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Using AI to track meat from paddock to plate

20 November, 2019

JBS Australia and Lumachain are trialling technology that uses Azure AI, IoT and blockchain to track meat from paddock to plate.

Chocolatey moments with Industry 4.0

01 November, 2019

Meet Jack — he loves chocolate but doesn't care about how it's made but ATS Applied Tech Systems does, helping a chocolate company implement I4.

Moving into a smarter world with pneumatics

01 October, 2019

Food production and the digital world will come together to make automation more flexible, increase energy efficiency, optimise logistics processes and add flexibility to the value chain.

The smart food revolution that's (nearly) here

09 September, 2019

The hype of Industry 4.0 and its relevance to the food processing sector has been growing since 2013 — so how can it deliver value to the food industry?

KHS researches impact of digitisation on beverage industry

14 August, 2019

Systems supplier KHS is networking with research institutes to understand how digital technologies can relieve operator workloads for the beverage industry.

Humans and robots work in harmony

12 August, 2019

Omron's Collaborative Robots are designed to ease the workload for factory workers, allowing humans and robots to work harmoniously.

Digital manufacturing: intelligent sensors mean smart machine tools

01 July, 2019 by Boerge Wegner, Technical Industry Manager for Machine Tools in the Factory Automation Global Industry Center at SICK AG, Waldkirch

The smart factory is becoming a reality in more and more sectors — including the machine tool industry.

ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors

20 June, 2019

The ABB Ability Smart Sensor for induction motors and pumps makes preventive maintenance possible by accurately monitoring and analysing data on motor operation.

Tracing farm to fork and preventing plagiarism

05 June, 2019

A Danish project is developing technologies and methods that can both document a food product's path from farm to fork and help prevent plagiarism.

Safeguarding plant automation

01 June, 2019

Change Management System (CMS) is an automatic process that can rewind time, so that whatever has been is never lost forever.

MDT AutoSave software

30 May, 2019

MDT AutoSave is a change management software package to safeguard industrial programmable equipment from loss of configuration for fast disaster recovery and configuration version archiving.

Powering offshore salmon farming

29 May, 2019

ABB has been awarded an aquaculture project to power an arctic offshore farming facility in Norway where up to 5990 tonnes of salmon will be farmed.

Yoghurt giant uses software to smooth operations

28 May, 2019

Chobani is using Ignition software to improve productivity and efficiency in three plants in Idaho, New York and Australia.

Fourth Industrial Revolution for the food industry

08 May, 2019 by Armin Fahnle, Managing Director, ATS Applied Tech Systems

How can the concept of the individualisation of the manufacturing process and 'batch size one' impact a bulk dairy, vegetable oil or grain producer?

Nestlé uses analytics to improve demand planning

06 May, 2019

Nestlé has embedded SAS Analytics into key business processes that will help it sense demand for its consumer goods more accurately and reliably on a global basis.

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