On Site Generating Solutions Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen plants

Tuesday, 22 February, 2011 | Supplied by: On Site Generating Solutions

On Site Generating Solutions offers an extensive range of nitrogen gas generators (PSA and membrane systems) to meet the flow and purity requirements of beverage, food processing and packaging applications.

Consumers expect foods and beverages to be available at all times - at maximum freshness, in select quality and sufficient quantities. However, only proper storage and preservation of perishable foods under a protective blanket of gas can ensure an adequate supply of fresh, appetising produce.

Therefore, nitrogen is used, to name just a few examples, when bottling wine and beer, in fruit and vegetable storage and when packaging bread, sausages and cheese.

There is a highly dependable and economical alternative to conventional nitrogen supply - producing it on site using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) nitrogen plants specifically engineered for food applications.

PSA nitrogen plants offer flexible nitrogen production as the quantity and time of nitrogen production are determined by the end user. The user can also specify the purity level from 90 to 99.999% nitrogen, with the turn of a dial. The consistency in the nitrogen quality over many years makes these plants a good, long-term investment.

Furthermore, the user is freed from the logistics, organisation and handling of bottles, tanks and evaporators.

The units feature low energy consumption even at highest nitrogen purity levels.

Standard models, variable nitrogen purity, custom-designed ‘plants’, high-pressure (350-700 bar g) nitrogen generators are available to meet combined or single applications including storage vessels to satisfy peak and fluctuating flow demands.

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