GEA Procomac Aseptic Blow Fill machine for dairy products

Thursday, 16 May, 2013 | Supplied by: GEA Process Engineering Australia Pty Ltd

GEA Procomac’s ABF (Aseptic Blow Fill) machine has successfully passed the LA (low acid) microbiological validation, making it suitable to fill milk and milk-based products.

The ABF consists of a traditional oven, a preform steriliser, a sterile blower and an aseptic filler. The preforms are warmed in the oven so they arrive hot in the steriliser, where they are sterilised internally and externally with hydrogen peroxide. Once sterile, they enter the sterile area of the blower, are stretch-blown into bottles and then filled.

The blower is sterilised using hydrogen peroxide and the sterile environment inside the microbiological isolator is maintained with an overpressure of sterile air. The high- and low-pressure pipelines that supply blowing air to each mould are also sterilised, maintaining sterility throughout the system.

During operation, a standard stretch rod moves up and down in a non-sterile environment entering the moulds and touching the preform/bottles. The ABF system includes a magnetic joint that allows movement inside the aseptic housing and ensures the stretch rod remains sterile.

Preforms are thicker and more heat resistant than bottles. Once they are sterile they can be blown without the need for further sterilisation, which means lighter bottles and reduced PET consumption.

One key feature of the ABF is the simultaneous internal and external sterilisation treatment of the preforms, with no risk of contamination.

The ABF is validated in low acid conditions for products with a pH >4.5.

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