Spraying Systems Australia mobile fogging cart

Monday, 01 June, 2020 | Supplied by: Spraying Systems Co Pty Ltd

Spraying Systems Australia has designed a mobile dry-fogging cart that can sanitise a closed area within a few minutes. The mobile fogging cart contains a 9 L pressure pot that is connected to an air atomising nozzle that generates a fine mist. The unit uses the PathoSans (a sister brand of Spraying Systems) sanitising solution PathoCide.

The MiniFoggerIII air atomising nozzle generates an 8.5-micron particle of dry fog and can emit the solution up to four ways, allowing for wide coverage over an entire room without leaving a single drop of liquid. This makes it safe for use around computers and other electrical equipment. The unit is designed to provide a thorough and effective sanitising process over an entire area, including high-touch, high-traffic areas and hard-to-reach crevices and corners. It is suitable for a range of industries for both the industrial (abattoirs, hatcheries, food processing plants) and commercial (cafes, schools, aged-care facilities, offices) markets.

Spraying Systems use one of its own sanitisers from its PathoSans division — PathoCide. The PathoSans sanitiser is a hypochlorous acid that is generated through electrochemical activation technology, which is designed to generate two separate solutions (a cleaner and a sanitiser) by only using salt, water and electricity. This makes PathoCide a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that contains no harsh chemicals or odour. PathoCide is claimed to combat up to a six-log reduction in various illness-causing pathogens and odours.

Used with the mobile fogging cart, PathoCide is designed to help achieve a healthier and cleaner environment by addressing the concerns of hygiene and safety in the workplace with a simple fogging solution.

For more information: https://bit.ly/2A4DwK4.

Online: www.spray.com.au
Phone: 1800 622 508
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