BFD Hydrauhopp Advanced Technology Meat Recovery System

Friday, 05 November, 2010 | Supplied by: IBEX Industries Limited

The BFD Hydrauhopp Advanced Technology Meat Recovery System (AMR) retrieves residual meat from bones in a manner that retains highest possible quality product.

The system works in three phases, each its own system linked by conveyors: the Presizer, Hydrau Separator and Belt Separator.

The Presizer is designed to reduce any types of bones to a length of 15 cm at a rate of 3600 kg/h. The principle of the Presizer is the utilisation of hydraulic pressure against a moving wall, which in turn pushes the bones through a stainless steel grid. The pre-sized bones are now in a form which is readily acceptable to the Hydrau Separator.

The Hydrau Separator automatically loads batches of 20 kg of presized bones into a pressing tube. The bones are then pushed through into the separation chamber where they are pressed at high pressure between two opposed hydraulic cylinders through filters. As the bones compress, the meat is pushed through filters away from the machine via a product outlet, while the bonepad is ejected separately.

This process ensures bones are not crushed or severely broken, which prevents high calcium and iron contents in the final product.

The robust design of the AMR system reduces operating cost and maximises yield recovery. The Hydrau Separator can be adjusted to control pressure, dwell times and productivity to provide processors the flexibility according to their throughput and market requirements. The few bone fragments and sinew that are in the meat product are removed during the next stage using a belt separator.

The product outlet of the Hydrau Separator is connected to the final stage of the system, the Belt Separator, which also operates with filters, but at lower pressures. The filters are designed to minimise temperature rise. The Belt Separator removes meat from bone particles and sinew through a drum with filter holes through which the meat is forced by the belt, leaving the bone particles on the surface. Because there are only a few bone particles to be removed, the belt tension and subsequent pressure on the meat is minimal. This results in minimal temperature rise and avoids structural damage to the meat.

The meat recovered by this system, be it beef, lamb or pork, is left in a quality condition which resembles that of minced meat, with the original structure of the meat still intact, for further food processing and form.

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