Start-up develops microalgae-based milk alternative

Wednesday, 05 May, 2021

Start-up develops microalgae-based milk alternative

Singapore-based start-up Sophie’s Bionutrients has developed a microalgae-based milk alternative. The company said the product promises to eliminate allergies making it safe for consumption for people with lactose intolerance.

The milk alternative dairy replacement was made with the company’s proprietary microalgae protein flour with the same essential amino acids as microalgae. The flour is then homogenised with water to create the dairy-free milk alternative.

The company said that while the product is comparable to the nutritional value of cow’s milk, its protein value can be elevated by up to 50% by altering ratios in the water-soluble microalgae flour. The sample alt-milk produced has a similar texture to nut-based milk. However, it can be further refined to mimic the creamy texture of dairy.

At the heart of all Sophie’s Bionutrients products is its neutral-colour microalgae flour made from a strain of microalgae that can be harvested in just three days.

Eugene Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Sophie’s Bionutrients, said the company hopes the technology will develop further through the partnership with food and beverage companies.

“We believe in harnessing the power of nature to build a sustainable, greener future through environment-friendly alternate food solutions. We believe that microalgae is the best place to help us achieve this. It is the superfood of the future.”

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