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Dotmar EPP Pty Ltd (VIC)

Dotmar is Australia's leading supplier of PTFE (Teflon) coated fabrics, tapes and process conveyor belts. Our Tygaflor, Chemglas, Chemlam and Chemstik products are used for baking tray liners, release tapes on sealing jaws and our Heatbelts for cooking and drying of meats, pastries, breads, fruits and vegetables.

Phone: 03 9552 4444
Fax: 03 9552 4400
30-32 Garden Boulevard , Dingley VIC 3172 (Directions)


System Plast2253 RT roller top belt

The 2253 RT is a 25.4 mm-pitch, 8.7 mm-thick modular plastic belt with widths in 76 mm increments. It is designed for products with flat-bottom surfaces, such as boxes, trays or stacks of cardboard.

Röchling TroBloc F antimicrobial wall cladding

Dotmar EPP has available the Röchling TroBloc F antimicrobial wall cladding that prevents microbes, bacteria, viruses and moulds from proliferating on its surface. It does not use any toxins to achieve this antimicrobial effect.

Dotmar System Plast 2256 series belts

The System Plast 2256 series belts with 1 pitch is a series of versatile side flexing belts that can handle high loads and high speeds, combined with a small side flexing radius for optimum product handling. The belts are suited to conveying smaller packaged goods, such as cluster packs and plastic tubs to packaging machine in/out feeds.

Chemlam PTFE-coated fabric laminates

Chemlam PTFE-coated fabrics are high-performance laminates manufactured by Saint Gobain Performance Plastics.

Flow promotion liners for bulk materials handling

The Matrox UHMWPE family of flow promotion liners for bulk materials handling is based on a premium grade of UHMWPE sheet specifically developed by Rochling for bulk handling applications. Matrox assists in reducing typical flow problems of bulk solids in bins, hoppers, chutes, truck beds and other applications.

Side flexing belts

System Plast offers a series of side flexing belts for conveying packed products.

Flat top chains and modular belts

The System Plast New Generation or ‘NG’ chain is suitable for use in the beverage industry due to its lower wear rate, lower friction and lower noise levels. Extra performance, with the lowest coefficient of friction in the System Plast range, results in medium strength with optimum wear resistance, along with reduced plate wear and reduced pitch elongation.

Moving heavy loads

The OkarRoll MTR 120 mm multidirectional rollers for heavy loads are complemented by a 50 mm PVC roller system that assembles easily without specialist tools to produce waterproof gravity conveyor rollers.



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