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Danisco develops and produces food ingredients and sweeteners. The group employs around 10,000 people worldwide. Danisco's broad product portfolio includes emulsifiers, stabilisers, cultures, antioxidants and sweeteners. The majority of these ingredients are produced from natural raw materials and contribute, for instance, to improving the texture in bread, ice-cream, yoghurt and other products.

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Strain HN019 study

A collaborative study by Danisco and Fonterra Co-operative Group on the effects of Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 on colonic transit time (CTT) and digestive symptoms has just been published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology.

Danisco Grindsted Fiberline 105

Grindsted Fiberline has been developed by Danisco to provide an opportunity for bakers to bake bread with a high content of natural wholemeal and to appeal to consumers.

Danisco MicroGard and NovaGard ingredient lines are now gluten-free

Danisco has made its entire MicroGard and NovaGard ingredient lines gluten-free in response to growing demand. Now the MicroGard natural fermentates - and the NovaGard antimicrobial blends, which include MicroGard ingredients - are produced using Sensient’s 5001L yeast extract, providing natural, gluten-free food protection solutions. The products are available in the USA, Canada and Mexico so far.

Grindsted Xanthan transparent gum range

The Grindsted Xanthan gum range is now available in transparent versions which are optimised for specific food applications where clarity is required.

Danisco PowerFresh Special with G+ technology baking enzymes

Danisco has released several bakery enzyme products that are claimed to maintain the oven-fresh softness, taste and texture of bread for at least 10 days after baking.

Danisco Texel NatuRed, Texel XT and Grindstead MeatBinder

Danisco has developed a range of cultures, stabilisers and antioxidants which give meat products the right taste, colour, texture, shelf life, safety and nutritional profile.

Danisco Yo-Mix TA 460 LYO milk culture

The Yo-Mix TA 460 LYO culture can be used by fermented milk drink manufacturers to give the creaminess, flavour mildness, smoothness and viscosity to the creamy, baked ethnic milk drink ryazhenka.

Probiotics in ice-cream

As the world ice-cream market continues to grow around 4% a year, Danisco BioActives has launched a global program focusing on Howaru premium probiotics in ice-cream to highlight the high value-adding potential of this range within the category.

Sustainable emulsifier

Danisco sustainable emulsifiers can be used to bind oil and water in food. The emulsifiers are based on sustainable palm oil or sustainable palm kernel oil and meet the increasing consumer demand for ethically correct consumer goods.

Food protection solutions

Danisco’s is dedicated to natural food protective solutions. The online information toolbox meets growing demand for natural food safety and shelf life protection.


Danisco begins marketing Chymostar Supreme, a proprietary, fermentation-produced chymosin.

Probiotics for immune health

Probiotic cultures from Danisco bring opportunities to deliver good health and wellbeing. The Howaru probiotic range includes documented formulations that enhance immune health and reduce cold and flu symptoms.

Imitation cream

Fine bakery and dairy products deserve a high-quality whipped cream for decoration and filling applications, where taste, stability and economy of use are paramount.

Ingredients for processed meat and poultry

Succulent textures, good taste and natural protection are benefits claimed for meat products made with ingredient solutions from Danisco.

Green tea extracts for meats

Danisco has introduced Guardian Green Tea Extracts, specifically selected for their antioxidative properties on heat-treated meat and poultry products. Green tea is traditionally positioned as a flavour agent used mostly in beverages. Danisco is using the antioxidative properties of green tea to effectively protect the shelf life of meat and poultry products. According to scientific and application data from Danisco Food Protection Center in Brabrand, Guardian Green Tea Extracts are demonstrating flavour performances on meat products that are superior than synthetic antioxidants such as BHA.

Probiotic alternative to pain killer

Researchers from Inserm (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and Danisco have demonstrated that the oral administration of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM mediates analgesic functions in the gut equivalent to morphine effects. These results, patented by Danisco, suggest that the microbiology of the intestinal tract influences visceral pain perception and opens new perspectives in the treatment of abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with this probiotic strain.

Locust bean gum range

Danisco has extended its range of locust bean gums. The products come from the integration of Rhodia Foods' activities in the Danisco organisation.

Low dust ingredients

Danisco has developed a low-dust powder technology for food manufacturers with an eye for a top factory environment. Capa-ble of reducing up to 98% of the dust from dry-blended ingredi-ents, the technology lies behind Danisco's range of low-dust ingredients.

Enzyme doubles the shelf life of cakes

The first product of Danisco's cooperation with Genencor is an enzyme called Grindamyl PowerSoft which has been developed for cake production. The enzyme is claimed to double the shelf life of cakes, meaning that the cakes keep their soft mouthfeel without becoming dry or sticky.



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