Lean unit load solution

Wednesday, 22 June, 2005 | Supplied by: http://www.austwarehouse.com.au/

OptiLedge is aimed at transportation and distribution businesses. It is a load carrier which conforms to the size and shape of the goods to be shipped.

A solution was needed for non-standard sized loads that required pallets. Non-Standard loads need pallets to be manufactured to the size required or standard pallets that give you both overhang and underhang must be used, wasting valuable space in containers and exposing the goods to damage.

OptiLedge® is a robust, hygienic, unit load base for shipping and storing goods. The one-way OptiLedge® System makes use of a lightweight, L-shaped unit load transport device, an alternative base for unit loads that is integral to the packaged product during its storage and distribution.

The OptiLedge® system offers lower unit cost and added flexibility in fitting products to the platform. It also facilitates a safer work environment with fewer back injuries; surface wounds and bruises which pallets can cause. The ledge's weight of 500gm eliminates the risk associated with lifting pallets and there are no nails, splinters and other extremities, which can cause injury.

OptiLedge® elevates the unit load to permit handling, eliminates product underhang and overhang, increasing cube utilisation of trailers, containers and warehouse space. It works with most common load handling equipment and is 100% recyclable.

Reductions in operating costs using OptiLedge® can be demonstrated by the much lower cost of the system, the plastic material retains value after its disposal versus wood pallets and it allows shippers to build better unit loads, reducing transportation costs. This allows users to ship more per truck or container through better cube utilisation resulting in less frequent shipments.

Loads suitable for OptiLedge® include rigid non deflecting unit loads, those that have primary and secondary packaging capable of protecting the product from impact and pressure, and which extend beyond the length of the OptiLedge®. An added advantage is the material does not require fumigation or inspection like wood pallets.

OptiLedge® works well with loads that have a stable base such as CKD furniture and corrugated board products.

For further information, or an obligation free demonstration at your warehouse contact Australian Warehouse Solutions.

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