Measuring cell for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and ozone

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The main difference between the new measuring AquaCell and previous models is its modular structure. The same basic housing is used for the entire range and the difference between the various types is limited to a small number of key components geared to the relevant function.

AquaCell operates according to the tried and tested potentiostatic three-wire electrode principle in which the measurement is taken directly in the actual sample water.

There are still three types of measuring cell:

  • AquaCell 314-330: pressure-proof, electro-motorised cleaning
  • AquaCell 314-630: unpressurised, hydro mechanical cleaning
  • AquaCell 314-930: pressure-proof, hydro mechanical cleaning

A detailed look reveals a large number of innovations that greatly simplify measuring tasks in water treatment and have a beneficial effect on operating costs.

Electrode cleaning without small parts

The electrode cleaning process has been greatly improved. The type of measuring cell with electro-motorised cleaning, like the hydro mechanical variants, now also has a cleaning impeller that ensures optimal cleaning thanks to its newly designed arrangement in relation to the measuring electrodes.

The major advantage is that there are no longer any small parts that can move around freely and easily get lost. This means that maintenance work is much quicker and easier - an economic benefit that should not be underestimated and one that is augmented by the wear-free measuring electrode and counter-electrode.

A further innovation is the fact that all three AquaCell types now come as standard with a temperature sensor permanently integrated into the measuring electrode. This ensures that - in combination with an appropriate measuring amplifier - the effect of temperature fluctuations on measurement of the disinfectant and pH values can automatically be compensated for. Consequently, no separate temperature sensor is required.

The sample water control system has been equipped with a fine-precision adjusting spindle. And the control device has an upstream filter cartridge to stop dirt particles getting into the measuring cell from the outset. The design of this cartridge enables it to be removed and dismantled very easily for cleaning. As a result, the ALLDOS measuring cell is now also suitable for water treatment involving high levels of contamination.

The pH and redox electrodes remain in the cell for calibration

One real highlight is the new integrated calibration vessel. The bottom of the pH and redox electrode mount has a screw vessel for adding the relevant buffer solution. This saves the operator considerable time as he no longer needs to remove the electrodes for calibration.

Easy maintenance was also a prime concern when looking at other details. AquaCell now has special shut-off spindles installed on the inlet and outlet sides so that the water supply can be shut off for maintenance purposes. This is particularly important for types of measuring cells that can be pressurised as no additional installation kits are now required.

Easy switching from hydromechanical to motorised cleaning

If the water quality changes, it is now easy to switch from hydromechanical to motorised cleaning thanks to an easy-to-operate conversion kit.

No software update for existing Conex and Aquaserver measuring amplifiers.

AquaCell can be connected to existing Conex 35x and Aquaserver 353 measuring amplifiers. No software update is required.

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