operators meet their production goals.

Heat and Control Rotary Dryer Roaster (RDR) nut roasting technology

The Rotary Dryer Roaster (RDR) from Heat and Control is an end-to-end solution for the dry roasting of nut and seed products.

Key Technology Sort-to-Grade software for VERYX digital sorters

The STG software is available for food sorting applications including fresh and processed fruits and vegetables as well as nuts.

Volpak Standcap pouch packaging technology

The Volpak Standcap lightweight, inverted convenience pouch solution can be used for a variety of products, including dairy creamy products, sauces and condiments.

Key Technology VERYX optical sorters

The Key Technology VERYX modular platform chute-fed sorters detect and remove defects and foreign material.

Ishida IX-EN range of X-ray inspection systems

The Ishida range of X-ray inspection systems can help food manufacturers and processors comply with global safety standards.

HCI Snack Solutions end-to-end processing and packaging solutions

Heat and Control and Ishida have formed an alliance, known as HCI Snack Solutions, that provides snack customers with full 'end to end' processing and packaging solutions. 

Ishida CCW-RV series multihead weighers

The Ishida CCW-RV series of multihead weighers can be incorporated into new or existing packaging lines for products such as frozen French fries, snack foods, salads and chicken nuggets.

Urschel MicroAdjustable Slicing Head

Urschel has introduced what it claims is a new concept in slicing — the MicroAdjustable Slicing Head (SL-14).

Heat and Control FastLane slicer infeed conveyor

Heat and Control has released the latest member of its FastBack product range, the FastLane slicer infeed conveyor.

Urschel Affinity Integra clean-cutting dicer

The Affinity Integra Dicer is the newest machine in the Affinity line by Urschel and has been designed for challenging, difficult-to-cut applications such as cheese or soft meats, meats with high fat content, cold temperature products, sticky bakery ingredients or products like brined pickles.

Ishida DACS checkweigher and CEIA metal detector systems

Pre-assembled and available with a common reject conveyor, the combination of the Ishida DACS checkweigher and the CEIA metal detector systems delivers high inspection performance to maximise efficiency and save floor space.

STALAM Radio Frequency (RF) defrosting technology

STALAM Radio Frequency (RF) defrosting technology can rapidly generate heat volumetrically within the product, so defrosting is achieved within minutes rather than hours or days.

Urschel TranSlicer 2510 Cutter

The TranSlicer 2510 Cutter features several interchangeable 635 mm-diameter cutting wheels (slicing, crinkle slicing, shredding and julienne) to produce a full range of slices, shreds and julienne cuts.

Ishida Rotary Salad Filler

The Ishida Rotary Salad Filler is an automatic, high-speed solution for filling trays with salad products.

Fogg Filler Carbonated Fillers

Fogg Filler has released a range of carbonated filling machines that can be used for still or carbonated products; water, juice or soft drinks; and dairy, beer or wine products.

Fogg Filler Can Fill Series

The Fogg Filler Can Fill Series features an automatic rotary system to fill aluminium cans with carbonated and non-carbonated products such as beer or soft drinks.

Ishida WM-AI automatic wrapper

Ishida's WM-AI is an integrated weighing, wrapping and labelling machine that uses artificial intelligence features to improve weighing and labelling accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

Heat and Control Unitized Vacuum Fryer for the snack industry

Heat and Control's vacuum fryer technology, Unitized Vacuum Fryer (UVF), enables snack manufacturers to expand their processing capabilities.

Heat and Control CEIA THS/RB-800 metal detector system for inline applications

The CEIA THS/RB-800 system from Heat and Control is a CEIA metal detector suitable for use with checkweighers or other inline equipment.

CEIA THS/RB-800 metal detector system for inline applications

A CEIA metal detector can be integrated with any checkweigher or other inline equipment using the CEIA THS/RB-800 system from Heat and Control.

Ishida Micro multihead weigher

The Ishida Micro multihead weigher from Heat and Control is claimed to accurately weigh 0.5 to 50 g portions at up to 120/min.

Ishida AirScan leak detector

Heat and Control has available Ishida Europe's AirScan leak detector, designed to help manufacturers minimise spoilage in pre-packed retail products.

Ishida IX-GA-B3043 bottle X-ray inspection system

Ishida bottle X-ray inspection system IX-GA-B3043 is capable of detecting both metallic and nonmetallic contaminants.

TOMRA Sorting Foods Nimbus meat sorting machine

TOMRA Sorting Foods' Nimbus meat sorting machine is suitable for sorting various meats including bacon bits, beef jerky and individually quick frozen (IQF) meat.

Heat and Control WeighBack continuous weighing conveyor

Heat and Control's WeighBack is a horizontal-motion continuous weighing conveyor designed for weigh-convey applications such as product delivery, seasoning applicators and inline weighing.

Heat and Control CEO colour enhancing spiral oven

Heat and Control has improved product browning in a spiral oven with its CEO Colour Enhancing Oven. Available in single- and twin-drum models, CEO combines controlled browning of both sides of products with uniform high-volume cooking.

Heat and Control Fastback Revolution Mid-Gate

Revolution Mid-Gate product distribution gates provide proportional product distribution to multiple seasoning application, weighing and packaging stations, without interrupting the product supply to downstream locations.

Ishida IX-G2 dual energy X-ray inspection system

The Ishida IX-G2 dual energy X-ray inspection system for food products can distinguish contaminants from the product, even in difficult applications.

Heat and Control inspection systems

Heat and Control is a provider of CEIA metal detectors, Ishida checkweighers and Ishida X-ray systems, plus demonstrations, service, parts and training.

Heat and Control in-kitchen seasoning systems

In-kitchen seasoning systems from Heat and Control evenly apply salt and seasoning to snacks, baked goods and other foods as they leave the processing and cooking equipment. Fully adjustable and easy to clean, the over-the-conveyor and tumble drum applicators are available in various designs, including a belt-type flavour dispenser, pneumatic salter, oil salter and Greer economy seasoning applicator.

Heat and Control FastBack all-in-one blending system

The FastBack all-in-one blending system from Heat and Control accurately weighs and blends multiple ingredients. It is suitable for simple or complex mixes of fruit, vegetables, frozen foods, cereal, nuts or other products.

Ishida IX-GA X-ray Inspection system

Ishida's range of X-ray Inspection systems can be used to not only accurately detect bone, metal, plastic and other foreign objects but also imperfections unrelated to contamination.

CEIA MS-21 Multi-Spectrum metal detector

The CEIA MS-21 Multi-Spectrum metal detector can be used to eliminate the waste and delay of false rejects caused by product effect while maintaining high sensitivity to all metal contaminants.

Ishida DACS checkweighers

Ishida DACS checkweighers reliably inspect the accuracy of upstream filling and casepacking.

Tomra Nimbus free-fall sorter with BSI technology

Tomra Sorting Solutions has introduced its biometric signature identification (BSI) technology into the Nimbus free-fall sorter for nuts and raisins. The technology works by detecting the biometric characteristics of the nuts and raisins it scans and comparing them to features in its stored database to determine whether they should be accepted or rejected.

Heat and Control Revolution Mid-Gate for conveyor pan

Heat and Control has developed the Revolution Mid-Gate for its FastBack conveyor pan.

Urschel Flat-V cut available for potato chips, cheese and vegetable processors

Heat and Control has announced the Urschel Flat‐V Cut, which can be used with slicing models CC, CC‐D, CC‐DL and CCX‐D.

Tomra QVision 500 meat analyser

The Tomra QVision 500 analyser is currently focused on the meat and protein sector, measuring fat and lean, protein, collagen and moisture with accuracy. The product also provides a live batch weight measurement and can operate at up to 30 t/h.

Heat and Control Twin Drum Spiral Oven

The Twin Drum Spiral Oven from Heat and Control is a twin spiral cooking system that gives food processors independent control over each drum's cooking environment.

Heat and Control MasterTherm thermal fluid heated fryer

The MasterTherm thermal fluid heated fryer from Heat and Control offers good temperature uniformity across the fryer width. The system's U-Tube heat exchanger evenly heats oil throughout the fryer.

Heat and Control Micro Breader Breading Applicator

Heat and Control has reduced the length of its breading applicator. Sixty centimetres shorter than standard models, the Micro Breader Breading Applicator is suitable for use with a range of products including flour and crumb coatings.

Urschel Laboratories Comitrol Processor Model 1700 fruit and vegetable milling machine

The Urschel Laboratories Comitrol Processor Model 1700 milling machine produces slices, flakes, shreds, viscous slurries and purees from a range of fruit and vegetable products. The machine is suitable for use in the beverage, soup, baby food and sauce industries.

Heat and Control FastBack FDX Force Displacement drives

FastBack FDX Force Displacement drives are reportedly 40% smaller than comparable inertia drive horizontal motion conveyors and convey up to 1100 kg.

Heat and Control batter applicator and multizone fryer system

Heat and Control’s batter applicator and multizone fryer system can process more than 16,000 kg/h of batter-coated French fries. Each of the fryer’s two independent stages has three oil temperature zones for temperature control and fines removal.

Heat and Control Micron-Pro cooking oil filter

Using no additives, paper or consumable filter media, the Micron-Pro cooking oil filter can filter particles down to submicron size at rates up to 473 L/min of hot oil.

Urschel Laboratories Affinity cheese dicer

The Affinity dicer is the largest cheese dicer Urschel Laboratories manufactures and was developed from dairy industry requests for a large, heavy-duty and sanitary cheese dicer.

Spray Dynamics Centrifugal Coating System

Uniformly coat virtually any tree nut, seed, coffee bean - and many other products - with Spray Dynamics’ Centrifugal Coating System. The system enables processors to apply dough and tamari coatings, topical oil and dry seasoning and other flavourings.

Spray Dynamics automatic Belt Coater

Manufacturers can quickly and uniformly apply chocolate, yoghurt and sugar solutions to nuts, fruits, candy cores, cereals and other products with the Spray Dynamics automatic Belt Coater.

Spray Dynamics two-stage coating system

The Spray Dynamics two-stage coating system provides consistent, uniform application of liquid and dry coatings on extruded, baked, frozen and fried products in one coating system.

Heat and Control Unitized Vacuum Fryer

The Heat and Control Unitized Vacuum Fryer (UVF) creates its own vacuum internally and requires no external chamber. Operating at 10% or less of normal atmospheric pressure, the UVF fries high-sugar products without browning.

Langen Packaging Group Air Cartoner

Heat and Control will showcase the Langen Packaging Group’s Air Cartoner at AUSPACK PLUS. The semiautomatic hygienic cartoner combines quick and simple carton size changeovers without tools.

Heat and Control customisable vibratory conveyors

Heat and Control’s customisable vibratory conveyors can be customised for multiple applications, such as grading, alignment, dewatering, spreading and bidirectional distribution.

Heat and Control ETranslicer

The ETranslicer is suitable for elongated vegetables, fruits and cooked meats and creates flat and crinkle slices, oval shred, julienne strips and julienne cuts.

Ishida Cut-Gate weigher range for handling granular products

Ishida has launched a range of high-speed Cut-Gate Weighers for handling granular products which can be easily damaged by auger or volumetric cup fillers. The weigher is suitable for a range of granular products including detergents, freeze-dried coffee, tea and other drink granules, sugar, salt and couscous.

Stalam Radio Frequency defrosting systems

Stalam Radio Frequency (RF) defrosting systems are tempering, softening and defrosting systems for food products including, meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables. The systems are available in Australia and New Zealand from Heat and Control.

FPS coating applicators

Heat and Control’s FPS tumble breaders, compact breaders and batter applicators have been designed to apply flour, cracker meal, any style of crumb (including Panko), sugar, spices, coconut and even potato sticks to various products.

Heat and Control MasterTherm batch fryer

Heat and Control’s MasterTherm batch fryer can produce 225 finished kg/h of batch fried potato chips of almost any style with high consistency.

Heat and Control Universal Product Cooker

Hard bite-style potato chips get their desirable extra crunchy texture from the unique oil temperature profile produced by batch fryers. But the limitations of producing such chips in batches of only a few hundred kilograms per hour has previously required processors to install multiple batch fryers.

Urschel E TranSlicer Cutter

The E TranSlicer Cutter has been added to Urschel’s TranSlicer series. The E TranSlicer uses the same 20 wheel and delivers the same types of cuts as its predecessor, the TranSlicer 2000 Cutter.

Urschel Laboratories CC-DL cheese shredder

The Urschel Laboratories CC-DL cheese shredder has the same overall operating principle as the industry-standard Model CC-D, but with a larger 32 cutting zone enclosure.

Heat and Control FastBack ClimbBack conveyor and Powder on Demand

The FastBack ClimbBack conveyor and Powder on Demand [POD] can be used to increase the efficiency and flexibility of processing lines.

Heat and Control Powder on Demand (POD) powder and granule transfer system

Powder On Demand (POD) is a compact, efficient system that transfers powders and granules to seasoning applicators, mixers, storage bins and elevated equipment.

Ishida IX-GA-DK series X-ray inspection system

With IP69K waterproof construction, the Ishida IX-GA-DK series X-ray inspection system can be used for meat, poultry, seafood and other food processors requiring washdown construction.

Ishida QX-775 and QX-1100 tray packaging systems

The Ishida tray packaging systems are versatile tray sealers compatible with paperboard, plastic and aluminium tray materials, with all models configured for gas flushing, vacuum-gas flushing or sealing only.

Ishida DACS-CW multi-lane checkweigher

Ishida has launched a multi-lane checkweigher with up to six lanes which can handle the same volume as several checkweighers, leading to cost and space savings.

Pulp and puree milling

The Urschel Comitrol Processor Model 1700 milling machine can be used to produce slices, flakes, shreds, viscous slurries or purees from a myriad of fruit and vegetable products that are suitable for use in soups, nutritional supplements, baby foods, beverages and sauces. The precision cutting principle of the Comitrol and the wide variety of interchangeable cutting head styles and impellers available make the machine particularly versatile.

Fryer technologies

Heat and Control is developing fryer technologies for the reduction of acrylamides, product oil content control, cooking oil volume, and fryer floor space and energy requirements.

Aflatoxin-detecting laser sorter

The Best Detox aflatoxin laser sorter has been designed to provide reductions in aflatoxin levels on a wide range of crop plants. The sorter uses optical laser technology to detect and reject aflatoxin-contaminated products at a normal processing flow. Combined with the Best Free-Fall technology, it ensures a minimum of yield loss.

Screw feeder weigher with plastic hoppers

Ishida has released a fully automatic multi-head weigher with screw feeders. The CCW-R weighers are particularly suitable for fresh and very sticky meat, poultry and fish products, as well as fruit and dried fruit which cannot be moved efficiently by feeder vibration. Even meat on the bone can be quickly and evenly processed.

Cut-gate weigher

The CG series weighers are suitable for manufacturers of coffee, ingredients and other dry granular product. They provide accurate gentle product handling and easy maintenance.

Screw-feeder weigher

Ishida’s multihead weigher with rotary screw feeder can provide the answer to weighing difficult-to-handle high adhesive products such as raw meat, raw fish and cooked pasta.


Ishida has launched the Atlas-122C and 112C, compact models of the existing Atlas high-speed snack foods bagmaker. These models have the capacity of the existing Atlas models in downsized compact flame, providing high-speed packaging with high seal integrity.

Horizontal motion conveyor

The Fastback 90E conveyor from Heat and Control combines a small and powerful drive unit with a wide variety of pan sizes to improve transfer and distribution for a diverse range of applications.

Dicer/strip cutter/shredder

The Urschel Model M6 two-dimensional cutter is a versatile machine designed for dicing, strip cutting, or shredding a variety of products. A wide range of sizes of product can be processed into predetermined thicknesses. The cutter is suitable for cutting frozen-tempered, fresh-chilled, or hot cooked beef, pork, or poultry in addition to leafy vegetable products.

Injection blancher for potato slices

Heat and Control's Injection Blancher forces hot water up through the bottom of the potato slice pack for uniform blanching and improved fryer performance.

Bake oven belts

When it comes to the baking of bread and pastries, every single Berndorf belt is especially made to match the clients' specifications as to the material's quality, dimensions, surface conditions and desired tolerances.

FastBack 260E conveyor

Claimed to have the fastest travel rates of any comparable conveyor, FastBack 260E is designed for horizontal motion conveying for products requiring high transfer speeds.

Seasoning system

The FastBack Revolution On line Seasoning System combines the seasoning tumble drum and FastBack cross feed conveyor into a single seasoning system. Using the benefits of the FastBack conveyor and a product sensor, the system provides an accurate measuring system that automatically adjusts the seasoning application rate to provide just the right amount.

Seasoning system

The FastBack Revolution On line Seasoning System combines the seasoning tumble drum and FastBack cross feed conveyor into a single seasoning system. Using the benefits of the FastBack conveyor and a product sensor, the system provides an accurate measuring system that automatically adjusts the seasoning application rate to provide just the right amount.


Heat and Control's founder celebrates 100th birthday

Heat and Control founder Andy Caridis celebrates 100 years and is still pressing forward.

Heat and Control reaches two milestones in 2020

Heat and Control marks two major milestones in 2020 — the 70th anniversary of the company and the 25th anniversary of its FastBack horizontal motion conveyor.

Heat and Control partners with Oxipack Leak Detection

Heat and Control and Oxipack are set to bring innovative non-destructive leak detection solutions for packaging to Australia and New Zealand.

Ishida designer awarded for multihead weigher

Toshiharu Kageyama, a mechanical engineer with Ishida R&D, developed an oval-shaped, 18-head multihead weigher that has resulted in him winning the Kyoto Inventors Award.

Partnership expands processing and packaging offerings

Heat and Control will sell and service Key Technology's digital sorters, vibratory conveyors and other automation systems in Australia, New Zealand and India.

Heat and Control partnering with Hayssen

Following its partnership agreement with Hayssen, Heat and Control will now add flow wrapper technology to its product line-up.

Heat and Control opens Spray Dynamics facility

Heat and Control has opened a new facility in the US to fabricate Spray Dynamics' equipment.

Distribution agreement for Volpak's form-fill-seal gear

Heat and Control has entered an exclusive distributor partnership agreement with horizontal form-fill-seal equipment manufacturer Volpak.

Heat and Control to showcase products at Snackex 2015

Heat and Control will present a product showcase at Snackex 2015, the 16th international exhibition and conference for savoury snacks and nuts, which will be held in Istanbul 10-11 June.

Heat and Control at AUSPACK 2015

Heat and Control will be exhibiting at AUSPACK 2015, displaying a range of complete solutions for packaging, processing and inspection equipment.

Ishida multihead weigher wins an Oscar

Ishida's RV Series multihead weigher range has been awarded an Oscar for innovation - an Oscar Macfrut Award, that is.

New CEO and president for Urschel Laboratories

Rick Urschel has been promoted from vice president of operations to president and CEO of Urschel Laboratories, Inc, succeeding Bob Urschel, who has been president and CEO of the company for the past 30 years.

Urschel breaks ground on $80m expansion

Urschel has held an elaborate groundbreaking facility for a US$80 million construction project at its Valparaiso, Indiana, site. The facility will encompass 71 acres, with 160 acres being purchased for future growth.

Urschel awarded for Affinity Dicer

Urschel has been awarded for Outstanding Innovation in Cutting Technology by Fleischerei Technik for its Affinity Dicer. The award was presented at the recent IFFA international trade fair.

Urschel opens 11th European office in Madrid

The 11th Urschel International branch in Europe has opened in Madrid. Urschel España SL contains a test cutting facility with a full range of Urschel slicers and dicers.

[Video] Watch Heat & Control’s packaging machinery in action

What’s New in Food Technology & Manufacturing talked with Walter Mayer from Langen Packaging Group about the Langen Air Cartoner.

Urschel launches new website

Urschel Laboratories has launched its new English website, featuring large graphics and simple navigation.

Heat and Control adds Spray Dynamics to its portfolio

Heat and Control has added Spray Dynamics to its portfolio. The Spray Dynamics range of coating and seasoning applicators applies oils, seasonings, vitamins, tack and release agents, chocolate, yoghurt and candy coatings, antioxidants, polishing wax and anticlumping agents.

Case Studies

Fruit specialist leaves nothing to chance with X-ray

A gourmet fruit specialist is using an Ishida X-ray inspection system to ensure its shredded apricots remain free from minute stone and other contaminants.

CEIA metal detectors pass the Zandvliet Vleeswaren test

Dutch meat producer Zandvliet Vleeswaren is always striving to improve, and one example is its state-of-the-art metal detection system by the Italian supplier CEIA.

Multihead weigher enables manufacturer to introduce tuna pasties

A multihead weigher from Ishida Europe has enabled Spanish manufacturer Congalsa to introduce tuna pasties to the market.

Ishida delivers flexibility and quality to muesli manufacturer

Ishida Germany has devised a high-performance packing line comprising fully automatic multihead weighers and inspection systems that is providing flexibility and enhanced quality control at muesli and cereal manufacturer Peter Kölln.

Ishida weighers quadruple packing speed

Ishida Europe has installed a multihead weighing and packaging line for a fruit snacks manufacturer, increasing both speed and accuracy of the operation.

Ishida gentle handling keeps frozen fish intact

A major seafood processor has successfully replaced manual handling of frozen fish with Ishida gentle weighing technology.

Keeping 90 tons of yoghurt/day foreign contaminant-free

An Ishida X-ray system is monitoring approximately 12,000 to 14,000 yoghurt cups/h at Kri Kri's plant in northern Greece, ensuring all cups are free of any foreign contaminants.

Packing poultry

Using Ishida technology, expertise and equipment, a major Polish poultry processor increased its output to 90,000 birds/day.

Gently does it for automated biscuit packaging

Macedonian manufacturer Evropa was seeking an automated solution for the packing of its wafer and biscuit brands, which would reduce the high costs, slow speeds and excessive giveaway of the existing manual operation while avoiding chipping or breakage.

Sorting technology enhances quality, reduces waste

Sorting equipment from TOMRA Sorting Solutions has enabled a California raisin processor to continually improve quality and grow its business, while reducing labour costs.

Optical sorter handles berries with care

UK soft fruit grower S&A Produce selected the TOMRA Primus-D optical belt sorter to conduct quality monitoring of blueberries prior to packaging.

Heat and Control heat recovery system

Snack manufacturer Wyandot Inc purchased a Heat and Control Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger for each pair of ovens to harness a considerable source of energy that had previously been going out the exhaust stacks.


Metal detector selection

There are many factors to consider when evaluating the metal detector inspection technology.

Heat and Control celebrates its 70th anniversary

Founded in 1950, Heat and Control will celebrate its 70th anniversary on 27 June 2020, with a 12-month-long celebration planned.

Corny but true

Corn-based snacks foods like tortilla chips are a global multibillion-dollar industry, and demand is surging in Australia.

Adding value to your meat, seafood and poultry production

Specialised meat, poultry and seafood preparation equipment can help foodservice operators meet changing consumer demands and preferences.

Packing carrots

An Ishida multihead weigher at premium Irish vegetable grower Leo Dunne has played a central role in helping the company expand its operation into the supply of processed carrots.

See the benefits of sorting technology

Implementing sorting technology can significantly reduce the risk of contamination from aflatoxins and foreign material, driving up food safety on the production line and offering a smart investment for processors and manufacturers.

Upgrade improves throughput, accuracy and quality

Introducing Ishida equipment has paid off for throat lozenge manufacturer Ricola AG, reducing product breakage during packaging, increasing throughput and minimising giveaway.

Ishida checkweighers key to 20% throughput increase

As part of a target to increase production throughput by 20%, one of the UK’s largest frozen vegetable processors and packers has installed five Ishida multihead weighers.

Keeping the crunch while raising productivity

Cape Cod Potato Chips was faced with a conundrum: how do you squeeze higher output from the same floor space without changing product quality or ruining the charm of a popular tourist destination?

Packing breakfast cereals

Kentaur manufactures breakfast cereals, both for its own brand and for major retailers such as Migros and Coop, Switzerland’s first- and second-largest retailers. To plan and install a complete new packing system for a wide variety of popped wheat cereals and corn flakes, Kentaur chose Ishida’s representative in Switzerland, Itech of Rotkreuz.



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