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ADM Packaging Technology

Phone: 03 9484 8791
Fax: 03 9484 7506
3 Kerr Street , Preston VIC 3072 (Directions)


ADM-DP31 Coffee Gusset Bag Packaging Machine

The ADM-DP31 premade coffee gusset bag packaging machine is used for fully opening and filling a gusset bag of coffee beans with ease.

ADM Rotary Pouch Fillers

The Rotary Pouch Fillers supplied by ADM Packaging Automation offer high-speed pouch filling.

ADM Packaging Technology ADM-W400 washdown VFFS machine

The ADM-W400 is a washdown vertical fill, form and seal machine that has a maximum speed of 80 bags/min.

ADM-DP3 series pre-made pouch packaging machine

The ADM-DP30 is designed to pack pre-made pouches and the ADM-DP31 to pack pre-made coffee gusset bags.

ADM-DP30 premade pouch packing

The ADM-DP30 pouch packing machine is configurable for various pouch styles, including pillow bag, gusseted bag, quadseal bag and doy pouch, with an infeed system allowing multiple bag sizes.

ADM Packaging Technology ADM-XD20 pre-made pouch packing machine

The ADM-XD20, engineered and built to local standards, packs the large, demanding, pre-made bags that many machines fail to do. It performs well with bags that need better handling for the effects of bridging, high-filling demands and rigorous settling.

Pouch packaging machine

The mini doy pouch packaging machine is a simplified version of the stand-up pouch machine. Until now, smaller applications needed to run through larger machines and product lines, with the inconvenience of set-up and time. For a cost-saving approach to bagging pre-made bags, this entry-level packaging machine provides a wide variety of applications.

ADM Packaging Technology stand-up pouch machines

ADM Packaging Technology provides a full line of packaging equipment supplies to fill the demand of the rapidly growing need for pre-packed products.


The ADM-X240 bagging machine features a Panasonic PLC that offers high-end quality program control and investment security. The ADM-X240 is custom built as a standard bagger to ADM specification. The provisions made by ADM make this up-gradable from a standard model to a special-purpose machine for applications to include zipper interface, four-edge seal, valve application and more.

4-head linear weigher

ADM Packaging Technology offers a range of linear and multi-head weighers that are constructed in stainless steel with panels that press fit to a tight tolerance, allowing accurate assembly. The durable design is able to withstand all feeding applications and performances. The welded joints and folds on the hopper and feed chutes prove the constant detail and the attention to a quality finish is high.

Product feed elevator

ADM Packaging’s MCV5 modular incline conveyor can carry raw products to a required height.

Stainless steel adjustable incline conveyors

ADM Packaging Technology has released a modular incline conveyor. It is engineered for maximum quality and versatility using the Intralox grade of belts.



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