Aflatoxin-detecting laser sorter

Monday, 06 July, 2009 | Supplied by: Heat and Control Pty Ltd

The Best Detox aflatoxin laser sorter has been designed to provide reductions in aflatoxin levels on a wide range of crop plants. The sorter uses optical laser technology to detect and reject aflatoxin-contaminated products at a normal processing flow. Combined with the Best Free-Fall technology, it ensures a minimum of yield loss.

Aflatoxin is the generic name for several related mycotoxins produced by the mould Aspergillus Flavus on a wide range of nuts (peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts etc), grains and dried fruit (figs, raisins, etc) — and feeds. It is among the most carcinogenic substances known and causes serious diseases and health problems.

Aflatoxin contamination is difficult to detect since it is invisible to the human eye, which leads sampling tests to unreliable results. As part of a government-funded project, Best and the University of Brussels collaborated to develop an optical sorting technique that is able to detect and reject aflatoxin. The biggest challenge in this technique was to capture the extreme low intensity of the light reflected by the mould. When this type of fungus is illuminated with a particular wavelength, it reflects light with a distinctive pattern, a unique fingerprint. Thanks to extensive research and the use of high-end detectors, this fingerprint can now be detected leading to the removal of aflatoxin-contaminated material at a normal production flow.

The Detox laser sorter combines various lasers with an optical design making product with aflatoxin contamination easily detectable. The Detox sorter is already being used for almonds, figs, Brazil nuts and peanuts. The detection system requires no adjustments throughout the day. Simply press one button to start in the morning and one to stop at night; no calibration or adjustments and no cleaning is required allowing for continuous production.

The Detox sorter takes advantage of the Best Helius family of free-fall laser sorters. The Helius laser sorter can be configured with up to 12 laser sensors to provide high detection resolution.

Operators use an intuitive colour touch-screen GUI human interface with simple and easy-to-understand controls, allowing an operator to monitor all aspects of the sorting process. Best offers PAX VPN technology for real-time, remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

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