Emerson Rosemount TankRadar Rex and Pro tank gauging system

Wednesday, 03 March, 2010 | Supplied by: Emerson Automation Solutions

Emerson’s Rosemount TankRadar Rex and Pro tank gauging system now include smart wireless functionality. The radar-based Rex and Pro systems can be installed in a storage tank farm without the need to install long-distance signal wiring. Tank gauging data from remotely located tanks, previously collected manually or not at all, can now be easily integrated into the control system, resulting in more efficient tank capacity utilisation, more accurate inventory and better loss control.

Many tank storage facilities that would benefit from modern, non-contact gauging have obsolete or non-existent signal wiring from the tank storage area. Retrofit of the gauging system in such plants is normally expensive and time consuming as the distance between storage tanks and the control room can be large, requiring extensive trenching and cabling.

A smart wireless THUM adapter is easily installed on existing HART field instruments to free up diagnostics and process information that had previously been inaccessible. The THUM adapter provides the wireless interface between the TankRadar Rex or TankRadar Pro radar gauge and the TankMaster inventory software or host/DCS system via WirelessHART communication with 99.9% data reliability.

The self-organising mesh network ensures uninterrupted data communication in an environment with large obstacles such as storage tanks. Every THUM adapter serves as a network connector and backup so there is no single point of failure. All data transfer is protected by 128-bit encryption for security.

Data is received by the smart wireless gateway in the control room area and fed into the inventory management software package or DCS system. In addition to level data, all relevant data from multi-point temperature transmitters, pressure sensors and water bottom level sensors are transmitted.

Wireless tank gauging also means that precise inventory data for remotely located tanks that was previously out of reach can be made available. For those plants already using the company’s smart wireless, installation of the first gauging units will be even easier as they can use mesh nodes from other Emerson equipment to expand and strengthen the wireless network.

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