Access protection in a high-bay warehouse with automated material flow

SICK Pty Ltd
Friday, 01 September, 2023

Access protection in a high-bay warehouse with automated material flow

To protect people, access to the area around the automated storage and retrieval system must be secured. This must not hinder the transport of pallets by automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), however. When the distances between the goods being transported and the AGV are small, the pre-configured and therefore easy to install deTem4 LT Muting A/P provides a suitable solution.

The need for greater flexibility and efficiency in modern production and logistics facilities presents industrial companies with new challenges. Machine designs that are compact and versatile but also economical are in demand. Furthermore, there is a need to reduce installation and commissioning costs, and continuously optimize production processes even as complexity increases. deTem A/P provides the answer to a wide variety of challenges. Equipped with an active transmitter and receiver unit and a passive reflector unit, deTem A/P achieves sensing ranges of up to 8 m. Three different variants deliver decisive competitive advantages in access protection and muting applications. Why not see for yourself!

The Complete muting set includes: deTem4 LT Muting A/P. Install, connect, go – deTem4 LT Muting A⁄P is a plug and play solution for safe human-material differentiation in applications with automatic pallet conveyor systems. The muting sensors are already pre-installed and aligned. It transmits data via NFC that you can utilize to increase your added value. The top LED shows you the system status at all times. Other useful functions include beam coding, external device monitoring, restart interlock and override.

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