Rosemount 1408H Non-Contacting Radar Level Transmitter

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Wednesday, 01 September, 2021

Compact, easy-to-use Rosemount™ 1408H Non-Contacting Radar Level Transmitter with IO-Link Connectivity provides accurate, non-contacting measurement to help optimize operations and ensure food safety in the food and beverage industry. It is compatible with CIP/SIP processes while minimizing contamination risk and assuring product safety. The Rosemount 1408H transmitter has received the Red Dot Design Award for Product Design 2021 and has been acknowledged for its stylish, innovative and patented cooling design, which allows the transmitter to withstand high cleaning temperatures frequently used to kill bacteria, while still retaining a compact and robust form. Dedicated features include a hygienic compact design, Fast Sweep Technology and exceptional radar beam focusing and IO-Link communication.

Non-contacting radar is an ideal level measurement technology for applications that require stringent hygienic facilities and equipment. It is virtually maintenance-free, which helps it to ensure long-term reliability, in sharp contrast to legacy technologies. It has a top-down installation that reduces the risk of product loss through leakage, and it is unaffected by process conditions such as density, viscosity, temperature and pH. The compact and robust form of the Rosemount 1408H makes it a suitable solution for the small tanks and space-constrained skids commonly used in food and beverage production. The hygienic antenna is flush with the process connection that ensures the removal of process residue during clean-in-place and sterilize-in-place processes and is insensitive to condensation and build-up. The hygienically approved, IP69-rated device has a stainless-steel housing with minimal crevices to withstand external washdowns and ensure cleanability.

The Rosemount 1408H transmitter uses 80 GHz Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Technology on a single electronic chip with embedded smart algorithms. This enables exceptional radar beam focusing, so that internal tank obstructions such as agitators can be avoided, and greater measurement accuracy achieved. Fast Sweep Technology makes the Rosemount 1408H the quickest level measurement technology on the market, collecting up to 40 times more information than legacy transmitters. This increases measurement accuracy, enabling manufacturers to reduce the amount of product lost through wastage, maximize production capability, and reduce production variations, leading to increased product quality and batch consistency. The Fast Sweep Technology also enables measurements all the way to the top of the tank, with this elimination of radar dead-zones enabling users to maximize vessel utilization.

The Rosemount 1408H is the first non-contacting radar transmitter with connectivity to the IO-Link communication protocol, making it easy to integrate with any automation system. In addition to digital high-speed comunication, it also features conventional 4-20 mA and switch outputs. It features innovative technology and smart algorithms to ensure installation and commissioning are made easy, saving time and helping ensure trouble-free operation. Together with the new Rosemount IO-link Assistant software, which sets the parameters via IO-link, the experience of using Rosemount IO-Link devices is enhanced even further.

IO-Link is a standardized technology (IEC 61131-9) designed with simplicity in mind for fast configuration, commissioning, and wiring. IO-Link systems consist of an IO-Link master, IO-Linked enabled devices, unshielded 3 or 5 conductor standard cables and an engineering tool for configuring and assigning parameters. Producers can gain critical process insights about their operations to maximize productivity in their facility.

Rosemount IO-Link Assistant

  • Communication and configuration software designed to access device parameters and configure instruments to match process requirements.
  • Devices can be configured through singlepoint configuration using a Rosemount IO-Link USB Communicator or multi-point using a Rosemount IO-Link Master.
  • Dashboard provides a real time view of the process data.

Rosemount IO-Link USB Communicator

  • Enables singlepoint configuration.
  • Designed to connect IO-Link enabled devices to a PC.
  • Supplies power to IO-Link enabled devices via USB.

Rosemount IO-Link Masters

  • Enable data exchange between IO-Link devices or instrumented a control system.
  • Multiple devices can be connected with inputs ranging from 4 to 8 port configurations.
  • Data is converted to either Ethernet/IP or PROFITNET for integration with the control system.
  • Daisychain IO-Link Masters to allow more devices to communicate with the control system using one cable.

Rosemount IO-Link Enabled Devices

  • IO-Link is available on the Rosemount 326L Level – Guided Wave Radar, Rosemount 1408H Non-Contacting Level Transmitter, Rosemount 326T and Rosemount 327T Temperature Transmitters.
  • Instruments can be connected to Rosemount IO-Link Masters using a standard unshielded cable up to 65 ft (20 m) long.

Emerson Hygienic Portfolio

When tasked with optimizing your plant’s production, the smallest oversight can result in excessive downtime and lowered profitability. Installing hygienically-certified instrumentation keeps your processes under control, maximizes production capacity and efficiency, and ensures stringent safety standards are met. The new line of Rosemount pressure, level, and temperature transmitters offer food and beverage facilities the opportunity to improve key metrics.

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Rosemount 1408H in applications from the food and beverage industry

The ability to accurately and reliably measure the level of materials in storage tanks and process vessels is essential as it helps to reduce product loss and maximize production capability. Manufacturers also need to consider vital criteria, such as the compliance with the industry’s stringent hygiene and food safety standards and the compatibility with the process conditions and tank layout for the different applications.

Mixing tanks

Application: Mixing tanks are a common application in the food and beverage industry where two or more components are blended together with the intent of making them homogeneous.

Challenges: Agitators, turbulence, foam, CIP/SIP processes

  • The Rosemount 1408H is not affected by changing density, temperature or pressure. Process conditions such as foam do not pose a challenge.
  • With Fast Sweep Technology and smart algorithms, the Rosemount 1408H can easily handle agitator and turbulent surfaces.

Fermentation tanks

Application: Fermentation is the process by which, for instance, yeast converts the glucose in the wort to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas — giving the beer both its alcohol content and its carbonation.

Challenges: Foam, CIP/SIP processes

  • The Rosemount 1408H detects CIP cleaning thanks to the Fast Sweep Technology and smart algorithms.
  • Fermentation applications don’t pose a challenge for the Rosemount 1408H.

Open Air Applications

Application: Small open batch and/or storage tanks with various food ingredients.

Challenges: Quick filling, possibly low DC, narrow tank geometry, no process connection.

  • The Rosemount 1408H is compact, light, and easy to mount (with a mounting bracket).
  • It handles quick filling thanks to the Fast Sweep Technology and 80 GHz.
  • It can be mounted in narrow installations without problems.

Storage Tanks

Application: Storage tanks can be found in different points of the process within the food and beverage industry.

Challenges: Foam, CIP/SIP processes

  • The Rosemount 1408H features a polished stainless-steel housing and food graded wetted parts that withstands CIP/SIP and is easily cleanable.
  • Reduced risk of contamination in food and beverage production processes.

IBC Monitoring

Application: Storage tanks can be found in any industry and in different points of the process.

Challenges: Foam, CIP/SIP processes

  • The Rosemount 1408H features a polished stainless-steel housing and food graded wetted parts that withstands CIP/SIP and is easily cleanable.
  • Reduced risk of contamination in food and beverage production processes.

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