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Continental Butchery Supply

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Walter Euro Bin Washer

Available from CBS Foodtech, the Walter Euro Bin Washer is suitable for the food process industry.

TREIF Divider StartUp compact automatic slicer

With the release of the StartUp line, CBS Foodtech has taken up the latest slicing technology from TREIF.

Astech SRA1 Automatic Band Saw

The Astech SRA1 Automatic Band Saw is suitable for cutting frozen and tempered bone-in or boneless products including poultry, lamb, pork, beef, fish and cheeses.

Sesotec metal and contaminant separation

Sesotec supplies detection and separation systems for all process stages, product types and conveying types.

CBS Foodtech testing facility

At CBS Foodtech's equipment and ingredients testing facility, food manufacturers can take the first steps in the decision-making process risk-free.

MAJA-OPS (Operator Protection System)

The MAJA-OPS (Operator Protection System) is an active system for avoiding injury when operating the open de-rinding/skinning machines and offers considerable risk minimisation benefits to the operator.

Rex vacuum fillers for automated sausage production

CBS Foodtech has available Rex vacuum fillers for automated sausage production.

Maja EVM split 4006 membrane skinner

The Maja EVM split 4006 is for manual (open) removing of sinews, fat and membranes, especially from bigger cuts of beef and veal but also from pork and lamb. The unit is floor-standing in design and is compact enough for butcher shops and small-to-large meat processing facilities.

Provisur Formax NovaMax 500 meat pattie-forming machine

NovaMax 500 is a large meat pattie-forming machine. The mould plates can be custom made to a variety of shapes specific to users' needs. It is a high-production machine for large-scale processing facilities.

Treif Falcon Hybrid continuous slicing/portioning machine

The Treif Falcon Hybrid is a continuous slicing/portioning machine for boneless or bone-in meat products. This high-production machine is suited to mid- to large-scale food processing facilities where it can be used for slicing portions of a prescribed weight as well as slices to a certain thickness without any kind of weight specification.

Dicing and strip cutting machine

The dicing and strip cutting machine ARGON can reach a hourly capacity between 1500-2350 kg/ hr depending on product. The spacious 96 x 96 x 550 mm cutting chamber can accommodate high volume products, eliminating the task of cutting to size.


The latest model in the TREIF slicing range is the "Divider 400 Smart"; a slicer combining first class product presentation with maximum economic efficiency in a minimum amount of floor space.


CBS Foodtech appointed agent for Sesotec

CBS Foodtech has secured the agency to sell Sesotec’s metal detection and X-ray equipment throughout Australia.



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