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Motion Technologies Pty Ltd

We are a motion solutions company and have been in business for over 25 years. We specialise in custom rotary and linear solutions of all types and sophistication. We can just supply primary mechanical and electrical components or do complete turnkey installations.

Phone: 02 9524 4782
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Unit 24, 22-30 Northumberland Road , Caringbah NSW 2229 (Directions)


Kollmorgen Gear Motor series AKM41E-BF06 and AKM62K-BK17

Kollmorgen's Gear Motor series AKM41E-BF06 and AKM62K-BK17 in their washdown food version are suitable for most transport and rotation applications in the food, beverage and packaging industries.

JVL ServoStep integrated stepper motors

The ServoStep integrated stepper motor family, from JVL, features a wide range of options and will thus fit into all possible user applications, according to the company.

Rollon Seventh Axis motorised linear stage for robot applications

To extend the reach and versatility of modern robots, a motorised linear stage is often needed. Rollon Italy has now developed a standardised Seventh Axis system from its extensive linear product range.

LinMot linear motor with integrated drive

Motion Technologies has released the LinMot linear motor with integrated drive.

JVL NEMA23 integrated stepper motors

JVL Industri Elektronik A/S has updated its NEMA23 integrated stepper motors.

  MOONS' Industries EtherCAT-based closed loop stepper drive

Motion Technologies has available an EtherCAT-based closed loop stepper drive manufactured by MOONS' Industries.

Polypack Clearprint shrink wrapper

The Polypack Clearprint shrink wrapper can wrap either individual items or tray-supported products with clear or printed film.

Kollmorgen SFD3 single servo cable system with digital resolver

The Kollmorgen SFD3 (Smart Feedback Device; 3rd Generation) single servo cable system combines single-cable technology with robust resolver feedback.

ELAP HLS linear wire encoder for packaging equipment

The ELAP HLS linear wire encoder provides a number of pulses proportional to the linear displacement of the wire.

Haydon Kerk WGS compact integrated screw/slide system

Motion Technologies has available Haydon Kerk's WGS Wide Guide Screw linear slide.

Servomech electric actuators

Servomech Italy's range of electric actuators for industrial applications now includes servo motor-driven ballscrew actuators and drives for high dynamic applications.

Vanta packaging and handling equipment

Vanta's range of liquid packaging and handling equipment is available in Australia from Motion Technologies.

Cone Drive IP69K-rated right-angle gearheads

Motion Technologies has introduced Cone Drive's range of IP69K-rated right-angle gearheads.

Motion Technologies planetary roller screws

Planetary roller screws are available from Motion Technologies in sizes ranging from 8 to 25 mm diameter, 1 to 10 mm lead and 1.9 to 36 kN load ratings.

Duff-Norton linear actuators for agricultural usage

Duff-Norton linear actuators feature load capacities ranging from 12 kg to 22 tonnes, gear or belt driven, acme screw and ball screw systems with various AC and DC input voltages.

Kollmorgen hygienic stainless steel AKMH motors

Kollmorgen stainless steel AKMH motors are constructed to provide long-life operation, even with daily exposure to chemical cleaning agents and high-pressure washdowns.

Kollmorgen AKM4 and AKM6 gear motors for washdown food applications

The Kollmorgen AKM41E-BF06 and AKM62K-BK17 are gear motors developed as washdown versions for transport and rotation applications in the food industry.

ELAP high-resolution absolute encoders

ELAP high-resolution absolute encoders provide actual position data at power on. Despite possible shaft rotations, there is no need to reset to the zero position after a power down.

Kollmorgen IP69K full stainless washdown servo motors

Kollmorgen USA IP69K full stainless washdown servo motors are available in five frame sizes and 16 frame/stack length combinations. They supply torques up to 80 Nm (390 Nm peak) and speeds up to 7500 rpm.

Pfaff-silberblau stainless steel SSP and SHE screw jacks

Pfaff-silberblau has released its stainless steel SSP and SHE screw jacks for extreme environment corrosive applications, including the papermaking process industry, food-grade production and offshore applications.

LinMot P10-70 series of motors

The P10-70 series of motors can provide peak forces up to 2500 N, velocities up to 8 m/s, accelerations up to 90 g and provide long wear free of force, velocity or position control.

LinMot IP69K stainless steel industrial linear motor

LinMot’s stainless steel industrial linear motor has an IP69K protection rating and is constructed of FDA-approved materials.

Haydon Kerk Idea Size 23 Programmable Linear Actuator

The Haydon Kerk Idea Size 23 non-captive linear actuator is RoHS compliant and combines high-output force, rotary to linear motion, stepper drive and programmable control in one integrated package. Linear travel per step ranges from 0.0031 to 0.127 mm and output force up to 890 N.

Trio Motion Technology MC464 Motion Coordinator

Trio Motion Technology’s MC464 Motion Coordinator is based on the 64-bit MIPS processor and is claimed to help machines run faster. The controller provides interface options for traditional servo, stepper and piezo control together with many digital interfaces for current digital servo drives. Increase the flexibility of equipment with support for up to 64 axes of motion control.

Haydon Kerk G4 36 mm linear actuator

The Haydon Kerk G4 36 mm linear actuator, is claimed to have a 20% higher output force that allows the 36 mm to replace larger 42 and 46 mm units. It includes a special adaptor plate to allow ‘drop-in’ replacement of larger units.

Haydon Kerk spline rail actuator

Haydon Kerk has created a spline rail actuator to provide a compact, programmable mechanical drive, with guidance on a single compact component.

JVL stainless steel MAC 141integrated servomotor

The JVL integrated servomotor MAC 141 is now available in a totally stainless steel version especially for the food and medical industries.

Linmot Magsprings

Linmot Magsprings are made from permanent magnetics and no electricity is required for operation. Delivering a constant force over their entire working stroke, they are suitable for applications including weight load compensation or when a holding force or a constant force is required.

Motion Technologies programmable limit switch solution

By combining ELAP’s MEM absolute multi-turn rotary encoder with SSI output (1024 steps/motor turn) and the CM78 microprocessor digital display with SSI input, Motion Technologies has created a simple and easily programmable limit switch solution.



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