Europress stainless steel press fittings

Thursday, 29 May, 2014 | Supplied by: Air Energy Australia Pty Ltd

Europress can be used to install 316L stainless steel pipework without welding. Using press fittings or, as they are sometimes called, crimp fittings is much faster than traditional tig welding of stainless steel and needs no naked flames, hot work permits or gas bottles etc.

The system features a toroidal seat which, when pressed, produces a two-stage locked joint. The first, radial crimp compresses the O-ring and ensures that the pipe is hermetically sealed. The second, geometric crimp of both fitting and pipe, creates a mechanical joint, resistant to both lineal and rotational movement.

Stainless steel Europress press fittings have the added feature of press check sleeves for extra integrity when installing stainless steel press fittings onto SS pipe systems. The distinctive blue Press Check Sleeves indicate if each joint has been pressed, to give peace of mind that no joints have been left uncompleted.

Europress is available in 316L and 304 stainless steel pipe systems and stainless steel AISI 316L fittings.

The 316L Stainless Steel Press Fit System can offer the corrosion and hygienic washdown properties of traditional stainless steel systems and installation is claimed to be up to 10 times faster than conventional welding of stainless steel. Neither skilled labour nor hot work permits are required.

The Pressing Tool ensures each press is the same every time, removing the uncertainty of weld integrity.

Hygiene is improved as the polished stainless steel tube surface is free from grease, oil and any corrosion-aiding materials. Each stainless steel tube comes capped for integrity.

Each Europress press-fitting joint has a highly visible successful crimp indicator on fittings up to 54 mm.

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