Baker Perkins PerfectPan table and Multitex4 dough moulder

Tuesday, 31 August, 2010 | Supplied by: SPX Flow Inc

Baker Perkins Multitex4 dough moulder is claimed to deliver an immediate, visible improvement in loaf quality in high-output plant bakeries.

As well as improving all types of tinned bread for the retail market, it also helps meet the exacting standards for loaf shape and crumb structure of sandwich bread producers and deals reliably with a variety of products such as fruited, soft brioche and heavily seeded dough.

It can operate without the need of dusting flour, bringing cost savings by eliminating the cost of flour, flour-dusting equipment and its maintenance and cleaning, as well as health and safety benefits brought about by reducing airborne dust in the bakery.

The Multitex4 has four pairs of close-coupled sheeting rollers - each pair has individually controlled variable gap and speed. This arrangement improves end-product quality by controlling size, shape and length-to-width ratio of the dough sheet prior to coiling. It allows tighter coiling, with more coils, while at the same time significantly reducing stress and damage to the dough through a more progressive thickness reduction.

The PerfectPan table improves quality from the Multitex4 even further. It uses an inherently stable ‘cut through’ process for 4- or 6-piecing that provides a high degree of tolerance to changing dough condition and avoids the need for regular operator attention. With almost all the dough pieces perfectly positioned in the tin, this machine consistently delivers an ideal loaf shape and structure throughout the production run.

The PerfectPan and Multitex4 are the latest in a series of improvements to Baker Perkins bread-mixing and forming machinery designed to offer bakers improved product quality and process control.

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