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Fourth Industrial Revolution for the food industry

08 May, 2019 by Armin Fahnle, Managing Director, ATS Applied Tech Systems

How can the concept of the individualisation of the manufacturing process and 'batch size one' impact a bulk dairy, vegetable oil or grain producer?

Nestlé uses analytics to improve demand planning

06 May, 2019

Nestlé has embedded SAS Analytics into key business processes that will help it sense demand for its consumer goods more accurately and reliably on a global basis.

Giving robots a better feel for object manipulation

23 April, 2019 by Rob Matheson, MIT News Office

A new learning system developed by MIT researchers improves robots' abilities to mould materials into target shapes and make predictions about interacting with solid objects and liquids. 

Communicate product recalls quickly with GS1 Australia Recall

10 April, 2019

Managing a food product recall in the digital age means businesses need to have the right systems and procedures in place to respond quickly and effectively.

Transforming meat and baked goods packaging and distribution

01 March, 2019

A MES solution has delivered a digitalised paperless shop-floor and information stream for the supply chain of a large bakery and meat-packing and distribution operation.

Is technology growing too fast for the agriculture industry?

18 February, 2019

The rapid development of emerging technologies in the agricultural industry has created a need to better understand consumer perceptions and address regulatory challenges.

Universal Robots cobots

12 February, 2019

Universal Robots' range of collaborative robots (cobots) are Industry 4.0-enabled and can work alongside human staff without barriers and safety screens.

ABB YuMi single-arm collaborative robot

12 February, 2019

ABB has developed a single-arm YuMi to expand its collaborative robot range.

EtherCAT optimises horizontal conveyor system

12 February, 2019 by Nick Psahoulias

While developing its new tna roflo 3 horizontal conveyor, tna Australia chose to use a Beckhoff controller to boost system power while streamlining the architecture.

Techman TM Robots

08 February, 2019

Techman's TM Robots are fitted with an intelligent vision system that produces seamless integration of the vision system with the collaborative robot hardware and software.

Key Technology FMAlert software for VERYX digital sorters

30 January, 2019

Key Technology has introduced its enhanced FMAlert software for VERYX digital sorters, which captures and annotates digital images of foreign material (FM) contaminants.

Using compliance to restore consumer trust in food

23 January, 2019 by Dominique Stucki, Head of Operations for Manufacturing Execution Systems, ABB Control Technology

Food recalls erode consumer trust in the food industry — but managing compliance effectively can reverse this.

Brewery finds itself ahead of user requests

17 December, 2018

Updated control software at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Co has improved productivity by allowing all departments to communicate seamlessly.

Cutting the MRO costs of a confectionery giant

26 November, 2018

RS has helped a leading confectionery manufacturer achieve significant cost savings in the indirect procurement process through its Purchasing Manager system.

Choosing between wired and wireless

23 November, 2018 by Maria Torrisi, JMartans Automation

There will be 30 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices active by 2024 according to Statista, so lots of people are having to choose between two main methods of connecting new devices to the IoT — wired or wireless.

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