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WR&D Wells Pty Ltd

W., R and D Wells Pty Ltd are specialist suppliers of a range of hygienic colour coded cleaning and food handling tools, including brush ware, plastic scoops and shovels, hand spray nozzles, metals detectable products (including pens) and micro fibre cleaning products.

Phone: 03 9699 8999
Fax: 03 9699 7962
Unit 2, 77 Salmon St , Port Melbourne VIC 3207 (Directions)


Meritech CleanTech Automated Hand Washing Stations

Meritech has taken the subjective nature out of washing hands with its range of CleanTech Automated Handwashing Stations.

Meritech Cleantech Automated Handwashing Stations

W R & D Wells (Wells Hygiene) is the Aus/NZ distribution partner for the Meritech Cleantech Automated Handwashing Stations.

Vikan Ultra Safe Technology (UST) food-grade brushware

The Vikan Ultra Safe Technology (UST) food-grade brushware is designed to exceed global food safety standards.

Vikan Ultra Safe Technology brushware

Vikan's Ultra Safe Technology (UST) brushware has been crafted to provide filament security and sculptured hygiene. The Filament Security Units mean that each individual bristle has secure filament retention and is a one-piece, hot-moulded brush head. This also reduces the risk of bacteria build-up within the base of the bristles.

Wells Hygiene 5S Shadow Board cleaning station

Wells Hygiene has developed a range of visual workplace tools, including the 5S Shadow Board cleaning station, to assist companies to enhance efficiency and safety.

Vikan Ultra Safe Technology brushware

Vikan Ultra Safe Technology (UST) brushware represents a shift in the design of food-grade brushware.

Vikan UST brushware

Vikan's ULTRA SAFE TECHNOLOGY (UST) brushware products are secure, safe and hygienic cleaning tools for the food and beverage industry.

Vikan Edge colour-coded hygiene tools

Vikan has upgraded the Edge range of colour-coded hygiene tools, available from Wells Hygiene.

Itram Higiene Biofinder biofilm detection spray

Itram Higiene has developed BioFinder, a biofilm detection spray for the detection of biofilms in open surfaces.

Detectapen metal-detectable antimicrobial pen

Detectapen is a pen moulded from XDETECT, a polypropylene-based compound, optimised for metal and X-ray detection in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Vikan Ultra Hygienic Handle

Manufactured using food-grade, reinforced and recyclable polypropelene, the Vikan Ultra Hygienic Handle is chemical resistant, so it can withstand aggressive cleaning chemicals with no corrosion.

Vikan 6 L hygiene bucket and lid

Vikan's 6 L bucket has several functional benefits, with the design delivering a combination of food safety and user-friendliness. The product is FDA approved and suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Vikan colour-coded buckets

The Vikan colour-coded range of products is designed to improve a company's internal hygiene and allergen control, and make it easier to maintain HACCP/quality management systems to comply with all hygiene audits.

Detex Foodlube lubrication sprays with detectable caps and nozzles

Wells has launched the range of Detex Foodlube sprays. The sprays come with a cap and nozzle which are both metal and X-ray detectable.

Vikan pink colour-coded cleaning and food handling product range

As the number of cross-contaminants increases, food and beverage processors are seeking additional ways to manage cross-contamination risks. Colour-coding is one method of managing such risks.

Metal and X-ray detectable Detecta-pen

The retractable Detecta-pen is food grade and made of shatterproof metal-detectable plastic. A range of pen and ink colours is available.


Wells and Miele partnership facilitates validated cleaning programs

Wells and Miele have developed a validated process for cleaning and decontaminating hygiene brushware and associated tools.



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