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Scanvaegt Limited

Scanvaegt provides concepts that meet the processing needs of the worldwide food industry. Fifteen subsidiary companies and a global distributor network supply practical, profitable systems that extend over the full range of consultancy services, IT systems, processing equipment, turnkey processing lines, packing solutions, labelling systems, weighing equipment, marine weighing and service.

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Marel IRIS Fillet Inspection (FI) camera solution

The IRIS FI camera solution is used for quality assurance of chicken fillets.

Marel I-Cut 130 PortionCutter

The I-Cut 130 PortionCutter by Marel is suitable for cutting fresh, boneless fish into portions of fixed weight and/or fixed length.

Marel MasterLink

The compact Marel MasterLink produces a wide variety of fresh sausages with a constant length and weight without a twist.

Marel M360 high-speed labeller

Marel's M360 high-speed labeller is fully automatic and offers full wraparound labels as well as C-wrap partial wraparound labels and top labels.

Marel FleXicut fish processor

FleXicut removes pinbones in whitefish and can also divide the loin, cut the belly flap or tail and portion the fish to user specifications. The uniform, precision-cut products it produces are then distributed into up to eight product streams using the FleXisort product distribution system.

Marel Townsend Further Processing 2800 Sausage Peeler

Marel Townsend Further Processing has launched the 2800 Sausage Peeler, which has a capacity of 225 m/min.

Townsend Skinners for meat, fish and poultry

Townsend Skinners, available from Marel, are custom designed and built to suit the specific needs of meat, poultry and fish processors.

Marel RevoPortioner seafood portioner

With the RevoPortioner from Marel Townsend Further Processing, users can make well-portioned seafood products at low pressure while retaining the texture and structure of the raw material.

Marel I-Cut 130 portion cutter

High accuracy, raw material optimisation and maximum return on investment can be achieved with Marel's I-Cut 130 Portion Cutter. The machine uses the latest hardware and software technology to enable users to portion fish into fixed-weight and fixed-length portions.

Marel MS 2730 Filleting Machine

The MS 2730 Filleting Machine from Marel can process up to 25 fish/min and offers an increased yield, which is achieved by an extra cut made from anal vent to tail.

Marel ProCon Flowline fish-processing flowline

Marel has introduced ProCon Flowline fish-processing flowline. The system uses RFID technology to track all product on the line and monitor performance.

Marel FleXicut water-jet trimming robot for whitefish processing

The Marel FleXicut is a trimming robot for high-precision bone detection and removal in whitefish processing. According to the company, automating the boning process reduces the need for skilled labour and improves product handling and yields.

Marel Platino Flattener for poultry and meat

As part of its Meat and Poultry Processing range, Marel has available the Platino Flattener. The flattener improves water-holding capacity and is claimed to give meat products with quality bite, texture and taste.

Marel IPL Robot

Marel has produced a high-performance intelligent portion loading (IPL) Robot that can be configured to virtually any application in the protein sector.

Innova software for Marel dynamic packing lines

The Marel GEBA SC 125 V dynamic packing line can now be used with Marel’s Innova software, which monitors all key positions in the line and enables users to control processing.

Marel ITM2 Trimming Robot for salmon trimming

Marel’s ITM2 Trimming Robot is suitable for high-value salmon trimming. The company claims the robot can work more quickly, reliably and consistently than a master trimmer working at peak performance, and can do so continuously.

Marel Food Systems Multihead Weigher

Marel’s Multihead Weigher deals with all infeed, mixing and weighing requirements. It automatically portions and packs food products into virtually any kind of tray, thermo pack, bag, can, glass or box. The products are dispensed into hoppers by vibrating feeders and weighed into exact portions.

Marel Superflow Easyclean Tunnel Freezers

The Marel - Freezing & Temperature Division provides a wide variety of freezing solutions using the latest advancements in freezing technology in order to meet the meat industry’s demands for cost effectiveness as well as higher quality end products. The portfolio of freezers ranges from upwards/downwards running Spiral Freezers to Superflow Easyclean Tunnel Freezers with impingement technology.

Marel AEW Delford Polyslicer 1000

The AEW Delford Polyslicer 1000 is a compact, versatile and easy-to-use machine.

Robotic packing line

Two Marel Food Systems companies — AEW Delford and Scanvaegt — are pioneering loading and batching technology with the IPL Batcher and RoboBatcher systems to provide meat, fish and poultry processors with intelligent robot batching machines and systems.

Intelligent management production software

Innova software is designed for intelligent production control. The technology is built on the extensive software development experience of Marel Food Systems’ four global brands AEW Delford, Carnitech, Marel and Scanvaegt.

Bone line concept

The Pace Bone Line joins the Marel Flowline concept with each worker monitored for yield, throughput and quality, and the Carnitech Pace Line where the group work concept is utilised without requiring a skilled butcher.

Detect bone in chicken fillets

The Marel SensorX system analyses each chicken fillet for bone content. The easy-to-operate system displays detected bones on a display terminal for easy removal.

Meat and fish portioning

The IPM III LaserEye X400 is equipped with the powerful Marel 360° dual laser vision technology that uses two cameras and mirrors to get an accurate 3D model of each product. The sophisticated 360° system allows for perfect vision that calculates the best possible cut configuration for any portioning requirement.


Marel is getting further into pork and beef

Marel's strategy to be a full-line supplier to the poultry, meat and fish industries globally is closer to fruition with the company's acquisition of Sulmaq.

Marel appoints new managing director of Fish Industry Center

Marel has a new managing director of its Fish Industry Center. Sigurdur Olason will succeed Jon Birgir Gunnarsson, who is leaving the company, on 1 May 2014.

Marel opens Copenhagen demo facility

Marel will open the doors of Progress Point, the newest and most extensive Marel training and demonstration facility, on 7 November. The facility is located five minutes from Copenhagen airport.



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