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HBM Packaging Technologies

HBM established operations in 1981 to service the plastics and packaging industries in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands with equipment and technology through their global network of leading technology alliances.

Phone: 02 8814 3100
Fax: 02 8814 3199
46/5 Inglewood Place , Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 (Directions)


Peco InspX SHIELD range X-ray inspection machines

Peco InspX Corporation has released its SHIELD range of X-ray inspection machines, suitable for high-speed production lines.

Peco InspX Corporation side-view X-ray inspection systems

Peco InspX Corporation has announced a robust vent tube detection capability in sealed beverage containers using its side-view full container X-ray inspection systems.

Multi-Fill MPFSC-120 filler

The Multi-Fill MPFSC-120 filler can deposit products at speeds up to 120 containers/min.

Sacmi OPERA 400 26T modular labeller

Sacmi's OPERA 400 26T is a modular labeller with two modules, one for the application of labels using roll-fed technology, the other for the application of self-adhesive labels.

Sacmi Plastic Closure CCM machine

Sacmi's Plastic Closure CCM machine can produce 2000 caps/min.

Sacmi OPERA 600 60T bottle labelling system

The Sacmi OPERA 600 60T bottle labeller is equipped with three labelling modules for cold glue application and the same number of modules for self-adhesive labelling.

Sacmi Packaging BIB & Pouch Filler

Sacmi Packaging's BIB & Pouch Filler features filling valves capable of handling from 1.5 to 25 L stand-up pouch and bag-in-box formats.

Senzani shelf-ready retail packaging line for stand-up pouches

Senzani has developed a complete shelf-ready retail packaging line for stand-up pouch products.

Sacmi Labelling FormSleeve+ labelling system for beverage cans

The Sacmi Labelling FormSleeve+ labelling system can now apply sleeve labels to beverage cans and also create a hygienic top seal for the can.

Effytec GPC60 Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal Pouch Machine

The Effytec GPC60 Horizontal Form, Fill, Seal Pouch Machine runs both dry and liquid applications for gusseted reclosable pouches.

Effytec HB14 HFFS Intermittent Motion Pouch machine

The Effytec HB14 HFFS Intermittent Motion Pouch machine offers the ability to make twin sachets connected together with a micro perforation and shaped pouches with tear-off spouts.

Pearson Packaging Systems HV Module packing machine

HBM Packaging Technologies has available the Pearson Packaging Systems HV Module (horizontal vertical) packing machine, designed to offer flexible pack patterns and product configurations.

Sacmi Labelling FormSleeve+ System labelling system

The FormSleeve+ labelling system, from Sacmi Labelling, is said to be capable of up to a 20% reduction in the cost of materials and labelling speeds of up to 50,000 bph.

OCME Packetto packaging technology

Packetto is a pack design technology that reduces the width and gauge of film used to produce shrink-wrap packs for bottles and cans, saving up to a claimed 35% of the film used.

HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies SIPA Flextronic multiple product liquid fillers

HBM has available SIPA's Flextronic line of modular volumetric liquid fillers. The system can fill multiple products on the same line and is suitable for carbonated, still, hot fill up to 95°C, cold fill, pulp or non pulp, water and juice.

INSPX ScanTrac Fermata Trio 4″ triple beam pipeline inspection X-ray system

The ScanTrac Fermata Trio 4″ pipeline inspection system from INSPX uses a triple X-ray architecture that uses multiple dimensions to detect any foreign material in the product. The system is capable of speeds of up to 1890 L of product/min.

CoMac 1T-OW one-way plastic keg filling system

CoMac has developed a compact single-head, semi-automatic, one-way keg filling system - the 1T-OW - for the non-returnable craft beer keg market.

MAER SB3 Series plastic bottle neck spin trimming machines

The MAER SB3 series of spin trimmers is based on the superseded TC-4 model, but includes a number of improvements such as: reduced footprint, improved accessibility, simplified format changeover, and easier access for the cutting blade changeover and adjustment.

IntraVis Vision Systems CapWatcher III closure inspection system

The machine has six cameras that capture high-resolution images of each individual closure to identify defects such as short shots, colour deviations and micro-holes. It can check closures at speeds of up to 210,000 closures/h.

OCME DryBlock packaging system

According to the company, the combined efficiency of a line of DryBlock is greater than the sum of the efficiency of the individual units. It can reduce costs as a single operator can control the entire line.

MAER SB5 Series blown extrusion bottle machinery range

MAER has restyled its TC-10-8-8 range of machinery. The range, now renamed the SB5 Series, is suitable for the production of plastic bottles made by blown extrusion for use with foodstuffs such as milk and dairy products.

OCME Altair Wrap Around Case Packer

OCME’s Altair Wrap Around Case Packers are custom designed and can pack a variety of container sizes and shapes with speeds ranging from 30 to 100 cases per minute.

Maer WM500 TC 10 rotary cutting machine for large-mouth PET containers

Maer has released the WM500 TC 10 rotary cutting machine for the high-speed , low-cost production of PET large-mouth containers for products such as mayonnaise and sauces.

TechnoWrapp B300 Stretch Wrapping Machine

The TechnoWrapp B300 Stretch Wrapping Machine has an arm with a patented ring guide that rotates around the load at 45 rpm, wrapping 130 pallets/h with 10 wraps for each pallet.

IntraWatcher PVLC label inspection system for cylindrical plastic packages

The IntraWatcher PVLC system is designed for the quality control of labels on cylindrical unoriented containers. It inspects pressure-sensitive, injection-moulded and heat-transferred labels.

AND&OR Fully Automatic Linear Neck & Lateral Handle Applicators

The AND&OR Fully Automatic Linear Neck & Lateral Handle Applicators orientate and insert polyethylene (PE) handles on empty PET bottles.

Volumetric filler upgrade options for multi-fill machines

Multi-Fill has released a number of upgrade options for its MPFSC-120 and MPFSH-75 model filling machines, including the post dump hopper and a filling head redesign that aids cleaning.

Bradman Lake Group DRT robotic top loader

The Bradman Lake Group will showcase its updated version of the DRT robotic yop loader at PackExpo in Chicago. The top loader features a dual race track (DRT) that can produce either flat pack or edge collations.

Riggs Autopack filling machinery range

Riggs Autopack has a range of filling machinery suitable for products such as liquid foods, large particulates, sauces, dressings, creams, pastes, condiments, mashed potato, ready-meal components, soups, pie fillings and baby foods.

Mondo & Scaglione monoblock for erecting and closing bag-in-box cases

The Mondo & Scaglione monoblock has been designed to enable the erection of a bag-in-box case, which has short lower flaps, then for the box to be filled and finally closed with hot melt glue.

SIPA Bottless lightweight hot-fill PET bottle

The SIPA Bottless range of 500 mL hot-fill PET bottles is manufactured on the SIPA SFR rotary blow moulding machine.

SIPA SFL WM linear blow moulder for wide-mouth PET containers

SIPA has released a two-stage SFL WM linear blow moulder designed for wide-mouth bottles and containers up to 10 L capacity. The blow moulder is available in two configurations: the SFL WM Fast and the SFL WM Flex.

ALPS NexGen Rotary Leak Inspection Systems

The NexGen Rotary Leak Inspection System from US company ALPS (Air Logic Power Systems) is suitable for plastic bottle blow moulding, metal container, composite container and dispensing closure manufacturing companies.

SIPA tool-free, quick mould changeover system

SIPA has launched its tool-free, quick mould changeover system. Designed for its SFR Rotary blow moulding range of machinery, the system reduces the time required to change from one bottle format to another, with a tangible decrease in the machine downtime. The system is available as an option for all models of the range of SFR EVO, from six to 24 blowing cavities.

CoMac can and bottle filling machine

CoMac has developed low-speed can and glass bottle fillers, designed specifically for the expanding craft/boutique beer market. The fillers are capable of low outputs but with a high level of technology, resulting in good productivity and efficiency.

Moss Digitube digital transfer machine

The Moss Digitube digital transfer machine is a plastic tube decoration system. The machine uses a new transfer technology for decorating containers with high-quality images. The images are pre-printed on a Xeikon printer at 1200 dpi on rolled-up silicon paper. The rolls are then used by the machine to transfer the high-quality images onto the containers plastic substrate. This transfer is achieved by a combination of heat, pressure and synchronisation.

Moss MO 2062 rotary dry offset printing machine

The Moss MO 2062 is a rotary dry offset machine for printing up to 4 colours on the top of bottle screw caps, with a production speed from 30,000 to 300,000 pieces per hour.

Benco Pack FFS Packline form fill seal machine

Benco Pack has updated its FFS Packline machine with an integrated sleeve applicator (ISA) capable of producing thermoformed containers from 250 to 500 gm.

GS Italia semi-automatic and automatic sandwich lines

GS Italia has a range of semi-automatic and automatic sandwich lines available in Oceania through their local sales agent, HBM Packaging Technologies.

Autefa Automation Vacugrip palletiser/depalletiser for lightweight bottles

Autefa Automation has released a palletiser/depalletiser featuring Vacugrip technology that has been designed specifically for handling lightweight containers.

TechnoWrapp B300 Stretch Wrapping Machine

TechnoWrapp has announced the release of the B300 Stretch Wrapping Machine with an automatic rotary arm and ‘Syncro’ ring guide.

Colimatic thermoforming machinery

Colimatic has designed its thermoforming machinery to create minimal lateral film trim wastage, saving manufacturers up to 75% on lateral film trim wastage.

GS Italia grill marker machinery

GS Italia has a range of grill marker machinery that is now available in Australia.

IntraVis CapWatcher II cap inspection system

The IntraVis Vision Systems CapWatcher II is a cap inspection system that can inspect up to 144,000 caps per hour for defects such as: open and closed - short shots and long shots; spots; height deviations; broken tamper bands; deviations in the length of the gate; micro holes in the head plate; damage to the seal cone; colour deviations; damaged flaps; and linear inconsistencies.

GS Italia MaxiForm Baby product forming machine

GS Italia has upgraded its MaxiForm Baby product forming machine.

GS Italia volumetric food piston filling machinery

GS Italia is a manufacturer of volumetric food piston filling machinery. Its volumetric piston fillers are specifically designed for fresh food manufacturers, for products ranging from liquids to viscous products such as paste, semi paste or semi-thick liquids such as bolognese sauces, filling both cold and hot products (to a max of 90°C).

Hot-fill bottles without vacuum absorption panels

SIPA, a manufacturer of stretch blow-moulding machines for the production of PET bottles, can now produce hot-fill bottles that do not have vacuum absorption panels.

TechnoWrapp A800 and A800 4E pallet stretch wrappers

Technowrapp’s A800 and A800 4E high-speed pallet stretch wrappers are claimed to use as little as 96 g of film per pallet.

OCME palletising manipulators

OCME has extended its range of palletising machines to include layer forming systems that use manipulators - designed to handle fragile products and multipacks.

Carlo Migliavacca Triplex 240 volumetric piston action doser

Carlo Migliavacca has released the Triplex 240 automatic volumetric piston action doser for mixed products with whole pieces, liquids and pastes which are to be distributed in glass, metallic or plastic containers.

SIPA Berchi filling machines

SIPA Berchi, manufacturer of stretch blow-moulding machines for the production of PET bottles, has a range of beverage processing and filling machinery due to its acquisition of beverage filling and packaging company Berchi.

Multi-Fill MPFMP-60 semiautomatic filling machine upgrade

Multi-Fill, specialist in the manufacture of semiautomatic and automatic volumetric fillers for the home meal replacement, convenience foods and food service industries, has upgraded its MPFMP-60 semiautomatic filling machine to include some features that were previously only available on their automatic models.

Container rinsers, sanitisers and cleaners

The McBrady Engineering Orbit Bottle Rinser is a cleaning system that is mounted over the existing filler in-feed conveyor and is a self-supportive unit. It can be easily retrofitted to an existing filling line if required and is extremely compact.

PET stretch blow moulding machine

PET stretch blow moulding machine manufacturer SIPA has released Sincro-Tribloc, which incorporates the blowing, labelling and filling/capping of PET containers.

Pallet-wrapping machine

TechnoWrapp has released the ruggedly constructed, high-speed A800 and A800 4E automatic ring-wrapping machines for wrapping palletised loads with stretch film and a waterproof top sheet. The machines are particularly fast as they can wrap at speeds up to 130 pallets/h.

Low-energy shrink-wrapping tunnel

Ocme has released a low-energy, shrink-wrapping tunnel, designed to reduce the overall carbon footprint of its high-speed shrink-wrap equipment range of packaging machines.

Beverage filler servicing

HBM Packaging Technologies has appointed LWA Engineering as its contract service provider for the SBC range of filling machinery. SBC beverage filling machines are widely used in the wine industry throughout Australia and New Zealand with a local installed base of 30+ machines.

Beverage filler servicing

HBM Packaging Technologies has appointed LWA Engineering as its contract service provider for the SBC range of filling machinery. SBC beverage filling machines are widely used in the wine industry throughout Australia and New Zealand with a local installed base of 30+ machines.

End-of-line robot

The Oystar A+F Twinline twin-axis robot has been developed for the Twinline pick-and-place machine.

Tea kneader extractor

The high growth iced tea beverage market has seen TCP Pioneer, of Taiwan and Shanghai, install more than 100 tea kneader extractors into manufacturing plants for major global beverage brands.

Lightweighted hotfill PET

Manufacturer of PET stretch blow moulding machines for the production of PET bottles, SIPA has developed lightweighting technologies for hot fill PET bottles used in the juice, tea, isotonic and flavoured-water markets.

Blow moulders

Sipa of Italy has appointed HBM Plastics Technologies as its sales and service partner in Australia and New Zealand for its range of PET bottle stretch blow moulding machines.

Cup filler

German packaging machine specialist Oystar Gasti is entering the modular age with Combiseptic 81 for filling premade cups being extended to accommodate additional servo-driven dosers, sterilisation units and sealing stations.

Hot fill systems

SBC Bottling and Canning S.p.a. of Italy has developed a Unique Hot Fill Technology, which is available via HBM Packaging Technologies. The equipment is specifically designed for products such as juices, isotonics and sport drinks, teas and soups.

High-speed 100 cpm case packers

OCME Srl and HBM Packaging Technologies have released a series of Altair Wraparound Case Packers which can reach speeds of up to 100 cartons per minute.

End-of-line packaging equipment

A+F Automation, based in Northern Germany, is in the field of specialised machinery for complete end-of-line 'primary packaging' including shelf ready applications, for the dairy, beverage and food industries.

Filler for ready meals and prepared salads

The MPFMP-060 semi-automatic pocket filler dispenses clean, accurate portions of a wide range of difficult-to-fill products, such as cooked rice or pastas, cut vegetables and fruit, prepared salads, cereal, seafood and shredded meats into a variety of containers including trays, cups, plates, jars and pouches.

Low-cost filler for ready meals and prepared salads

Multi-Fill of Utah USA specialise in the manufacture of semi-automatic and automatic volumetric fillers for the home meal replacement and convenience foods industries and are represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.

UNIVERSAL top load case packer for difficult-to-handle products

Goodman Packaging Equipment from Chicago, USA is one the global leaders for top load case packing machinery.

Filling system from Multi-Fill

Multi-Fill Inc, manufacturers of volumetric fillers for the home meal replacement industry, has recently redesigned its MPFSC 120-01 automatic filling machine to better suit the needs of this fast-growing market.

Shrink sleeve applicator

Benco Pack has developed an integrated Form-Fill-Seal sleeve label application that has been fully approved by the European Patent Office (European Patent Nr. 1587736).

Shrink sleeve label application

Benco Pack SpA has announced that it is now possible to label thermoformed containers directly on the line with outputs ranging 12,000 - 48,000 containers/h.

Form/fill/seal pouch machine

The Adjustable Pouch King continuous motion horizontal form/fill/seal machine provides speed, efficiency and now flexibility of pouch size.

Entry level horizontal cartoner

RA Jones & Co Inc has launched the Legend Series L200 (entry level) horizontal cartoner, which is available as 'HL' (hand load) or alternatively with Auto product load systems.

Form/fill/seal pouch machine

The Adjustable Pouch King continuous motion horizontal form/fill/seal machine provides speed, efficiency and now flexibility of pouch size.

Lower cost option to produce PET jars from MAER

MAER trimmers are now available as a cost competitive solution for the production of wide mouth PET jars.

Filling system for ready meals

As food companies are demanding more flexibility and reliability from their packaging lines, modular equipment designs, space efficiency, ease of cleaning, and the ability to handle multiple package sizes and products have become key considerations when selecting packaging equipment.

Cost-effective alternative to metal cans

Graham Engineering Corporation of York, PA, USA has designed an innovative solution for the production of blow-moulded wide mouth plastic containers with barrier properties.

Hot fill systems

Sympak Bottling and Canning S.p.a. of Italy is a global supplier of Beverage and Food Filling Machinery for Glass, PET containers and Cans.

Automated multiple product pallets

Autefa Automation GmbH has released a solution for multiple product pallet shipments. As manufacturers are being asked to supply shelf ready, multiple product shipments to retailers, an automated solution has become a high priority for many beverage bottlers.

Automated picking/palletizer

AUTEFA Automation GmbH have released a unique solution for today's market need for multiple product pallet shipments.

Cardboard sleever

Pack Service offers a range of equipment for the automatic packaging of individual containers and multi-packs, specialising in cardboard sleevers, cartoners and overpackers, particularly for the dairy sector.

Vertical and horizontal case packers

Mondo & Scaglione of Canelli, Italy, present their upgraded Case Packing Machine which can package wine bottles using the traditional vertical system, or horizontally, with the automatic introduction of a cardboard divider.

Wraparound case packer

To complement their renowned ALTAIR N Series medium to high speed continuous motion wraparound case packers for outputs up to 80 cases per minute, OCME of Parma Italy have released their new "baby", the ALTAIR X Series, for outputs up to 30 cases per minute.

Continuous motion shrink wrapper

To complement their S Series medium speed and N Series high speed VEGA Shrink wrappers (360 packs per minute), OCME of Parma Italy have released their "baby", the VEGA X Series, which is capable of operating at up to 30 cycles per minute, in one, two or three lane versions.

Filling system

The MPF (multi-purpose filler) deposits products such as: cooked pastas (short and long goods), cooked/IQF rice, couscous/tabouleh, various fruits and vegetables, refrigerated salads, and others, into many types of containers (trays, plates, cups, bowls, cans, bags, jars, etc) at speeds from 20 up to 120 containers a minute.


Cupcake world record

A new Guinness World Record for the world's largest cupcake mosaic has been set in South Africa, with help from Riggs Autopack.

Bradman Lake recognised with supplier award

Nestlé has named packaging technology supplier The Bradman Lake Group as its 'Technical Procurement Supplier of the Year'.

Double celebration for Krauss Maffei

Krauss Maffei recently celebrated two major milestones: the 30th anniversary of its Automation AG subsidiary operation and the supply of its 1000th robot.

Beautiful PET bottles

SIPA of Veneto, Italy, a global leader of stretch blow moulding machines for the production of PET bottles, has recently celebrated its involvement in producing the award-winning bottles of Ramlösa (Carlsberg) mineral water. The bottle was awarded the prestigious Diamond Pentaward 2011, one of the world’s finest packaging awards.



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