Revolutionising the Australian Food and Beverage Industry with a multiparameter flowmeter like no other

Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Monday, 01 April, 2024

Revolutionising the Australian Food and Beverage Industry with a multiparameter flowmeter like no other

In the bustling world of food and beverage manufacturing, precision, efficiency, and hygiene are paramount. Every step of the production process must be meticulously controlled to ensure consistent quality and regulatory compliance. In this demanding environment, the introduction of innovative technologies can make all the difference. Enter FLOWave — a game-changing multiparameter flowmeter that is reshaping fluid management practices in the Australian food and beverage industry.

At its core, FLOWave represents a paradigm shift in flow measurement technology. Unlike traditional flowmeters, which rely on mechanical components prone to wear and contamination, FLOWave harnesses the power of Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reliability. This cutting-edge approach not only ensures precise measurement of volume flow but also enables real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as density and viscosity.

One of the standout features of FLOWave is its ability to simultaneously measure flow and monitor specific characteristics of the fluid being processed. Let’s delve into some key applications where FLOWave shines:

Dosing Food Oils: FLOWave streamlines the dosing process of food oils, eliminating the need for additional pumps and reducing processing time. This not only saves money but also ensures precise dosing, leading to consistent product quality.

Detecting Media Changeovers: FLOWave’s ability to detect media changeovers during production helps minimise product losses and ensures seamless transitions between different production steps. This not only saves time but also reduces waste, contributing to cost savings and improved efficiency.

Measuring Flows and Proteins in Dairies: In dairy processing, FLOWave offers unparalleled accuracy in measuring flow rates and controlling protein content. By preventing clogging and downtime, FLOWave helps optimise production processes and maintain product quality.

Beyond its technical capabilities, FLOWave offers tangible benefits that translate into real-world advantages for businesses. By streamlining fluid management processes and minimising the risk of downtime due to clogging or contamination, FLOWave helps improve operational efficiency and reduce production costs. Moreover, its hygienic design ensures compliance with stringent industry standards, safeguarding product integrity and consumer safety.

As if these benefits weren’t compelling enough, there’s even more reason to consider FLOWave for your manufacturing operations — a limited-time offer with prices starting from just $5,800. This exclusive promotion presents a rare opportunity to access cutting-edge technology at an affordable price point, making it easier than ever for businesses to invest in their future success.

But don’t just take our word for it — countless food and beverage manufacturers across Australia have already experienced the transformative impact of FLOWave firsthand. From dairy processing facilities to beverage production plants, FLOWave has earned praise for its reliability, accuracy, and ease of integration. Now, it’s your turn to join the ranks of industry leaders who are revolutionising their operations with FLOWave.

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