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Wyzo pick and place sidebot

The Wyzo sidebot is a high-speed pick and place robot that is programmed to work safely side by side with humans without protective barriers.

Russell Finex Russell compact self-loading sieve

The Russell Compact self-loading sieve is a pneumatic screener designed to convey, screen and discharge material in one operation.

Bosch Packaging Technology RAN 3080 high-pressure cleaning system

The RAN 3080 high-pressure cleaning process combines high pressure with an efficient transportation system, allowing for residue-free cleaning of up to 400 containers/min.

Boasch BLO linear PET container blowing machine

Bosch has launched its BLO linear PET container blowing machine, which has a maximum speed of up to 35,000 containers/h and the ability to handle container volumes from 60 mL to 2 L.

Ampack KF 2/4 carousel filling machine

Ampack GmbH, a Bosch Packaging Technology company, has launched the KF 2/4 carousel filling machine for the aseptic or ultraclean filling and closing of bottles and cups.

Bosch Packaging Technology TFC 5532 thermoform, fill and seal machine

The TFC 5532 thermoform, fill and seal machine with labelling system from Bosch Packaging Technology offers a high output and design flexibility for hygienic packaging applications.

Bosch Packaging Technology SVC 4020 vertical packaging machine platform

Bosch Packaging Technology has launched the SVC 4020, a hygienic and flexible vertical packaging machine platform suitable for fresh and frozen food packaged in pillow bags.

Bosch SVI 2600 VFFS machine

The SVI 2600 vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine from Bosch Packaging Technology serves a range of packaging applications, including confectionery, snacks, grains and other food and non-food products.

Gemini 4 Delta robot hardware platform and software controller

Bosch says th eGemini 4 platform allows manufacturers to reduce the total cost of ownership of their automated production lines as it offers increased speed and lower changeover time.

Bosch OEE Mobile Measuring System

Bosch Packaging Technology has added to its services portfolio a Mobile Measuring System - a method of capturing OEE-relevant data for the analysis of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

AZO cyclone screener Type DA 650 Vario

The Type DA 650 Vario cyclone screener removes the need for an additional upstream dosing unit, due to the built-in, self-dosing device.

Bosch SPC and TFC liquid food filling machines

Bosch Packaging Technology has released two products for liquid food filling: the Sure Pouch clean-fill (SPC) machine and a thermoforming clean-fill (TFC) machine.

Bosch TFC clean-fill thermoforming machine

The TFC clean-fill thermoforming machine is an addition to the Bosch portfolio of forming and filling technologies.

Bosch Packaging Technology Eco|Save|Pack packaging

The Bosch Packaging Technology Eco|Save|Pack packaging is a safe and eco-friendly tray carton for the packaging of fragile products. The package will be produced on the CUT 120 horizontal cartoning machine that has production rates up to 120 pieces/min. The pack style was created by Bosch in cooperation with the carton manufacturer Faller.

Bosch Packaging Technology PreVAS disposable filling system

The Bosch Packaging Technology PreVAS is a disposable filling system concept from a single source. The system is said to have a number of advantages including: lower cleaning and downtime during production, reduced sterilisation requirements and the prevention of cross-contamination.

Bosch Packaging Technology Elematic 1000 SL and 3000 S case packers

The Bosch Packaging Technology Elematic 1000 SL and Elematic 3000 S Case Packers provide good performance and quick size changeovers using the latest drive technology.

ARF 1010/1020 ampoule- and injection-filling machine

Bosch Packaging Technology has released a compact machine for the pharmaceutically safe filling and closing of opened and closed ampoules. Optionally, the machine can be used for the filling of ampoules and injection bottles in combination. The circular filling and capping machine with an indexing motion for opened and closed ampoules is designed for small-batch industrial production with production rates up to 120 pieces per minute.

Ultrasonic sealing for food and confectionary

Bosch Packaging Technology has introduced ultrasonic sealing technology for vertical form, fill and seal machinery for use in food and confectionery packaging applications. Ultrasonic sealing is a method for joining thermoplastic materials together by emitting acoustic vibrations, creating a tight, strong seam for closures in doy-style stand-up pouches, gusseted and pillowbag packaging formats.

Carton closer

The Doboy TSC-090-tri-seal carton closer seals and closes top-loaded tri-seal paperboard cartons and is suitable for applications in the food, bakery, pharmaceutical and frozen item markets.

Bar forming

Bosch Packaging Technology offers one-stop, customised solutions for the production of confectionery, muesli and cereal bars. The Contiline bar forming system brings advances to the forming, cooling, fanning-out, cutting and coating of bars.



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