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Foodline White Service plug

15 October, 2018

The Yelloc International manufactured Foodline White Service plug is suitable for food and chemical spill prevention in industrial and commercial areas requiring the use of FDA approved materials.

LAPP Australia SKINTOP HYGIENIC NPT cable gland

11 October, 2018

LAPP Australia's SKINTOP HYGIENIC NPT cable gland is available with NPT thread and certified to NSF/ANSI 169 for 'food zone non contact'.

Eco-friendly margarine production using CO2

09 October, 2018

China's first carbon dioxide margarine production line is up and running.

The secret life of boilers

03 October, 2018

The importance of steam boilers, the unsung heroes of the food and beverage processing industries, is not always understood.

If you are using polymer in your wastewater treatment process, you may want to read this

01 October, 2018

Polyacrylamide-based polymers are used extensively in industrial water and wastewater treatment — and in food processing wastewaters, cationic polymers are the norm.

Bete HydroPulse nozzle for oiling and coating

01 October, 2018

The HydroPulse from Bete provides a controlled intermittent liquid spray using only liquid pressure as the force for atomisation in addition to a drip-free performance.

CompAir Ultima oil-free compressor

27 September, 2018

Gardner Denver's CompAir Ultima oil-free compressor has two high-efficiency, permanent magnetic motors that replace the traditional gearbox design.

7 ways to help you stay safe around magnets

27 September, 2018

New technology has allowed us to develop safer magnets than ever before but they can still be a safety risk if basic safety practices are not followed.

Vibratory spiral elevator conveyor

10 September, 2018

Vibratory spiral elevator conveyor

Wastewater treatment plants don't belong in a catalogue

01 September, 2018

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems have been around for a long time and it would seem that they are here to stay.

Nestlé Wagner digitises frozen pizza production

14 August, 2018

The company chose the Getac A140 fully rugged tablet to digitise workflows, increase productivity and efficiency, and allow greater flexibility in day-to-day operations.

Aerofloat wastewater chemical supply and plant servicing business

13 August, 2018

Wastewater treatment company Aerofloat Australia has launched a wastewater chemical supply and plant servicing business.

Atlas Copco ZE 3 low-pressure oil-free rotary screw compressor

08 August, 2018

The Atlas Copco ZE 3 low-pressure oil-free rotary screw compressor is suitable for the harshest industrial environments.

Acrylamide: can we have our chip and eat it too?

01 August, 2018

For potato product manufacturers, the electroporation method can reduce acrylamide levels by over 50%.

Silvent 300 customised air knife system

01 August, 2018

Available from Spray Nozzle Engineering, the Silvent 300 in stainless steel is a highly flexible air knife system that can be specifically tailored for nearly any application.

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