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Kalsec Szechuan pepper extract

Kalsec has added a Szechuan pepper extract to its portfolio of peppers. Szechuan pepper has a citrus aroma that is different from black, white or chilli peppers and delivers a tingling, numbing sensation in the mouth.

Kalsec Herbalox Seasoning Type HT 25 and Duralox Oxidation Management System NC-204

Kalsec recently compared lipid oxidation and colour loss in pork sausage treated with natural antioxidants to commonly used synthetic alternatives BHA/BHT (butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydrooxytoluene).

Rosemary extract EU legislation

Kalsec has raised concerns over inaccurate and confusing labelling advice surrounding recently instigated EU legislation permitting the use of specific rosemary extracts as approved additives: antioxidants.

Kalsec garlic extracts

Reduced availability of Chinese-sourced garlic is causing a significant rise in pricing for dehydrated garlic. These price increases are projected to continue over the next few years at a minimum. Kalsec has responded to these rising prices with a money-saving alternative: Kalsec garlic extracts.

Kalsec black carrot and paprika extracts

The recent carmine supply issues and resulting price pressures have manufacturers looking for natural alternatives to achieve red hues in foods and beverages. Carmine, generally, sold as 52% pigment is a water insoluble colour used in confections, dairy products, dry seasoning and baked goods to provide pink to red hues. The pink shade of carmine in these applications is challenging to match. Synthetic replacements are no longer an attractive option as the global market demand is driving towards clean and natural labelling in the food and beverage industry.

Oxidation management system

Kalsec’s Duralox Oxidation Management Systems can be added to omega-3 oils to significantly improve oil stability to extend shelf life.

Sausage system

Risco has introduced the skinless sausage project RS191.



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