Sealstrip resealable packaging solutions

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Sunday, 01 October, 2023

Sealstrip resealable packaging solutions

Within the packaging solutions arena, Sealstrip stands out as a leader, proudly presenting two revolutionary products - Peel&Seal and FreshPak, both accessible through Result Group. These advancements transcend mere package sealing; they serve as agents of transformation, systematically curbing waste and simplifying package resealing without the reliance on conventional zippers. With a remarkable 50% reduction in plastic usage, as zippers become obsolete, Sealstrip champions sustainability, benefiting brand owners, consumers, and recyclers alike.


The Peel&Seal reseal system provides frozen food and other packages with a consistent and reliable reseal feature. Peel&Seal is an in-line packaging system that can be fitted to your existing, or new, vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal bagger and operates at your line speeds. The Peel&Seal applicator utilises a smooth rotary unwind that provides efficiency and durability. The applicator does not use heat to apply, resulting in consistent quality packages at any speed.

To reseal, the consumer lifts the dry edge of the tape, rolls down the bag, and uses the tape to seal down the rolled bag. One end of the tape always remains anchored to the package. As the product is used, the package rolls down further, using “fresh adhesive” tape to reseal, and resulting in a more compact bag for storage.

  • Easy to use
  • Space efficient
  • Safe product – the package rolls down
  • Visual trigger to buy more
  • No additional packaging film
  • More compact bag for storage


FreshPak is easy to open, easy to reseal and tamper evident. There are no tracks to line up so FreshPak is easy for anyone to use, especially children and seniors. Using graphics based tamper evidence, opening and reclosing the FreshPak causes a misalignment of the graphics, visually signalling to the consumer the package has been opened.

FreshPak is an in-line reseal packaging system that can be fitted to your new or existing VFFS or flow-wrap packaging machinery and operate at your current speeds. It is high speed and efficient; cost effective; and no additional packaging film is required. The system does not use heat to apply the material, resulting in consistent quality packages at 10ppm or 200ppm.

  • Reduced Reseals Material – 50% less plastic than a zipper
  • Reduced Soft Plastic Film – No Headspace Needed
  • Reseal Tape & Soft Plastic Film matched – mono construction
Brand Owner
  • Packaging becomes functional – Brand Recall
  • Packaging reduces – 2025 Target contribution
  • Packaging Supports Food Waste – 2030 Target contribution
  • Production Improvements – less complicated to make
  • Food Waste is Reduced
  • Packaging is Reduced
  • Interaction with Packaging and Brand

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