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APV Australia Pty Ltd

APV provides a comprehensive product, service and process engineering offering that ranges from supply of parts and equipment such as pumps, valves, heat exchangers, pasteurisers, tanks, and mixers, to complete plant design, commissioning, installation and optimisation. Backed by its stainless steel fabrication plant in Brisbane and broad product offering, APV provides total project solutions to process industries.

Phone: 03 9589 9222
Fax: 03 9548 7371
738 Blackburn Road , Clayton North VIC 3168 (Directions)


SPX FLOW UHT processing range

The SPX FLOW ultra-high temperature processing range allows beverage manufacturers to directly and indirectly heat their products with minimal holding times.

SPX FLOW D4 Series of mixproof hygienic valves

SPX FLOW has launched a range of mixproof hygienic valves, the D4 Series, to separate dissimilar products.

TopLobe Plus Series rotary lobe pump

The TopLobe Plus (TLP) Series is a versatile, hygienic rotary lobe pump with low shear and gentle product handling for both high- and low-viscosity products.

SPX FLOW Lightnin MagMixer MBE magnetic mixer

The mixer has been designed for good operation and regulatory compliance in life science applications.

SPX FLOW Universal 3 Series positive displacement pumps

SPX FLOW has released a series of positive displacement (PD) pumps, the Universal 3 Series, from its Waukesha Cherry-Burrell brand.

SPX FLOW APV Delta RUF check valve maintenance video

SPX FLOW's APV Delta RUF check valve maintenance video covers disassembly, seal replacement and reassembly of its APV Delta RUF Check Valve.

SPX Flow Hankison FLEX Series refrigerated air dryer

SPX Flow has released the Hankison FLEX Series refrigerated air dryer, which uses phase-change material (PCM) to achieve energy savings.

SPX Flow APV DELTA SD4 Double Seal Valve

SPX Flow's APV DELTA SD4 Double Seal Valves are designed for safe media separation applications.

SPX Flow infant formula processing equipment

SPX Flow has available a range of equipment for the delivery of complete infant formula processing plants, from reception through to drying.

SPX Flow training video for homogeniser maintenance

SPX Flow has released a video providing maintenance personnel with detailed instruction and training on inspecting and maintaining its APV Gaulin homogenisers.

SPX FLOW Seital separator wireless router

SPX FLOW's Seital separators provide separation and clarification technology.

SPX Lightnin H-Series mixers

The SPX Lightnin brand H-Series mixers are general-purpose machines designed to withstand the mixing needs of standard day-to-day production.

SPX Butter Unwrapper

The SPX Butter Unwrapper machine takes away the manual lifting associated with removing the plastic covering around large blocks of butter. Suitable for use with the butter bulks entering a processing line, the system can also be utilised for a multitude of other heavy packaged products.

SPX Seital separators

SPX supplies separators and clarifiers that are said to be based on advanced disk stack design and high mechanical efficiency.

Baker Perkins frozen dough machine for soft cookies

Baker Perkins has introduced a concept for the production of frozen dough for soft cookies. The concept is based around a Baker Perkins TruClean wirecut with a series of standard modules for topping and paper handling.

SPX Flow Technology APV Cavitator in-line mixer

SPX Flow Technology's APV Cavitator in-line mixer enables heating of liquids without scale build-up and is claimed to provide solutions to difficult mixing and dispersing challenges for food and beverage processing.

SPX Gappscan on-site leak detection service

The non-intrusive Gappscan technology does not require any undesirable chemicals or gases to evaluate the internal status of machinery, and access to just one side of a heat exchanger is required.

SPX Gerstenberg Schröder shortening production system

With SPX's GS system, bulk hydrogenated oil is received and used as input to the shortening production process. After pre-cooling, the oil is pumped through a GS scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) to crystallise and a pin rotor machine to knead it to the required consistency.

Seital Vertical Disk Stack Centrifuges

Seital Vertical Disk Stack Centrifuges are suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry where either the efficiency of liquids separation and/or liquids clarification is needed.

Baker Perkins ServoForm soft confectionery depositor

The Baker Perkins ServoForm soft confectionery depositor is designed to make centre-filled toffees, fondants and fudges. The depositor can one-shot deposit soft centres such as jam, cream, jelly, chocolate, praline and fruit paste, potentially adding value and variety to users’ product ranges.

Baker Perkins ServoForm lollipop depositing technology

Baker Perkins has extended its range with ServoForm depositing technology for shaped and embossed lollipops.

Baker Perkins Microfilm confectionery cooker

Energy-saving technology enhancing the efficiency of the Baker Perkins Microfilm confectionery cooker has been introduced by Baker Perkins. Optional features reduce energy consumption by reclaiming process heat that would otherwise be wasted.

Baker Perkins TruClean wirecut machine

The Baker Perkins TruClean wirecut machine can now produce a variety of bars, in addition to soft dough biscuits. This broadening of capability means that soft-filled bars, and unfilled cereal and energy bars, can all be produced with high levels of flexibility and weight accuracy.

Baker Perkins SBX Extruders and post-extrusion forming equipment

Baker Perkins’ range of SBX Extruders and post-extrusion forming equipment includes the SBX Master twin-screw extruder, a machine providing process flexibility through a modular barrel design and a high torque motor and gearbox combination.

Baker Perkins SBX Master twin-screw extruder options

Baker Perkins has extended its snack extrusion end-product capability with new die technology and the adaptation of equipment from the biscuit industry.

Baker Perkins ServoForm Gemini Plus triple-headed depositor

Baker Perkins has developed a range of high-value soft confectionery products using a multiheaded ServoForm depositing system - toffee cups, complete with different fillings, toppings and/or inclusions.

Baker Perkins SBX Master twin-screw cooker extruder

Baker Perkins has added a high-value product to its extrusion capability for the savoury snack industry. Snack croutons, in a range of sizes and shapes and with a wide selection of flavours, can now be made on a conventional extrusion line.

Baker Perkins ServoForm Gemini Plus lollypop depositor

The Baker Perkins ServoForm Gemini Plus is a triple-headed depositor for ‘long-term’, three-layered products with a ‘sandwich’ appearance. It is a development of the Gemini twin-headed unit used for two-component ‘long term’ layered confectionery.

Baker Perkins PerfectPan table and Multitex4 dough moulder

Baker Perkins Multitex4 dough moulder is claimed to deliver an immediate, visible improvement in loaf quality in high-output plant bakeries.

Baker Perkins ServoForm lollipop depositors

Improvements in lollipop depositing are being introduced by Baker Perkins. The piece weight range has been increased to between 9 and 31 g, and totally spherical ball lollipops can now be produced.

Baker Perkins Accurist2 with dough divider

The Baker Perkins Accurist2 has been upgraded with a dough divider for high-output plant bakeries to achieve higher output, reduced oil usage, longer component life, extended running time and easy maintenance and cleaning.

Biscuit output improvements

Baker Perkins claims that the output of existing biscuit lines can be boosted by between 15 and 25% by installing their Angled World Wirecut. Productivity is increased by laying down the biscuits at an angle to create ‘nested’ patterns that improve utilisation of the baking surface: the increase in yield depends on cookie size.

Mixing control for bakers

Baker Perkins has developed a new control system for Tweedy mixing systems - now renamed Tweedy2. Plant bakers using this definitive system for the Chorleywood process will benefit from improved consistency and quality of the baked product, plus enhanced efficiency and ease of use.

Breakfast cereal flaking rolls enhanced

Baker Perkins has introduced new versions of its breakfast cereal flaking rolls with a number of enhancements designed to improve operation and maintenance.

Dough moulding table

A consistent improvement in loaf quality, with no increase in cost, is the key advantage of the PerfectPan dough moulding table launched by Baker Perkins. The table has been developed for the Multitex4 moulder and incorporates features that cut changeover time and waste between product runs, and reduce stoppages.

Fruit snacks and bars cooking process

The Baker Perkins ServoGel Natural cooking and depositing process can be used to produce a range of 100% fruit snacks and bars. Deposited fruit snacks can be marketed as bite-size pieces or bars, and are made from a variety of fruit sources, including paste, puree, pulp, juice/juice concentrate, peel and dried fruit.

Extending snack products

The Baker Perkins Snack Master allows a wide choice of equipment to be added to an existing production line.


The Baker Perkins SBX Master twin-screw cooker-extruder is a solid barrel extruder offering process flexibility through a modular barrel design and a high torque motor and gearbox combination.

Extruder barrel retrofit packages

APV Baker has developed a barrel retrofit package producing savings in cost of ownership and downtime on its range of MPF twin-screw extruders for the food industry.

Confectionery cooker

APV Baker's Microfilm confectionery cooker has been upgraded to provide more production flexibility and ease of operation. The cookers are for sugar and sugar-free high boiled and hard candies, including those with the addition of milk and cream.

Confectionery moulds

A mould service package - from new design to refurbishment - has been developed by APV Baker to support its 400 depositing plants at work throughout the world.

Dough moulder

The APV Baker Multitex-4 moulder, featuring a sheeting roll configuration, provides plant bakers with several distinct benefits in bread quality, and contributes to a longer shelf life.


Primodan acquires SPX Flow yellow cheesemaking tech

Primodan, a company that manufactures cheese plants and dairy filling machines, has acquired yellow cheesemaking technology from SPX Flow.

SPX to fit out 1 billion litre/year milk processing plant

SPX's Flow Food and Beverage business has been awarded the contract to design and install a new processing system for Arla Foods' fresh milk dairy - the largest of its kind in the world.

SPX and PeopleFlo announce collaboration

SPX and PeopleFlo Manufacturing have signed a technical and commercial agreement that will see the two companies collaborate on a project to develop new technology.



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