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Iced coffee market hots up

28 October, 2014

Consumers' love of coffee has turned cold, according to new research from Innova Market Insights. Chilled ready-to-drink (RTD) or iced coffee is booming, with the number of launches tripling in the last five years.

Cutting-edge culinary trends for 2015

28 October, 2014

Coconut sugar, ugly fruit and vegetables and cannabis cuisine feature in advertising agency Sterling Rice Group's list of Top 10 Cutting-Edge Culinary Trends for 2015

Roll over: fresh wins over fried in the battle of the roll

23 October, 2014

Apparently, when it comes to rolls, we're turning Japanese. New research from Roy Morgan shows that sushi is gaining popularity while the popularity of spring rolls is waning. The research firm says this is part of an overall preference shift towards fresh, rather than fried, food.

Low-calorie alcoholic drinks take off in US, Europe

20 October, 2014

Low-calorie fever has hit a segment not traditionally associated with health: alcohol. As consumers increasingly focus on healthy lifestyle choices, alcohol producers are jumping on board the low-calorie bandwagon.

Peanut butter bickies and toddler milk win Shonky Awards

17 October, 2014

Arnott's Tim Tam peanut butter flavour biscuits and S-26 Gold Toddler and Junior milk drinks were named by consumer watchdog Choice in its annual Shonky Awards.

Specialist bakers not affected by supermarket bread wars: Roy Morgan

14 October, 2014

Despite Woolworths, Coles and now even ALDI dropping their own-brand white bread prices to outdo one another, specialist stores such as Bakers Delight aren't under threat, according to a new report from Roy Morgan.

Predicting the last brand standing in the supermarket price wars

13 October, 2014 by Gary Mortimer, Queensland University of Technology

Price wars represent one of the most severe forms of competitive interplay in the market place, often leading to great losses. Retailers suffer losses in terms of margins, consumer loyalty and an inability to pull out of the downward cycle.

Global dairy demand set to overtake supply within 10 years

07 October, 2014

Global demand for dairy is set to overtake available supply in the next decade, according to the 7th Tetra Pak Dairy Index. The report shows a widening gap between developed and emerging dairy markets across the globe.

Snack attack: snack sales on the increase in developing regions

03 October, 2014

Globally, sales of snack foods reached $374 billion in 2014, according to a new report. Europe and North America account for the majority of worldwide sales, but snack sales are actually growing faster in developing regions than in these established markets.

Emerging plant and animal industries worth $912 million

03 October, 2014

While Australia is well known for its considerable grain and livestock production, lesser-known emerging industries also play a vital role in Australia's agricultural sector. These industries have been valued at approximately $912 million.

Japanese packaging industry reaches US$60bn in 2013

01 October, 2014

The Japanese packaging industry grew to just shy of US$60 billion in the 2013 financial year. In FY2013, the Japanese packaging industry grew by more than 2% from FY12 to reach ¥6.049 trillion, representing 1.27% of the national GDP.

Future looks brighter for local wine industry

30 September, 2014

The past decade has presented a host of difficulties for Australia's wine-production industry; however, brighter times may be ahead.

Australians less concerned with cholesterol, more concerned with additives

19 September, 2014

Today, Australians are less likely to be concerned with cholesterol levels but more likely to avoid additives than they were in 2009, new research from Roy Morgan shows.

US carbonated water sales up while soft drink sales drop

18 September, 2014

As carbonated soft drink sales start to drop in the US, there's one fizzy drink that's gaining ground: carbonated water. The US is forecast to have a growth rate of 12% in carbonated packaged water consumption in 2014, compared to an average global growth of 1%.

Global food trade may not meet future demand

18 September, 2014

The authors of a new study, which examined global food security and the patterns of food trade, have highlighted that the global food supply may not meet escalating future demand.

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