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PULS FIEPOS decentralised power supplies

Power supply decentralisation improves efficiency and lowers cost by removing the need for oversized supplies and long runs of large cross-section cables.

Emerson PACSafe configurable safety controller

The PACSafe configurable safety controller is designed for integrated Category 4, Performance Level e, SIL3 machine safety applications in packaging and food and beverage industries.

Schmersal AZM40 electronic solenoid interlock

The AZM40 by Schmersal is a small electronic solenoid interlock with dimensions of 119.5 x 40 x 20 mm.

Hirschmann BOBCAT range of managed switches

Available from Control Logic is the BOBCAT extended range of managed switches by Hirschmann.


Now available at Control Logic, the UB40.241 by PULS is a new addition to its range of 24 VDC uninterruptable power supplies.

PULS PIANO Mini (PIM) power supplies

The extended family of PIANO power supplies from PULS now features 24 V DIN rail power supplies, including PIM36 (36 W), PIM60 (60 W) and PIM90 (90 W).

Schmersal BMC Control Box

The Schmersal BMC Control Box is a safety solution for single- or three-phase machines.

Control Logic PULS ZeroCabinet

The PULS ZeroCabinet Series of Power supplies provides decentralised energy to enable easy expansion, replacement or complete dismantlement.

Control Logic Pure South hand sanitisers and disinfectants

The Pure South range of hand sanitisers and disinfectants from Control Logic are Australian made, eco-friendly and alcohol-free.

ABB Virtual Commissioning software

The Virtual Commissioning software from ABB enables users to develop and simulate industrial processing lines and machines, without relying on running hardware.

Pfannenberg DTS and DTT air conditioners

Pfannenberg cooling units provide efficient and sensitive cooling of enclosures in a range of industries, including the food and beverage industry.

Schmersal SLC/SLG 440 IP69K series safety light curtains

Schmersal has released a range of safety light curtains for a range of hygiene-sensitive sectors, including the food and beverage industry.

ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors and pumps makes preventive maintenance possible by accurately monitoring and analysing data on motor operation.

MDT AutoSave software

MDT AutoSave is a change management software package to safeguard industrial programmable equipment from loss of configuration for fast disaster recovery and configuration version archiving.

Red Lion Data Station DA10D and DA30D data acquisition

The Data Station DA10D and DA30D data acquisition and protocol converters from Red Lion are designed to bridge the communication gap between serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices to unlock data from field equipment such as PLCs, drives and controllers. 

Tru-Trac TR1 Encoder

The Tru-Trac encoder by CL encoder features an adjustable spring-tensioned mounting with the option of either a rubber or aluminium wheel.

Relpol MR-EI1W1P current monitoring relay

The compact MR-EI1W1P single-phase current monitoring relay from Relpol is suitable for monitoring the load of motors and other critical equipment.

ABB F200 B Residual Current Devices (RCCBs)

ABB's F200 B Residual Current Devices (RCCBs) assist in detecting different waveforms of residual fault currents and operate when the electrical system has a high leakage current to ground.

ORing IGMC-111GP Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Converter

The industrial IGMC-111GP Gigabit Ethernet Converter by ORing is a media converter with a wide operating voltage. It supports all copper side speeds and enables user flexibility for a fibre interface via an SFP socket.

ORing IGS-9122GPM Ethernet networking switches

ORing's IGS-9122GPM range of Ethernet networking switches is a modular managed industrial Ethernet switch with the base unit supporting 12 x 10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports and 2 x 100/1000Base-X SFP ports. The SFP ports can meet demand for long-distance data transmission with a selection of SFP modules.

CL Encoder 25SF Incremental shaft encoder

The 25SF Incremental shaft encoder from CL Encoder provides flexibility for the user, offering full programmable options for pulse frequencies and up to 32 different waveforms and electrical output types.

ABB ACS480 compact variable speed drive

ABB's ACS480 compact all-compatible variable speed drive has been designed to optimise pump, fan and compressor operations easily as well as take advantage of energy efficiency.

Schmersal SLB series safety light barriers

The Schmersal SLB series safety light barriers have small dimensions and built-in analysis.

Schmersal PROTECT SRB-E series multifunction safety relay

Control Logic has available the Schmersal PROTECT SRB-E series safety controllers, providing multifunctional, configurable safety protection.

Schmersal ZQ900 Rugged Emergency Pull Wire Switches

The Schmersal ZQ900 series rugged safety pull wire switches offer emergency stop solutions for use along the length of conveyors or similar types of installations.

Pfannenberg BR50 Flexible Modular Tower Light

Pfannenberg's BR50 range of signal tower lights offers a flexible modular design with a sturdy housing suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Red Lion Crimson protocol conversion software

Control Logic has available Red Lion's Crimson 3.0 software that provides communication support for more than 300 industrial protocols.

Pfannenberg PATROL Flashing Sounders

Pfannenberg has released the Patrol range of combination sounders and flashing lights.

PULS CP10 series of DIN-rail mount power supplies

PULS CP10 is a compact 240 W, 1-phase DIN-rail mount power supply. The units, which are 39 mm wide, are available in 12, 24 and 48 V versions.

PULS PIANO series of DIN rail mount power supplies

The PULS PIANO series are compact, industrial-grade power supplies.

Jay Electronique Beta handheld controllers IECEx

Jay Electronique has added the Beta 2 button and Beta 6 button handheld controller units to its IECEx range.

Schmersal N-Series hygienic (IP69K) operator devices

Schmersal's N-Series range of products, available from Control Logic, has been designed and tested specifically for the food industry and other hygiene-sensitive environments.

Schmersal Tesk safety hinge switches

The Tesk is the fourth generation of Schmersal safety hinge switches and is suitable for position monitoring of protection doors on design-oriented machines.

Red Lion ProducTVity station

The Red Lion ProducTVity station can collect, record and display KPIs and machine status messages on any TV, monitor or projector equipped with a DVI/HDMI interface.

Schmersal RSS260 safety sensor with RFID technology

The RSS260 safety sensor combines the detection principle of RFID technology and a high switching distance in a compact design.

Relpol MR-ET1P Temperature Monitoring Relay

Relpol has released its MR-ET1P Temperature Monitoring Relay in Australia. Sometimes called a PTC or thermistor relay, these devices monitor the temperature of a motor winding, using up to six PTC thermistors.

Schmersal BNS 40S coded magnetic safety sensor

The Schmersal BNS 40S is a robust, coded magnetic safety sensor made from precision cast high-grade stainless steel. It has been designed for the food and beverage industry.

Red Lion PAX2C PID controller

The Red Lion PAX2C PID controller is an addition to the PAX2 Series and is claimed to improve flexibility and ease of use for process and temperature control markets.

Schmersal BNS 40S magnetic safety sensor

The Schmersal BNS 40S is a robust, coded magnetic safety sensor made from precision cast high-grade stainless steel. It has been specifically designed for the food and beverage industry.


Control Logic celebrates 40 years in business

Control Logic provides value-added distribution and technical support to over 30 global brands in the Australian industrial, electrical and communications space.

Control Logic and GE partnership strengthens

Control Logic received three awards at GE's Channel Advisory Conference, and it is now the exclusive distributor of GE Automation & Controls solutions.



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